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When I'm in love with someone or become attached to something it's extremely hard to give it up, it's like giving up a piece of myself.
Hot bath while listening to NickelBack #love
I dont want to know. . .
Deciding to quit is like losing a part of yourself.
Cant wait to sleep. . .
Watching Supernatural until I fall asleep. I love that sexy Dean!
About to take a cool bath and listen to Imagine Dragons #love
Car insurance quotes for me are so damn expensive.
I need to get more active on instagram...
I wish it were that easy.
My dog starts barking loud when I'm in a deep sleep. Scares the shit out of me. Almost had a heart attack over the sound of a car moving !!!
I dont know what I would do without my little sister. She is a blessing in my life and im glad she's mine.
@vanitybabybree May he rest at the gates of heaven
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Ive never personally known anyone who died, or have had friend who passed away... until now. This hurts too much. I feel frozen.
A house divided against itself cannot stand. #revolution #patriot
Wish my af would hurry up... come on af
This girl asked me can we be I don't know you...
Ahhhh The Walking Dead starts again Oct 13th!! My obsession... my addiction... #TheWalkingDead
Hate summer so glad its over. Winter is my fav. Cant waittt
Ive been up all night...going to sleep soon.
You took the best years of my life.
@vanitybabybree I want that beanie!
Retweeted by Bree really shouldn't take you 1 hour to tell me a 1 minute story...I mean DAMN.
I hate the idea of anyone else having you
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Lamborghini ... my dream car.
The less people you chill with, the less problems you deal with.
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You cant find the right person if you're still holding on to the wrong one..
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My dog is so crazyyyyyy lmao
I dont like Beyonce, I dont like Michael Jackson. I love Rihanna! and Prince is KING! Everybody is different, we all like different things.
Hot wings and fries.
Im more paranoid than ever now.
aww hell naw the clearblue pregnancy tests estimates how many wks you are lol 😑😩 i wanna try it out just cause lol
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About to work on my music
Wakee up Kobe Bryant! My little man wont get off my pillow. He loves sleeping in my bed.
This nigga said he ate all his fries. I open up the oven and there they are.
Itchy all over my body...
I need to get 3 of my ear holes re-pierced.
I wish I could go back in time and change everything. I wish it so much that I actually for a second believe it could happen.
How could I be so damn stupid.
What I could have been, could have become, runs through my head daily.
Forgiving is easy. Trusting again, not so much.
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I love zombie movies or anything zombie related.
I could stay on Pinterest for hours.
I was robbed of my youth. I wish I could go back and change a lot of things. I wish it so much that I actually think it could happen. #me
You are no longer relevant : )
Fuck being good. I will be the best. I WILL be perfect.
Everytime I see Prince on tv I stop breathing for a few seconds. I would die if I saw him in concert. @3RDEYEGIRL