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Bree Essrig
šŸ’š dees bees. @inenivlogs @laraharp
Ugh, I hate when I'm having fun, fun, fun & then my daddy takes the T-Bird away :(
Don't worry, the people that you hate come home at the end of the day & scream into their Lean Cuisines. Just like you :)
Favorite off-brand face wash.
putting in contacts was a pain at first, but everyone's blown away by the baby's purple eyes
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Cake wants a girl with a short skirt and a loooooong jacket. I just want cake :(
A woman could wear the Chuck E. Cheese rat costume and STILL get hit on at the gym.
šŸ’œšŸ’œšŸ’œ @chelseafrank & @down4michael.
Thanks for the pic, @therealpoptrigger! šŸ˜»āœØšŸ’›
EINSTEIN: I call it "the theory of relativity" SCIENTIST 1: Nice one Einstein SCIENTIST 2: Yeah good job Einstein EINSTEIN: Fuck you guys
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Long day on set with @TremainHayhoe! Trizzle & Brizzle forizzle!
Trizzle & Brizzle forizzle. I missed you, @tremainhayhoe!
Ever wake up feeling like the bones of Liberace that Michael Jackson purchased in 2001?
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Lemur in the bazaar, cougar in the boudoir.
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Hi, I'm Rude-y. Photo by @down4michael
.@maddienicolelee I'd share a Coke with you, any day! :)
I love you like I love the first & last slice of the bread loaf- Where are you going? No, Babe, the ends are--THE ENDS ARE THE BEST PART!
Karen on FB got caught in a thunder storm and has to go back to work "soak and wet". I'm done.....
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I just flipped the bird at someone. Now what? Do I flip the cockatiel back over? Is it gonna bite me???
So, our Frozen parody is viral-ing. My question: DO YOU WANNA DO SOME BLOW, MAN?ā€¦ @BreeEssrig @TheBrookeMarks
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The heart wants what the heart wants. The brain also wants what the heart wants. Skin wants it, too. They battle at dusk. You will not win.
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