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Brent Spiner
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RT @tna7982: @BrentSpiner freaks! --a left-handed compliment, no doubt.
Happy Left-Handers Day. Proud to be a lefty.
RT @expectproblems @BrentSpiner No, SuperMoon is an episode of “Masters of Sex”.--Then I'll see it. (pretty funny, actually)
If the SuperMoon is on at the same time as "Masters of Sex", I don't want to see it.
RT @SarahKSilverman: I'm on my fave show TONIGHT: #MastersOfSex at 10 Great show. I'd like to be on it, too.
RT @JanelleTabery @BrentSpiner @levarburton Calls everybody Y'all--Whew, I thought it was just me.
RT @Slayer_Kast @BrentSpiner @levarburton Because you're more than just one mere man.--I am not a mere man!
I've always wondered why @levarburton calls me "Y'all"?
Can't wait to do "Treknado"! Sharks in outer space!
My 500th Tweet!! Thanks in large part to @BrentSpiner. After years of traveling, I'm posting my favorite photos on Instagram (rickberman).
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RT @VD1191 Someone broke into my car and took a poster @BrentSpiner signed in January.--So Sorry. It's been happening all over the world.
Happy birthday, @wilw !!! Wishing you whatever you want most.
Thanks to @GM for lending me a very cool car to drive to ComiCon. If you see me on the road, move over!
RT @AllyWyb Sometimes @RyanGosling looks like @BrentSpiner.--In his dreams.
For most of my adult life, I've dreamed of being fired from Saturday Night Live.
Here's where I'll be T Comicon: Pop Culture and the Robot Reality" (Robotics Session) @ Sat Jul 26, 2014 11am - 12pm --Come!
Pls consider passing on. 5 yr old boy w/cancer hopes 4 bday cards Tks. @seanhannity @BrentSpiner @megynkelly
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Hold the phone...I may be at Comicon after all.
RT @dbg11111: @BrentSpiner Hamas leader rejects ceasefire efforts,734… --Never mind.
RT @dbg11111: @hamas agreed to a ceasefire humanitarian. It is unclear how long--Very good news. Hope it lasts for the rest of time.
I won't be at ComiCon this year, but Check these out. Fun! And believe me, I know a thing or two about robot balls!…
RT @Heersink:the death of Data turned me off of Star Trek. I was disgusted.--Friendly advice: Avoid "Game of Thrones".