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Brian Joo • 브라이언
Dinner after our concert in Changwon~ 우리 창원 콘서트 끝나고 식사 타임^^ 고기고기 맛있다!! #flytothesky #hwanhee #brianjoo #환희 #브라이언 #플라이투더스카이 스
I liked a @YouTube video from @RUSHCLUBNATION Meet Joy Somers--Rush Club 002 Heavyweight Women's Contender
Horror movie time with MA'BOYZ, James Hobart & Dan Muntz~ wish @roblawson9 @coachpanda @greggmartino were all here #anabelle #jameshobartexperience #horror
Once you settle for this will do your spirit can never rest and that breeds frustration who is the cousin of depression.
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[ラジオ:tbs eFM 101.3] 9:05~10:00 DJブライアン @Brianjoomuzik の"What's POPpin'"で今日もHappyに始めましょう! @tbswhatspoppin へ曲名とアーティスト名を書いてリクエストしよう!
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Finally! My secret weapon for getting in amazing shape is for free for the first 100 only: PROMO CODE: BGMJ110 (U.S. & Canada only, Korea COMING SOON!)
So frickin' happy that ALL my homies came to watch my concert today~ love you guys:) #crossfit #seoulstrong #jameshobartexperience ameshobartexperience #flytothesky
One of the BEST #broSesh days in history~ we ate, chilled, trained, ate again, and then chillaxed at my crib:) Goodtimes always w/ @jameshobart and of course with @roblawson9 @greggmartino @coachpanda & @dnlmuntz #crossfit #community
#InstaSize home cooked breakfast at the Joo'house in #Seoul With my @crossfit bros @coachpanda @jameshobart @roblawson9 @greggmartino eggs, bacon, Sweet Potato& Carrot Hash browns, and some sliced avocado... @killcliff #killcliff #crossfit @reebok @roguefitness #seoulstrong
1 WOD done! What an amazing community that ckenney34 has here at crossfit Branford!!! Love the…
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Hanging with the boys~ @reebok on top and @roguefitness on bottom.. Dinner & good chats~ #bromance #crossfit #reebok #roguefitness #community #seoulstrong #sentinel #horror
I may or may not have have convinced the world's best personal trainer to give you something for free. Check in Monday.
My condolences to S.M. Entertainment's Lee Soo Man & his family, on the loss of his wife. She was a loving wife, mother, and a child of God
Just hearing about the news on the passing of my old record label president's wife:( My heart is in pain for him....
The guest room in my apt. is 90% complete~ Hope family, close friends, and CrossFitters find it to feel like home:) #seoulstrong #crossfit #community #theresnoplacelikehome
One of my fans owns a bakery in Korea, and started making gluten-free goodies for me:) My fans are the BEST! 우리 팬들이 최고에용^^ 절 위해서 글루탄 없는 빵도 만들어주고~ 최고최고최고 #flytothesky
Good times with my Irish Brotha @jonnysmut ... Always a pleasure spending time:) #crossfit
@CFNewEngland thanks for this tasty invite...doesn't taste anything like chocolate though.
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congrats my brother. but now you are not sexy free & single anymore. lol just kidding. love you always
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I have a secret weapon... keep an eye out for more info!! Get ready y'all
I have a secret weapon! Bkeep an eye out for more info!!
Gorgeous couple. Beautiful wedding :) Congrats Eugene and Hyo Eun!
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Good times with Korean BBQ in Seoul~ Crossfit brings the world together... Glad my homies @jameshobart @coachpanda and @jonnysmut are in town:) #crossfit #community #seoulstrong
Good to have my homies @jameshobart @coachpanda And Kevin Lim in town:) and Great to workout with you brothas as well~ #crossfit #sentinel #seoulstrong #brodown #community
울 사랑스러운 Fan들 덕분에 오늘 꽃집 <Brian & Trianon> 오픈 너무 잘됐읍니다~ 앞으로 전화주문은 02-542-3177로 하시면되구요~ 영업시간은 10:30부터 19:30까지~ 꽃집에서 뵈용^^ 주소: 서울시 강남구 신사동 536-18
Opening day for my flower shop:)
Today is the opening of my flower shop Brian & Trianon and the release of our newest throwback album <Back in Time> pretty big day:) #dowork
@Amalleolo: Excited and honored to be opening this place up tomorrow! @CFONENATION is mopped up and ready for…” YES!
☆우리 브라이언님 @Brianjoomuzik Flower shop 오픈을 진심으로 축하드리며 많은분들이 가셔서 축하해주시길 바랍니다. Brian&trianon♡ 가로수길점 약도 올려드립니다
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Settin' up for the opening of Brian+Trianon @trianon ~ Need flowers & plants? Come on by:)
The reason why I hate getting out of bed sometimes #dogs #love
오늘 전주 콘서트 와주신 모든 분들께 진심으로 감사합니다! 아까는 조금 down이였는데 여러분들덕분에 완전 기분 UP되있어용^^ @hwanhee랑 저랑 여러분들 너무 사랑합니다!! #???????? #?? #???? #??
계속 목 아파서 오늘 저녁 콘서트위해 이비인후과 왔는데 원장님께서 하는말 "지금 목이 부어도 오늘은 너무 심하게 부었네요 그리고 굳어있고... 한주에서 2주는 목을 안쓰고 쉬어야하는데" 저는 그냥 멍하게 쳐다만봤어용 앞으로 계속 목쓰는일이 있어서요 ㅠ
At my voice doc & he says "U need to rest ur voice for at least a week or 2. The left side of ur throat is completely swollen & stiff" OMG;(
오늘 @hwanhee랑 저랑 경희대로 고 고 씽~ 많은 분들 꼭 오셔서 저희와 즐거운시간을 보내시길!! Let's go to Kyung Hee University, we'll be performing there TONIGHT! #flytothesky
This is why I love the @crossfit #community soooo much~ nothing but love & support for each other! And proud to say @carlpaoli is my brotha #dowork Miss ya Carl~ 저는 이래서 Crossfit 커뮤니티를 너무 좋아합니다~ 저랑 친한 Carl Paoli가 상항 응원해주고 서포트 해주면서 우리를 항상 사랑을나눕니다^^
Big news y'all~ I'm finally opening up my flower shop called <Brian & Trianon> hope everyone shows support and...
CrossFit Sentinel DownTown Throwdown tonight, between bootcampers & crossfitters! Gettin' ready to JUDGE;)...
Already made a new PW but then it says to verify with the backup code, which keeps saying error and twitter support just doesn't do anything
Can ANYONE help? I got hacked earlier this year & can't sign on through my comp., or even my iPhone:( no more twitter
What a #throwback moment~ from the 2013 @reebok @crossfitgames Love this community~ good times with my boys @jameshobart & @apbozman #crossfit #community