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Pretty sure I was born in the wrong era
I do me, you do you. Fair enough?
Why do I even talk to you
Funniest thing I've heard today: "That's my baby whaaa? Hell nah" walks away*
When two of your friends fight, stay neutral. Trust me on this one.
"You're sure that's the right word?" "Like, 80% sure, yeah." "Print it."
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This game gives me anxiety. Curry misses and James fucks up, now to over time 😅
Did he just jump to grab the screen rope and hit his face on the board?😂
My calc professor doesn't do multiple choice, only show your work... So fucking Asian😔
When you start falling for somebody, that's when you get the fuck out.
He tried to say point-slope but he said porn-slope 😂
My calc professor barely speak English. It's that Asian accent mixed with English fml...
Party at Parado on Sunday
Humiliation is unreal 😂#GSvsHOUU
Tornado warning... Fantastic
Midnight taco cabana run? Lol
When you hear or see Derek Shepard in Grey's anatomy, it doesn't matter if you are the manliest guy out there, your heart will sink
My legs hurt so much that I can't get out of bed #legday
I just threw my club out to the field at top golf....
If you don't know what "BAR IS CLOSED" means, I don't know man.
But when they act like the job fits them, I have zero sympathy for them.
When people do dirty work and look like they could be so much more, I feel bad and I want to help them.
I'm getting better weeding people out 😅
I hate living on campus so much 😡
What I tell people who say they have "swag": I got class
3 am junk food run 😳
There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.
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I'm actually happy that she's happy with him 😊
Going to the gym... After I eat these two donuts 🍩🍩😂
-700$ just this weekend... 😔 RIP my bank account
Got A s on all my final 😏
This nigga showed off his money he made from dealing drugs to me tonight hahahah. I was so close to showing him my bank account 😂😂
Cleveland vs Chicago though...
When you want to spend money but you don't know where to blow it
Made chemistry test my bish
Final's week= no sleep + a lot of drugs
Let the 4day all-nighters begin. Don't get under my skin this week lol
People that buy beer for 4 dollar and tips you 16 👌
These 2 am whataburger run needs to stop.. 😅
I need cheesecake...

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