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Brian Houston
Leaders goal: If someone has gifts or charisma you don't have, give them room to soar! Stifling them will only hurt you!
Haha. When pastoring gets to stressful, take up something more relaxing like politics!! @carllentz #theresonlyonerealcarllentz via @drdavemartin
Morning shot. @ziwhoo says thumbs up!!
Fill your day with a mix of adventure -creativity -breathing space -purpose -& devotion, then you'll live a quality life!
Son & Mate. I love you @joeltimothyhouston ..and I'm mighty proud of you. Happy birthday son. xx
Leadership doesn't bully. - doesn't manipulate - doesn't 'control' - & doesn't crush or diminish others! Leadership leads!
Leaders goal: Focus on the things that matter. Build on the things that count. Lean on the people that are proven!
You are a child of God - A recipient of grace - Part of a chosen generation - A royal priesthood - The family of God!
I love this picture that my wife @bobbiehouston posted! #bestfriends
Granddaughter. #WillowMae
I believe that some of the ugly tactics of "contemporary Calvinists" would have left John Calvin himself heartbroken!
Faith is not dormant. It's active! "Faith without action is dead." James 2:20.
"I believe in God the father, I believe in Christ the son, I believe in the Holy Spirit, I believe all three are one..."
RT @HillsongSthlm: Happy Birthday @AndreasNielsen!! Thanks for being the best pastor ever. We luv u so much! //BEST!
Leaders goal: Stay one step ahead of the pack through prayer, initiative, observation, innovation, & courageous decisions!
Limitations are opportunities in disguise.
People who play emotional games are not your true friends. Jesus is the "friend who sticks closer than a brother."
"Simplified living requires uncluttering your soul." From SIMPLIFY by @BillHybels Loving this book.
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Belief is more than a system - It's a certainty - A certainty about who God is and what God can do!
To become all that God desires for you to be, your vision must extend beyond what the natural eye can see!
Your theological convictions are not 2 strong but 2 weak if you can't be friends w/ someone whose convictions are different from yours?
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Live big but humble -Strong but gentle -Confident but sensitive -Fearless but meek -Bold but soft -Focused but teachable!
Every time the sun goes down it comes up again in the morning. ..and every new day represents new opportunities!
On the 15th anniversary of Gary & Cathy Clarke's move to London to build a Hillsong Church, the miracle is worth celebrating. They fill theaters like this several times each Sunday plus several other campuses. They have planted Hillsong in Paris and Barcelona + more. Have sponsored thousands of comp
What a great day I had today in Copenhagen. What a great city and such a beautiful move of God happening at @hillsongcph
Happy 15th anniversary today to @GaryJamesClarke @cathyclarke all everyone at @HillsongLondon ..We love you. B&B.
Well it's good to be in Copenhagen and I'm ready to preach the word at @HillsongCPH 11am 6pm. I'm looking forward to it.
Don't begin what you can't complete. Don't start without counting the cost. Don't commence what you won't continue!
Sometimes the sweetest appearances in people, masks the deadliest poison. Longevity reveals motives.. good or bad!
Jesus is; a lover of people - a builder of lives - a giver of grace - a friend to sinners - a champion of the poor.
Sad day when @TheNewYorkTimes is kinder about a church preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, than @ChristianPost #agendas
Classic Collected: '10 Principles for Gaining & Maintaining Church Momentum' by Ps @BrianCHouston. #tbt
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This journey just keeps getting crazier!! Front page..
Don't allow your gossip to fill someone else's mind with thoughts they didn't ask for, and information they never wanted!
Prayer is simply a conversation with God.. It is an activation of your faith, and a confession of your reliance on HIM!
I'm looking forward to speaking at @HillsongCPH this Sunday. It will be the first time I have ever preached LIVE in Copenhagen.
Discipline never gets better tomorrow, if you are not committed to it today. #chooselife
My friend, Steve Kelly has just released an excellent leadership book available here. #theaccentofleadership…
Live authentically - Laugh spontaneously - Love relentlessly - Pray consistently - Continue determinedly!
Friendships help frame your destiny, so don't underestimate the impact of the spirit and attitudes of your friends.
Mistakes, if you learn from them, are part of the journey. But if you never learn, mistakes are part of the devastation!
I adore my grand kids. Lexi Milan Houston has a beautiful smile. Her whole face smiles!!
CHURCH: Where fathers lead their family in the ways of God, and see the fruit in their children & their children's children!
Love is eternal - Hope remains - Grace is unending - Faith endures!
. I've had such a good two days bringing the best of Hillsong to the CMB (Christian Music…
I had a great day talking to senior pastors from all over Orlando - Tampa! Then @carllentzNYC joined…
I've been fired!!!.. Someone found this guy on Facebook, hahaha
Pride is not teachable , but humility can't remain unteachable!