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Have a great Monday friends, EXPECT greatness then DO all you can until you know better, when you know better, DO better. — drinking VEMMA
Transformation should begin WITHIN. what are you TAKING?
Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. - Martin Luther King
Hope you are ALL doing great today, spare a thought for those that AREN'T and seize the kindness opportunities. Much love to you all.
I wait, EXPECTANTLY, for You I wait with gratitude, knowing that You NEVER fail. Thank You for the Promises and Your FAITHFULNESS.
Guess what one of the top challenges for humans is? Mastering thoughts & emotions. Agree? Why?
In case you missed this
Filtering fix - a suggestion.
Happy Monday dear friends and business partners. Expect GREATNESS, it's possible!!
Don't beat Joe over what Jack did to you. Live fully in the present.
Some nuggets that could help things. Hope it helps.
ADHD - pills and their side effects, are you aware?
To you my friends with much love. — watching Fireproof the Movie
Happy Friday my friends, I wish you great Health n Wealth. What's YOUR Dream?
What do YOU expect today? Are YOUR decisions and ACTIONS in line with EXPECTATIONS? Have a GREAT day!
What do these pics have in common? Take a good look before answering. Hint:- answer has two words, one word begins with W the other with H.
As long as it remains 1-0 Chelsea mustn't kid themselves and playing defensive isn't the best plan either. This isn't OVER by a mile lol
Ahhhh!!! No comment lol.
Happy Tuesday dear friends and business partners. May it be a blessed day. What do YOU expect to achieve TODAY? HOW?
This is for you dear friends and business partners. — watching The Book of Eli
Like my new wheels?? Lol it actually talks too.
The Power of YOU!
Happy Mothers' Day to ALL moms, you are Special and you Matter. — feeling great