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Brenna Berg
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Happy birthday to these lovely friends of mine. You guys are pretty cute. ☺️ @ChrisKraft12 @sadie_luetzen
Got my biggest check out at the lanes today so I felt a little daring and went and bought some new roller blades! Who wants to go blading? 😏
Just scrolling on Facebook only to see @NicoleADrew making a collage and wishing herself a happy birthday. Kewl. HBD
I couldn't be more content with how my life is right now and I've never been happier.
plot twist: it's April 2nd and she's still pregnant
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Easily the hottest bowling team in the state.
You know what's worse than watching Nascar? Listening to it on the radio. #PapaBergFlaws
I have come to the sudden realization that @Brenna_Berg seriously friendzones every guy she talks to.
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The award for biggest douche bag brother goes out to @berg_dawg for going to the Lakers game tonight rather than come home and see me.
Deleted my messages to give you guys a good feel of what it's like to be Papa Berg's little girl. Brb, suffocating
Just missing Angie and volleyball a little extra today.
I constantly have a superfluous amount of anger.
@Brenna_Berg considering you cheer against BHS in every sport. #realtalk
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@Brenna_Berg ya, says the fan who cheers for century and mandan in almost every sport,
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Where in the hell is everyone's god damn school spirit?
Mom didn't mention UPS comes late at night when I don't have pants on and the music too loud to hear him instead to see him in the window.
Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.
No I'm not wearing green. I'm also not Irish, I don't partake in your activities, don't touch me.
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Not being good enough really, really sucks.
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I'm watching my moms house for ten days while she's gone. Any guy that wants to cuddle and watch March Madness, I'm your girl. #ThirstyTweet