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Defcon Engaged
Now that we've seen (and reviewed!) the entire season, we discuss why @Daredevil is so great
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These images may look like they're from distant planets, but each one was taken here on Earth.
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Get all the way to work... Forgets pass #fml
It's official @martypartymusic has rattled my brain while tipsy! Cheers!
Bottom line - shits changed - in 2015 people do it all themselves and there is no word for it - performing composing engineers?
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I guess I should catch up on the fast and furious movies
Nothing can save you from the Frag 'n Load. FAV if you've done an epic Frag takedown (c/o @GameSproutYT)
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Cleaned up my twitter feed quit a bit feels good!
Me and Katie and our bitch cat... So bitchy look at that face.
Spring has got to be my least favorite season... Feel like I'm dying all the time.
back in GTA Custom race mode!
Shot of my girl katiekittyhoopz when we were getting the artwork for Juice! #city
What do you think Paige will talk to her parents about tonight😯? Live tweet with me at 10!�
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Not a fight as such... But I would still file this tackle from Cantona under 'assualt' 😅�
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Need to be faded with @ZHUmusik already... 🍁🍁
need to shoot some photos... flurries in Memphis today are you kidding me. Might be able to shoot tomorrow #drunk
Just found the motherboard of hidden sample packs!
I feel like if you want to be a good photographer you need to understand how to shoot film first
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When will $100 to me be the equivalent of $10? Not soon enough...
trying to render this new preview of this track but my computer crashed... backing up everything just to be safe before i venture back in.
Need to start meddling in some logo designs #turnup
Slept on my neck wrong last night, now it's messed up from going to work... Fuck
in need of more active tweeter peeps... feel like everyone here is dead.

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