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Brent Spiner
I'd like my epitaph to read, "He was occasionally nice to a couple of people".
Where did I say it was MY birthday? S'not.
RT @dnstewart67: Hey! Guess what? It's my birthday. I don't feel a day over 47.--HappyBirthday! This is my favorite day of the year. Comforting, but I still wouldn't eat this s**t!
Sorry. The answer is: Yes, they can not.
Rt @tvscdidcot: @BrentSpiner in the next star trek film can they not go forward in time and bring you back? I miss you my android friend”
I'd like to apologize to Iggy Azalea.
RT @michaelpshipley @BrentSpiner You off your meds again?--Doesn't really require drugs to open my mind to someone smarter than me.
Interesting article by an interesting man.…
Oh yeah, and Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians everywhere! Especially the ones in Columbus.
To all of my friends from Columbus, wishing you a happy day!
RT @levarburton: It’s the last day of #NYCC14… Who’s coming???--I am!!! Hope to get a picture with you!
RT @FeriteKnight: Just to be clear, I don't believe in that stuff. Pills, anitseptic handsoap, no contact, etc.--JTBC, I said handshaking.
Given what we know about the spreading of germs, handshaking is now officially stupid.
Wish I'd known Marion Seldes. Everyone who did speaks very highly of her.
RT@wilw: They’re making a Tetris movie. I find that a little … puzzling.--You'll be punished for that.
RT @wilw:HEY! I’m right here, you guys.--you're on the plane? Did you see Ben Vereen?
Hey, cool, Ben Vereen is sitting across from me!
RT@dbg11111: @BrentSpiner Can you be more specific ?--In general?
Today is Brigitte Bardot's 80th birthday. I'll never forget our time together, Brigitte.
RT @jonathansfrakes: Perfect walk off hit. #RE2PECT #DerekJeterjonathansfrakes: Perfect walk off hit. #RE2PECT --Way to go, literally.
Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn cast in "True Detective". Dow drops 200 points. Coincidence? I think not.
Happy Rosh Hashana! Shana Tovah Feldshue!
Farewell to Eric "the actor". A very entertaining guy.
At the Rochester ComicCon. Ah, beautiful Rochester. The Paris of the East Coast.
I never discuss politics or religion with my friends. Every person is entitled to his/her own set of fairy tales.
RT @SarahKSilverman Jewish Muslim Christian athiest -whatever - I don't like people who try to kill people. That's some unexamined shit
I said "prostrate" cancer. That's what you get from lying down too much. I'm sure I'll get that.
45% more likely to have prostrate cancer if you have male pattern baldness? Is there no justice in this world!!??
When I first joined twitter, @BrentSpiner was writing the first twitter novel. It wasn't very good, but it was the first
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Attend the tale of Aaron Kosminski...
So, it was the Polish hairdresser, after all.
RT @jonathansfrakes: I've got my money on @LeaKThompson to win #DWTS--I prefer to play the stock market. DWTS is too random.
Exciting medical news: New Melanoma Drug Called a 'Game Changer' by Scientists:…
Farewell Joan Rivers. So glad you were on the earth.
Told a nice woman at Chicago convention I would post. Get informed about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
RT @Unicorn36: @BrentSpiner Just made the mistake looking for your als on goggle--maybe try Google.
RT @GeneticSequence ALL Trek cast members deserve Presidential Medal of Freedom.--I'm available. Is there cash involved?
RT @Nickelberrypie @BrentSpiner Did anyone show up? The pic you posted was sad and empty.--There is nothing sad about fortitude.
This convention has been really fun. But, I'm beginning to feel it's over.
Chicago wizard Comicon. Last man standing.
Tell #Bayer to STOP using #Neurotoxins that r killing our #Bees #Birds and wildlife. I also cant imagine it does...
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RT @Bruce35dc Isn't considering a problem to be "insurmountable" being cynical in the first place? --I said, "seem insurmountable".
When the problems seem insurmountable, I don't think cynicism brings much to the table.