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Brent Spiner
singers musicians television actor 1,400,839 followers
What's the big deal about being followed? Really, I don't get it. And please don't quote the first two Amendments to the Constitution to me.
RT @robibrose I'd rather have @akaWorf follow me than @BrentSpiner, @wilw,@WilliamShatner, and@levarburton combined-- Wish granted.
RT @AngelSandre Mr. Spiner dare I say you're getting more handsome as the years pass by. What your secret?--The trick is to start out ugly.
Congrats again to @BrentSpiner aka Data for winning our greatest TV character competition!
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RT @JolentaG: Good news @BrentSpiner! Data won the @TheTakeaway TV Smackdown for best TV Character.--Honored! But I voted for Lucy.
Farewell to the Great Mickey Rooney. "He could act the pants off a centipede". The Golden Age officially came to a close tonight.
RT @JeriLRyan @BrentSpiner woo-hoo!--I love it when you say, "woo-hoo!".
Whew! I'm exhausted. Generosity really takes it out of you.
Now for something equally serious. Don't miss the epic season 1 finale of @bittentv on @Syfy tomorrow night with my friend @Vandiekins22.
And that, as they say, is that.
And once @akaWorf has that precious blue check, why he'll...he'll...what'll you do, Michael?
RT @samstokes80 @BrentSpiner Here is my cover version of your "Life-Forms" song!… … --Props.
I've had it! If they don't verify @akaWorf , I'm going to demand they unverify me!!! That'll show them...something.
If you happen to be in Central Massachusetts, this is a worthy cause.
RT @thechrisvasko Wish @BrentSpiner would embrace Data more--Would that involve hugging myself?
.@akaWorf --Guess I can't blame you. Until I was verified, I wasn't really sure who I was.
.@akaWorf --You're such a verification whore.
Thinking of taking this @akaWorf verification thing to the Supreme Court. They always do the right thing.
Watching @HouseofCards. I'm convinced @RealRobinWright is one of our greatest actresses. Not a false move.
RT @WilliamShatner: @BrentSpiner @akaWorf Well look who showed up to the party late!--Pity, the great motivator.
RT@gypsyluc: Not ur job 2 tell them how 2 think--isn't that what ads are for?
RT @gypsyluc:I don't subscribe to the extremely cynical view that 'advertising does people's thinking FOR them'.--then what's it for?
RT @jimfrancies1: Like liberals haven't been buying elections for years. They buy more elections than conservatives.--a bi-partisan problem.
RT@gypsyluc:I'm saying that the charge of elections being 'bought' supposes that many voters don't think for themselves.--yeah, couldn't be.
@BrentSpiner The majority of Americans are innocent and gullible bystanders of a corrupt political system controlled by special interest.
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