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There is nothing wrong with being alone. You don't need anyone..
Ever since i was born.
Im just a fucking joke..
When you have nothing to do and no one to hang out with.
Shout out to all the 90s baby's, with no babies!😂
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I don't think I want anything as bad as this 😩�
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my fans are crazy... but there's beauty behind the madness ||| XO
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Last day of school tomorrow. Geeked!
Im not on twitter as much no more /.\
3 more days of school 😏
Had do much fun today 😁☺
Pool party at my housee! 😏😜
Dear Donald Trump, One thing I've learned from marrying a Mexican woman and having a Mexican Suegra is DON'T PISS OFF MEXICANS! Now you know
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i really need to start putting pictures on my instagram
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My baby is the most cutest baby EVER! 😊#ProudMomm �
Ive decided I'm going to become a nun and live a lonely life.
#HowToKeepYourGirlHappy treat her the same as you did when you were trying to make her yours. Don't just stop trying once you have her.
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This guy shudnt be thinking of running 4 presidency he is js racist period! #DonaldTriump
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How can I move on when I'm still in love with you? - The Script
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I just want to be over you already, its soo unfair 💔
Stuff that just makes my heart feel like it broke into a million pieces.
I have not seen you since graduation i should be over you by now!! Why can't i? Why do i keep getting upset when i see stuff about you?
me: I'm going to bed early tonight. me: me: is that the sun
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Am i the only one who thought that Amy from Gone Girl was scary af..
Im lowkey hella ugly lmao like not even kidding
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Did 2 two page papers, 1 assignment, 4 page research paper and a power point today.. I feel proud of myself. 😏
As much as i want to concentrate on this paper its just not happening. 😠
You went from a big booty hoe to a no ass bitch.
Im sooooooo tired! Ohhmyyygawwwdd! 😩😣
I want that motivation where i say "i will get there" or "im going to get it" and actually mean it and do it and try my hardest. Not lack!
Pretty nervous for tomorrow 🙈
The song "Its going down fr" reminds me of how bad you and your girl were dancing at prom.
probably the best text post I've ever read
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When you're not around, I'm feeling like a piece of me is missing. - Westlife.
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Then i start going back but end up not watching it again.
When your trying to watch a movie but getting to distracted on twitter or texting.
That almost gave me a heart attack!
i just wanna be rich enough so i can buy my momma everything she deserves
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I need drugs and alcohol.

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