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Brett Hoxie
#MR140C is Movie Reviews in 140 Characters. Two ratings. See it or don't. "Don't" films can wait for Rental, OnDemand, Cable
#JurassicWorld ranks with #TheLostWorld Fun. Stupid people. Thrilling. Dying. Great action. @prattprattpratt makes the film. See it #MR140C
We should make #NFL games longer by checking the ball PSI after every snap to ensure the integrity of the game #DeflateGate #MoreCommercials
It's very annoying when you open up an article to read on & you're bombarded with video ads. Turn off auto play @CNN
Why do I have to pay for @ABCNetwork @nbc @FOXTV & @CBS when I can put up an antenna & receive them for free? #EndRetransmissionConsent
#BeginAgain Adorable & witty. Amazing soundtrack. Feel good film of '14 @MarkRuffalo #KeiraKnightley @adamlevine are superb. See it. #mr140c
#AmericanSniper #BradleyCooper transforms into #ChrisKyle. Tone and theme reminiscent of #TheHurtLocker emphasis on #PTSD See it. #mr140c
The Weinstein Co. remaking #SevenSamurai as #7Samurai & is currently in negotiations with a pair as writer/director/producer #Film #Kurosawa
If #hacking is illegal in the US, how do companies like Palantir & HBGary Federal exist? It's a corporate version of Mafia's Murder, Inc.
Has anyone else noticed that @nfl "copyrights" their broadcasts from "descriptions?" Can't write what a good game I saw without permission?
#MockingJay about to pass #Interstellar worldwide box 10 days to 26 @boxofficemojo lowest #Nolan domestic box since #Insomnia 2002
I seem to do my best writing when it rains #LosAngeles #rain #writing
#Birdman Surreal meta experience of artistic storytelling @MichaelKeaton best performance. Cut to feel like 1 continuous take. Seeit #mr140c
Who had the bright idea to put a crude oil pipeline over the Ogallala Aquifer, one of the largest in the world #KeystoneXL #ActOnClimate
#Interstellar is pretty amazing but also flawed. This article conveys everything I was thinking. SEE IT in IMAX. io9
Current rate of media consolidation, we should expect one company soon to provide us everything @Cinemark @comcast @ATT @FCC
#JohnWick so much pure awesome, it's just awesome. A new definition of head shots. One man and his dog. An orig underworld. See it. #mr150c
That moment you lock yourself out of your house with no keys or wallet on a #FootballSunday #fail
That one time when #apple #iOS8 deleted all my messages while I was trying to read them. #AppleFail
I hope @BlueJourney1 opens a year long show. I guarantee you'll sell every ticket! Come to #LosAngeles #art #beautiful #dance
Got my first network tv pilot rejected. Moving on up! #writing #DreamBig #fail
Listening to spoken poetry by Jeff Goldblum #rockwell
One of the funniest Emmys I've seen in a long time. Your amazing @sethmeyers #2014EmmyAwards #Emmys2014
It's awesome when your HD channels are pixelated. Thank you @TWC for your wonderfully expensive 20 year old equipment and infrastructure.
Fireworks in #losangeles legitimately sounds like small arms and artillery fire. An American war zone #4thofJuly2014
Watching #teamusa on a phone on a bus in Massachusetts
Thanks @ABCNetwork for broadcasting #WorldCup2014 Korea vs. Algeria instead of #TeamUSA vs. Portugal #IBelieveThatWeWillWin
Greg Walden-R doesn't understand the ban on TV-Newspaper cross ownership. He'd rather have 1 massive press company. Easier to control. @FCC
I'll watch @Univision #WorldCup2014 games even though I don't know Spanish because @espn thinks it's fair to stream through paid affiliates
Is it sad that not one #USMNT #WorldCup2014 game is on @ABCNetwork unless they make it out of group? American Broadcast Company #fail
I forgot how good #Robocop is. Where have you gone Verhoeven?
#Seoul Metropolitan Subway pushes 9.8 mil/day w/ trains every 2-5 mins complete with wifi. Let's go @metrolosangeles
One of the single best #StarTrek seasons of all time is now on blu-ray! Give it a watch!…
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Old school meets new school as the #StarWarsEpisodeVII cast was revealed. This table read says it all.
For some reason I feel like I wan to watch #Roadhouse #Swayze
People in elevators look way more depressed than people on buses #busface
If only they had hired me to write #TronLegacy sorry America had to endure something that could have been amazing instead of average.
Listening to #Vangelis #BladeRunner soundtrack and all I hear is #hardcoresax
#StarWars Episode VII to begin filming in May as reported by @Variety I'm beginning to feel like this cast has a very young/teenager vibe?

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