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I'm honestly so used to it like it doesn't even matter
Finished that bio test in 15 mins and I got At least a 96 lol
Successful all nighter
Weather is going back up to 70s this weekend?!?
You know it's time to let her go when she looks at your eyes and says "I'm not lying" but you already know the truth and she's lying
Wow I'm so upset
Fucking whataburger at this time is full of basic and ratchet people 😂
April and Matthew are perfect #GreysAnatomy
Just because you miss them, that doesn't mean you need them back in your life. Missing them is a part of moving on.
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You can't control everything. You'll be much happier when you stop trying.
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Best stress reliever is weights. Letting all the anger and frustration out on weights is amazing
Play me more why not
This weather makes me want to kill myself... ❄️🌀
My mom told me to be nice to people since I might have to work for them later in life, but too bad it won't be working for dumbasses
My preworkout is a chocolate chip cookie
Can't wait to be a heartless surgeon
All I want to do rn is smoke and eat till I die
Only Conor would take preworkout to go study �@CaptianJTT
I actually don't look like trash today
I would literally rather have whataburger than sex right now.
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Conor: I hate this. I hate how i can't eat when I want in the middle of the night. If I do I won't have a nice body Me: whataburger?😏