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Brian Houston
I loved leading #hillsongconf NYC alongside the one and only @carllentz ..Too much fun!
Watch a stream of our service with worship and a message from Ps @BrianCHouston at
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@iRubb: I'm voting for @hillsongunited for #AMAs Favorite Artist Contemporary Inspirational, you can too here:” TA!
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RT @Hillsongtv: Check out this weeks episode with Ps @BrianCHouston “My Spirit - My Responsibility” now at
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Such a great few days at Hillsong Conference here in the USA. The presence of the Holy Spirit was evident. I'm believing that people & churches have been helped & changed. #hillsongconf #Godblessamerica
"By His stripes we are healed, by his death we can live, in Jesus Name. "
For the sake of clarity regarding the gay questions and my stance!
The end of an era is not the completion of a destiny. Just because something's over.. Don't stop!!
"Heaven and earth collide". #hillsongconf NYC
We are underway with #hillsongconf in NYC. A great opening night!
God loves you regardless of anything you've done. Turn to Him and watch what He will do. "Exceeding, abundant, & above"!
Leaders goal: Give it your best and trust God's promises. "He who called you is faithful, putting you into the ministry"!
I'm ready for #hillsongconf NYC. #noothername
Reasonable people see things reasonably - Unreasonable people are not interested in good sense!
Sin pays us wages for what we deserve but grace gives the "gift of righteousness" which is totally undeserved. #freedomfromshame
Thank you to @KarlStefanovic for the chance to have a chat on @thetodayshow this morning. Horrible subject but you treated me with respect & I enjoyed the quick chat. Thank you.
Hillsong Church came out in force yesterday and @bobbiehouston And myself were overwhelmed by so much love and support after a harrowing week. So humbling!. This was our third Sunday morning service at 11.15. and one of 5 services for the day. God is good.
Your greatest battles in life are fought in your own soul, and your greatest victories are won in your own soul! #chooselife
Tough week.. So grateful for all the support. There are things to learn in all of this but I did my best. Let's all be even more vigilant about the safety of children. #ihatepaedophilia
"For God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. #walkfree
Rare chance to enjoy the biggest game of the year with my boys. @benjaminhouston @joeltimothyhouston #bunnies #houstonboys
CHURCH: Where the atmosphere is charged with the presence of God, and the worship and preaching are anointed!
Don't miss this guy tonight at hillsonghills ..realjohngray is simply brilliant. SUNDAY NIGHT VISITS…
Big-spirited leaders build big-spirited people!
My beautiful daughter in law with my beautiful granddaughter. @lucille_houston #Saviwinter.
Hillsong Church in Dusseldorf is little more than a year old, and this is how things looked on Sunday, during our first visit. Amazing.. @freimuthav @johaverkamp
Life in Christ is filled with grace.
Every man, at some point in his life needs to grow a moustache like this!!! #Bavaria #OnlyInGermany
No one can take you past where they are at themselves! Do you want your life to look like the person you are following?
CHURCH: Where eternity records all that God will do & time reveals the great destinies that start.. in church!
How many misguided decisions can school officials make??? Corrie Ten Boom’s “Hiding Place” banned:… @joeljmiller
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This weekend I am speaking at the 10th anniversary of @hillsonggermany ..And Bobbie and I had the most beautiful trip through magnificent Switzerland today!
No matter how bad it's been for you, dare to believe tomorrow will be a better day -Trust God & see what tomorrow brings!
GOD KNOWS!! If you look at the patch of slightly darker green land on the left of the lake; that is where Hillsong Church now stands. And this photo is taken (more or less) exactly where we had a leased warehouse in the 1990's and I would look over at this Norwest development, but price-wise it was
If the devil tells you you've run out of 2nd chances, he's a liar. If the accuser says you're disqualified, he's wrong!
I've got 6 grand kids. These are numbers 1, 3, & 4. #believingformore #thebestisyettocome .#hurryupJoelBenandLaura
Twitter's like the BIBLE in that some read and accept the SPIRIT of a tweet while others judge by the LETTER of a tweet!
Doubt erodes your soul - Belief builds your soul. Negativity deflates your soul - Faith encourages your soul! #chooselife
Lift your head up high and walk free from condemnation. Romans 8:1.
Love watching Leicester drawing level with Manchester United. Two mid-table teams but still interesting as an ...
It's an Insecure person who loves to be in the know & loves to be the first to tell you what they know.
CHURCH: Where we pray together -Praise together -Give together -Learn together -Laugh & cry together -connect together!
You can't play soccer by yourself...kicking a ball alone is not's the same with church, its not done alone
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Leaders goal: If someone has gifts or charisma you don't have, give them room to soar! Stifling them will only hurt you!
Haha. When pastoring gets to stressful, take up something more relaxing like politics!! @carllentz #theresonlyonerealcarllentz via @drdavemartin
Morning shot. @ziwhoo says thumbs up!!
Fill your day with a mix of adventure -creativity -breathing space -purpose -& devotion, then you'll live a quality life!