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Brian Joo • 브라이언
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Thanking all the people who volunteered their time to make our video w @Brianjoomuzik, @jlgoose, & 3RD WAVE
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Love my fans SO MUCH!! 전 우리 팬들이 최고입니당... 완전 사랑해요^^
TBSeFM what's poppin' OPEN STUDIO... Gotta love the fans for coming out to show support with @punitabajaj and Elmo Chong
Don't forget, we have our @tbswhatspoppin OPEN STUDIO today at 11am w/ my partner in crime @punitabajaj
서울에 계시는 여러분~ 혹시 CrossFit이 무엇인지 궁금하시나용? 그럼 오늘 오후 6:30부터 8:30까지 영의도 IFC몰에서 진해되는 '센티넬 크로스핏 IFC'점 오픈 행사 진행하니깐 꼭 와주세요^^ @rcfsentinelkr #crossfit
Seoul Korea! Curious about CrossFit? Come to IFC Mall tonight at 6:30 pm and check out what @rcfsentinelkr @
Korea!! Still curious about crossfit? Come to IFC MALL, Right Now! 아직까지 Crossfit 궁금하신분들~ 지금 여의도 IFC몰로 오세용^^ #crossfit #crossfitinkorea #seoul #sentinelifc
Thanks to our FANS for providing all of our staff with delicious snacks and coffee during our @3rdwavemusic music video shoot today~ 오늘 저희 '써드웨이브' 뮤비촬영하는장소에 맛난음식과 커피 사다주신 우리 팬들~ 최고!!!
#InstaSize On set for our new music video... Pastor Johnny, Hope, and myself:)
On set for @3rdWaveMusic 's official Music Video w/ @jlgoose & @RYUUIKUN ! Making great things happen 우리 CCM 밴드 '써드웨이브'의 뮤비 현장에 와있습니다^^ 할렐루야
My Best Friend @jamesohobart showing why he is a great person. Can't wait to see him represent @CrossFit this week!
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주혁아~ 오늘 형 콘서트와줘서 넘넘 고마웠어^^ guess who came to see my concert today? Lol #jtbc #학교다녀오겠습니다
About to sleep & just read about another Malaysian Airlines plane crash with 295 people aboard:( OMG!
Pretty last min. but, could anyone help me find a cheap flight from LAX to Philadelphia Int. Rountrip Business class from July 31 - Aug. 11?
Thought they said FLY TO THE SKY... Lol...
#Repost from @jarettp with @repostapp come on y'all~ show my man, JP, some luv & follow him on instagram #bricknation --- Sadly I have reached Insta-Desperation in an attempt to acquire followers. Yes, I am objectifying my managers in hopes of personal gain. No I am not proud however....ya got to do
Goodnight world~ Tonight I sleep like a baby:) God knows I need it... Lol #gains #recovery #dowork #?????????
Another week of going back to High School:( Man, already tired & haven't even walked into the school #backtoschool2014 #????????? @jtbclove
#Repost from @cfclintdoodx with @repostapp great time training today at @sentinel_korea ... #brothersfromothermothers #crossfit #community Great day of training! #crossfit #fitness #killcliff #fitaid #crossfitinkorea #roguefitness #reebokcrossfit @brianjoomuzik @foornation
Thanks to my buddy @carlpaoli for sending me a copy of his book #freestyleconnection #freestyle @freestylethebook ... Make sure to get your copy ASAP y'all!!! #sfcf #crossft #community
I liked a @YouTube video 지각생 '브라이언'의 교실 라이브 '너를너를너를♪' 학교
I liked a @YouTube video 첫 수학 시간, 멘붕의 늪에 빠진 브라이언과 김종민! 학교
대전콘서트도 무사히마쳤습니다 역시또 감동적인 콘서트였습니다 와주신 모든분들 진심으로 감사드립니다 비가오네요 조심히 무사히 들어가세요..담주는 수원에서 봐요 모두 굿밤 사랑합니다 ㅋ
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