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Brent Spiner
Attend the tale of Aaron Kosminski...
So, it was the Polish hairdresser, after all.
RT @jonathansfrakes: I've got my money on @LeaKThompson to win #DWTS--I prefer to play the stock market. DWTS is too random.
Exciting medical news: New Melanoma Drug Called a 'Game Changer' by Scientists:…
Farewell Joan Rivers. So glad you were on the earth.
Told a nice woman at Chicago convention I would post. Get informed about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
RT @Unicorn36: @BrentSpiner Just made the mistake looking for your als on goggle--maybe try Google.
RT @GeneticSequence ALL Trek cast members deserve Presidential Medal of Freedom.--I'm available. Is there cash involved?
RT @Nickelberrypie @BrentSpiner Did anyone show up? The pic you posted was sad and empty.--There is nothing sad about fortitude.
This convention has been really fun. But, I'm beginning to feel it's over.
Chicago wizard Comicon. Last man standing.
Tell #Bayer to STOP using #Neurotoxins that r killing our #Bees #Birds and wildlife. I also cant imagine it does...
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RT @Bruce35dc Isn't considering a problem to be "insurmountable" being cynical in the first place? --I said, "seem insurmountable".
When the problems seem insurmountable, I don't think cynicism brings much to the table.
"Hamas, Israel Agree on Long-Term Truce"--Let it be.
RT @whereslunchphil I just happen to be in NY as the Mayor declares it @alroker Appreciation Day--Man, you always have the best timing.
Big Happy Birthday to #1 guy! Jonathan Frakes come on down!
RT @levarburton @levarburton: .@BrentSpiner I just watched. I thought I saw a tiny tear… #bydhttmwfi--it was just emotional perspiration.
.@levarburton : Been there, done that. But thanks for thinking if me.
RT @InsanitykarL: There are some people who's whole lives, are tweeting at @BrentSpiner #NotOneOfThem--in denial.
RT @gates_mcfaddenI AM ACCEPTING THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE FROM MY SOON T9 BE EX-FRIEND @BrentSpiner --You're a better man...well, as good.
RT @kpal65 @BrentSpiner All the cool kids are doing it!--Yeah, I heard about it on CNBC
On Sunday, I'm being doused with a bucket of ice and water in support of finding a cure for ALS. I'm not looking forward to it.
RT @Rdsknsfan3 @BrentSpiner YES, very much so.--Don't let Larry Kudlow hear you say that.
RT @Rdsknsfan3 @BrentSpiner I trust what I see more than what Liberal Media tells me what they want me to hear.--Is CNBC liberal?
RT @Palmtown99 @BrentSpiner wow you must be the only guy around that watches that tripe--@CNBC 1.57 million followers. You, 72.
CNBC just said that U.S. is the most stable economy in the world today. Damn that Obama. Will the nightmare never end!
RT @WEJConservative And you are Polish, because you told me once. @BrentSpiner--No, I didn't. But, I'm really good with light bulbs.
RT @WEJConservative @BrentSpiner @gates_mcfadden 'Brento' sounds like a polish.--Silly, it's Italian.
RT @gates_mcfadden Brento did you really mis-spell our fearless leaders name?--Where's my mind? Sir Patric Stuart.
Saw an hilarious show last night. @ImprovShakesCo With special guest Sir Patrick Stuart...or something like that. Don't miss them!
RT @tna7982: @BrentSpiner freaks! --a left-handed compliment, no doubt.
Happy Left-Handers Day. Proud to be a lefty.
RT @expectproblems @BrentSpiner No, SuperMoon is an episode of “Masters of Sex”.--Then I'll see it. (pretty funny, actually)
If the SuperMoon is on at the same time as "Masters of Sex", I don't want to see it.
RT @SarahKSilverman: I'm on my fave show TONIGHT: #MastersOfSex at 10 Great show. I'd like to be on it, too.
RT @JanelleTabery @BrentSpiner @levarburton Calls everybody Y'all--Whew, I thought it was just me.
RT @Slayer_Kast @BrentSpiner @levarburton Because you're more than just one mere man.--I am not a mere man!
I've always wondered why @levarburton calls me "Y'all"?
Can't wait to do "Treknado"! Sharks in outer space!
My 500th Tweet!! Thanks in large part to @BrentSpiner. After years of traveling, I'm posting my favorite photos on Instagram (rickberman).
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RT @VD1191 Someone broke into my car and took a poster @BrentSpiner signed in January.--So Sorry. It's been happening all over the world.
Happy birthday, @wilw !!! Wishing you whatever you want most.