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Remember to be yourself. Throughout life popular society will try to make you like everyone else.
Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.
Like everything else; Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it's cowardice.
Regardless of your income level; Black people have never been accepted here in America.. only tolerated.
Pay attention to your day to day interactions w/ ppl; notice how the intolerance for black people is becoming more acceptive and extreme.
Jesus can't save you... Life starts when the church end.
When racial violence occurs against our people, the black mentality should be, 'Yall white folks better hope yall catch em before we do'..
When a white man can run into a building of black people and kill 9 people (6 women) and walk out untouched; You know black people sleeping.
Organize. Don't give up your second amendment right.
Do Not fail to see that you are at war, just because a gun is not in your face.
Dylann Roof's are everywhere & they're the reason for a application trashed; a job lost; illegal traffic stops; denied opportunities & etc.
Dylann Roof won't be called a thug or terrorist, because he is the definition of the fundamental American (white) Identity.
The structure of America is organized around racial violence.
We cannot disconnect ourselves from the acts of white supremacy, the slavery, and the psychology that made America what it is today.
White supremacy never intended on letting blacks live in America as equals. We weren't looked at as, or brought here to b friends & family.
Living in America is living through the aftermath of a war won & waged against black and indigenous people.
Some things that may seem amazing upon 1st experiences; end up being sumn that u need to let go in order to allow growth along your journey.
Me explaining to my human classmates how I am a God & how black melanin (neuromelanin) is the chemical key to life.
12. America allowing Black ppl to take out these outrageous school loan amounts doesn't mean progress, its means debt; which is not freedom
11. America allowing some Black Millionaire entertainers, athletes, & a Mulatto President doesn't mean progress, but only the illusion of it
10. Even during the so called War on Terror.. Almost no Arabs were murdered because they have countries to look out for their best interest.
9(part 2). America will know all business with the Chinese will be at risk of being cut off the next time a police shoots a Chinese.
9. Someone in China will be having a conversation w/ the President. Our countries do business & are engaged in some trades (continued)
8.If police kill Chinese ppl, then they have to deal w/ China. If Chinese notice that there is a systematic war against their ppl n the US..
7. For as many Blks killed & or wrongly jailed by police in America; Why arent Chinese, Latino, Asian or White gangs being targeted/killed?
6. Too many Blks distracted, & divided by skin tone, hair, class, language, beauty, knowledge, ignorance, religion, region, pride, envy &etc
5. Worldwide Blacks outnumber whites physically but mentally alot of us are lost..
4 (part2). We support those who rob Africa of resources & belittle Blks worldwide. Instead of building ourselves up with the black dollar.
4. We continue to economically support & build up white supremacy and a system against blacks; (continued)..
3. Until we see reason to help build up Africa & etc. for us & themselves there will be no future for Black people outside of Africa.
2. Those possible countries that would look out for Blacks in America, are not in the economic political positions to lend us that leverage.
1.Globally Blks dont have countries in Africa or any where else to look out for our best interest even if they wanted to. #BlackLivesMatter
Boycott going to jail. Boycott the unjust system. Dont passively comply w/ their system. Dont accept injustice. #BlackLivesMatter
Your change offends people sometimes.
If u cant be functional, professional, & consistent in a monogamous relationship; polygamy wont fix u, but will increase your dysfunction.
If ur under 21, maybe older; you shouldn't be stressing over failed relationships or love.. It's plenty of life & Billions of ppl out here.
It is not monogamy or polygamy when there is one wife, and mistresses out of sight.
You can consider other types of relationship structures, and not just limit yourself to a westernized ideology of monogamous relationships.
Everyone dont have to be out here seeking a monogamous relationship. Monogamy is not for everyone. Monogamy is not the only option.
I agree with monogamy if that's what a couple decides upon, but it all depends on the perceptions, preferences, & culture of those involved.
Avoid the low vibration situations, places, & or beings, whenever possible. If u cant avoid low vibrations, Handle everything accordingly.
Raise your vibrational frequency⬆
Majority of ppl Dont care, but plenty would like to see u struggle miserably. Publicly venting about personal issues is icing on their cake.
Some people actually want or wouldn't mind seeing you make something of yourself, but just Not before they make something of themselves.
Don't lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations.
🙇 The prevailing trend of public opinion or of another aspect of public life. "the current economic climate"…j
We live in a climate where attention Is the new currency.
We live in a climate where 2many humans are completely void inside. Walk around consumed w/ trying to look good & yet are dead on the inside

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