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Brendon Urie
Congrats to my dude @ZackCloudHall for landing a big role on the new season of American Horror Story!
Yes, these are cupcakes. Provided by some of our awesome and talented fans in Brazil. Thank you so much! #tooprettytoeat
this is the final song I'm revealing from the album. it's one of my favorite songs to date.. love u @brendonurie
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The time has come! @dillonfrancis
Ok. The tacos were enough food. What is this glutinous attitude I've adopted that says "you really need some donuts and ice cream after a full plate of food"? Never again. #neversaynever #imveryfull
Blue Plate Oysterette is so crazy-good, it made me take a picture of my view as I inhaled some seared ahi tacos w/ spicy aioli. My mouth is on fire. I'm prolly gonna need some ice cream to cool off. Well, that ice cream was delicious. Y'know, a donut would really set this whole meal off...
I wonder if all the conservatives yelling that Ebola might become airborne realize it means they now believe in evolution?
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Thank you, @KellyOsbourne for the very early bday wishes. Hope you enjoyed the phallic meatballs. See you next year!
Yeah, so enterdelusion is terrifying. I mean.. jackalltimelow was really scared. @brendonurie is a…
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Even better than last year! I absolutely love @EnterDelusion One of my favorites. If you haven't done it, GO!!! #delusion
Regram of me (AKA Jessapeak) and Dr. Dil (AKA @dillonfrancis) doin' fun stuff. Look out for it. #friendsrule
I can tell I'll be listening to the new Tove Lo on repeat for quite a while. Love this album. #QueenOfTheClouds
Hey, wine company, definitely no. Ok? No.
Big thanks to the homies at @GPen for the new gear! #GLIFE
HEY LOOK! We're selling this limited edition shirt/colorway only on Twitter! Buy in-tweet (US only)
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oooh we're selling this shirt exclusively through Twitter later today. you won't find this color anywhere else
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We covered "Bohemian Rhapsody" by @QueenWillRock every night on #TheGospelTour and it was awesome and here's a video
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Bogart chillin wit his bitch. Dope-ass doggie music video
Back to these little monsters and the old routine #treats
Love these dudes. Amazing tour. #gospeltour #goforfriendship #notsurewhattodowithmyhands
On this last day of tour, I feel immense gratitude for our fans. Thank you for continuously making my dreams come true. Love you all ❤️
This kid should be a motivational speaker for professional athletes who have multiple kids with multiple women.…
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Sssssssmokin'! (ya know, like Jim Carrey in The Mask)
If you love alligators, you’ll really love this tour update. If not, you’ll really love it, except for 30 seconds
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Glad to have the homie @richiebon out to the show to hang and tattoo a bit.
New tour tattoo for #thegospeltour done by @shit_happened
Go for friendship. #tourlife
#WithoutPanicAtTheDiscoIWouldnt have this great recipe for Tuscan Turkey Burgers. (Panic At The Disco gave me a recipe for Turkey Burgers!)
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It's the tiniest second ... Like Wow you have to be super fast to see it but brendon @brendonurie your video dude
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Urge all states to enact laws that ban leaving animals alone in cars during dangerous temperatures. Keep pets safe!!
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@hoeg and I just tried "Flashbang" hot sauce: the hottest sauce in NOLA apparently. 💥🔥🔥🔥 #holyfuck
Starting the day off right with @hoeg #breakfast
Warning: may cause awesome.
Yes I agree with everything you're saying. #phhhhoto
#tbt to sleepin with my homie Bogart. Missin dat home lyfe.