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That 'Gangstalicous' & some other Boondocks episodes have become reality.
In the kitchen 🍴. Afrikaan Veggie Burrito before the wrap; Black beans in the pot & what
🍕Homemade Veggie Pizza.. Late night�
@BlakeBrelo Don't expect a rational discussion with black feminists. I've tried. All ur gonna hear is "patriarchy this, patriarchy that."
Retweeted by BRËLÖ
I'm not replying to anyone as of right now, so you all can save your questions, debates & argumentative statements. ✊ Seek & ye shall find.
@BlakeBrelo exactly! The 'feminist ' movement just used blk women to fight their battles and further divide blk men & women I'm a womanist
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Wanting to have sex w/ someone of the same gender is Not equivalent to your racial state of existence.. Dont integrate struggles.
Never let anyone confuse their behavior with your identity..
Being pro black does Not come with a being pro homosexuality & Transsexual requirement.
Integrating struggles, for black people is the main reason that Actual black people reap the least from the fight in the end.
Who the Hell started the LIE that you must be for everyone's struggle? That's bullshit. Dont integrate struggles.
A black womanist makes sense. A black feminist is backwards & motive camouflaging.
Difference between the feminist & the womanist is the WOMANIST fights with and beside the men versus the feminist who wants to destroy them.
Stop letting white people give you concepts to fight for and create your own.
When black ppl get involved w/ the white feminist movement its only a hijack of their power. The black man can't control anything.
No. Black men Dont have much control over themselves; more less black women, so what is a black feminist & why is there any at all?
Has the black man ever controlled your ability to work, learn, dress & etc. Does the black man control your ability to get healthcare?
The feminist movement Only makes sense for white women. Compare it to a so called black feminist...
White man controlled her ability 2work, learn, dressed, &etc. He controlled Every aspect of the white woman, why? He controlled the society.
First-wave, second-wave, & third-wave feminism stemmed from the white woman fighting the white man, WHICH WAS UNDERSTANDABLE, WHY?
How can Black women call themselves a feminist; claimin to be pro black? When the feminist movement is a WHITE WOMAN'S Liberation movement?
Homosexuals & Black woman feminist role together because they're both trying to destroy the men in general..
What does the feminist movement have to do in regards of black ppl; female or male; even more less black gay males?
I just came across a homosexual Black male's Twitter bio.. Talking about he only tweets about Feminism. Ppl are confused, no pun intended.
My culinary skills are something special🍴
"@LodyLucci: @BlakeBrelo yooooo follow me back" ✊
Jada Pinkett-Smith is gorgeous.
Grow your own food. Grow your own marijuana. Grow your own self. Just grow.
"The Miseducation of, Lauryn Hill" set a record;/most Grammys won by a woman in one night." Aware, Gorgeous, &Gifted
Naive people are some of the worst.
Saner heads prevail.
Banana🍌, Lemon🍋, Cucumber🍈, Avocado🍈, Green Bean🌱, Romaine Lettuce🌿, Chia Seeds🌌, Honey🍯, & Almond Milk🍶. +
"@khanwilde: @BlakeBrelo I'm glad you stayed with him at the crib and helped him straighten up." ✊
Never continuously walk past unwashed dishes & or a filthy home to go to the gym/start a workout. Psychologically, it all ties together.
Discipline of health and fitness carries out through every extent of life.
But ummn.. How you gone walk out and try to get right; when you have to walk back in to where you're living wrong?
I believe he's going through depression although he denies it & would rather claim being lazy. Smh, but im no stranger to depression.
Long story short.. We didn't leave the house. His workout was home training/ cleaning & straightening 101 today.
As I'm sitting I notice this mane has dishes piled up, food out, laundry everywhere (clean and dirty), and etc. He just living filthy.
So I wake him up & he invites me inside to wait on him to get ready.
I call his mama she tells me to go knock on the door & window lol.
I have a client whose son I'm training & I had to go pick him up this morning. I pull up, call him, and he sleep.
You may not have known, but I've been a certified personal trainer & Health Coach for some yrs now.. Quick story.
Earlier, before the sun came up.
"@MzRhe: I will let go of who I thought i was In becoming my autentic self"✊
If you enjoy books you should order 'Phenomenology of Perception,' by Maurice Merleau-Ponty @brownmorrissey