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Brian Joo • 브라이언
Hope y'all are tuning in RIGHT NOW #dowork #liveradio #seoulstrong
I want an 128GB iPhone 6 so bad! Lol... Just saying:) I wonder when they will be released in Korea;( 저 아이폰6 너무 갖고 싶은데 한국에 출시는 언제일까용?? ㅠ ㅠ ㅋㅋ
I liked a @YouTube video Mat Fraser's 315 Pound Snatch
Pike Ridge Crossfit, I hope y'all ready for tomorrow, the vibe will be too strong
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My oh My~ Our fans are the BEST! Had traditional Chuseok food sent to us w/some tasty rice cakes for @hwanhee,...
저희 팬분들은 최고입니다! 우리 위해서 이렇게 추석 음식과 백설기 떡까지 준비해주셨어용^^ 모두다 사랑해용!! #플라이투더스카이 #브라이언 #환희 #continuum #thereturn
Late night band rehearsal for our upcoming Encore concerts~ #itsahardknocklife #dowork #seoulstrong #flytothesky #hwanhee #brianjoo
Happy Fri tune in TBS eFM 101.3 @tbswhatspoppin with our DJ @Brianjoomuzik @punitabajaj from 9.05-10.00am (KST) have a fun morning :)
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#tbt just in case you couldn't zoom in on amalleolo post today, here is a close up of my pal ol'…
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걸그룹 '레이디스 코드' 뉴스를 듣고 마음이 너무 아파요 ㅠ ㅠ 삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다~ 다친 분들 빨리 회복하길~ 그리고 멤버 은비... R.I.P. 열심히 기도할께요
Just heard the news about the group 'Ladies Code':( So sad to hear news like this. Praying for all who were affected by the whole tragedy
#Repost from @pajareazy Goodtimes & hard, painful, but fun WOD's~ @crossfit brings the world together:) #community #crossfit #seoulstrong #crossfitinkorea #killcliff #bromance Korea. Now time to move on to Cape Town! Had an amazing time in Seoul. Big thanks to @brianjoomuzik & @foornation for hangin
I liked a @YouTube video Reebok CrossFit Footwear Collection
Hopefully a big change is about to happen in my life! Please pray for me, that it does:) I need some positive energy from everyone^^
Wanna say Happy Birthday to my @3rdWaveMusic sister, @WG_Lim 생일 축하축하해 혜림아!! HOPE it's a GREAT one:)
Sunday Funday training session @crossfitlimelight ^^ My idea of a great Sunday off... #crossfit #community #bromance #killcliff #reebokcrossfit #reebok
Thanks to NEW ERA Korea, for hooking me up with all this #swag Can't wait to rock all this new shiz^^
This is the place to be for a nice cold drink & goodtimes:) Visiting Korea? Definitely a check out spot!!!
Goodtimes in Seoul~ Love this community~ Bros #crossfit #community #CFFRA #sentinel
Big thanks to my man Kendrick Farris, for hooking me up with all this legit gear~ #crossfit #blessthegym #community #coast2coast
OMG! Hoping that all my friends & everyone I know in the SF area are safe from the earthquake... prayers are being sent!!
Hey guys, let's all vote for your cities~ We wanna come to you and perform in your city of choice!!...
Fly to the Sky on Krowdpop check out the video and VOTE!!… via @YouTube
Do you want Fly to the Sky to come to your city for their world tour? Vote now at… #flytothesky #hwanhee #brianjoo
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나만에 콩글리쉬 개그~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ "비었음" 영어로 "Be Awesome" ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 재미 없어도 웃어주삼^^ #badenglishteacher
Hey guys, come and click "LIKE" some cool things to come in the future, of course including me:)...
#Repost from @zyxzjs Had a blast with EXO;) Love that they were all big fans of us... And now, we can be friends:) '엑소'와함께 오늘 너~무~ 즐거웠음^^ 예전부터 우리 팬이였다고해서 너무 감동받았어용... 사랑해 EXO!! #SMTOWN #EXO #flytothesky --- 선배님 나중에 또 봐요 ~저 잊지마요^^
I liked a @YouTube video Illuminati 2014: A SCARY MESSAGE TO AMERICA (Hollywood Predictions COMING TRUE)
Wanna wish my B.F.F. From Thailand, AUNGNIE, a wonderful and bright birthday week:) Hope you have a great one! #BFF #thailand #birthday
Still on set & won't be finished until 3:45a.m. Been here since 3pm:( And have live radio at 9am! Hope I can wake up in time... Lol:( #work
I was in a staff meeting crushing some bacon and spaghetti squash and meat sauce from
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Thanx 4 tuning in 2day to @tbswhatspoppin & wanna give a big thanx to @ericnamofficial & @punitabajaj for holdin' it down in my absence:)
[#FLYTOTHESKY] FLY TO THE SKY ENCORE Concert “CONTINUUM” <전주> 공연 티켓 예매 페이지 오픈안내> #???????? #?? #????
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G'mornin' all~ Guess who's gonna be back LIVE on air for @tbswhatspoppin? Moi! Lol:) Missed y'all sooo much!! Now get ready to tune in!!!
@Brianjoomuzik 통영 한산 대첩축제에 무사히 도착해주세요~~ 비가오지만 기쁜마음으로 기다리고 있어요^^♡ 무대볼생각에 너무 두근두근 ㅎㅎㅎ
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#InstaSize Hanging with the boys~ We trained in the morning and now lunch, but everyone is on their friggin' phones... Technology sucks
이제 곧 <사운드베리 뮤직페스티발> 저희 플라이투더스카이 무대합니다^^ 많은 분들 와줬으면 좋겠네요~ @hwanhee 랑 저를위해서 크게 소리질어주세용!!! #????????
드디어~ 코리아로 돌아왔습니다^^ 그리고 한국에 도착하자마자 SMTOWN LIVE 게스트 무대까지 ㅋㅋ 무지 피곤하지만 그래도 너무 즐거웠어용~ SMTOWN FOREVER!! #???????? #?? #???? #SMTOWN #SMTOWNSEOUL
Got back to Korea 2 hours ago & about to go on stage to perform at the SMTOWN Live concert:) w/ @hwanhee @siwon407 @BoAkwon & much more!!
I liked a @YouTube video The neck of a desk warrior poet | Feat. Kelly Starrett | Ep. 109 | MobilityWOD
Awesome a.m. WOD @brickcrossfit Weho~ Can never get enough so always end up coming back here:) Great see these ladies again as well! #crossfit #community #bricknation #reebok #sentinel
Reunion of cousin... Actual Facesize for both! Lol... California Love^^ #family #cousins #joos
[#FLYTOTHESKY] FLY TO THE SKY ENCORE Concert “CONTINUUM” 티켓 예매 페이지 오픈 안내 #???????? #?? #????
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진짜 오랜만에 라디오 게스트왔네요.. ㅎ 106.1 kbs라디오 오늘은 김동규씨대신 홍경민씨가 진행하신다네요 시간되시면 함께해요!^^
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