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Emmy comedian
guyz! Guyz!! Guyz!!! U guyz shld stop all these rumors ooo.... Ah ah. Ow will u be saying that am dating tonto...
Beware of anything that starts with "S"...e.g Satan, Sunami,Sex,Solders, Sickness, Suarez, most especially Soka. RETWEET if you Agree
Na only God go safe us 4 NAIJA. I cant rememba d last time i saw a bible with my church membas. all i see is their BB chargers nd sockets
Teacher: As an architect, which PARLOUR do you like most? Me: BEER PARLOUR..
since it is " Give her her book" dont you think it should be " Give him him book?"...all things been equal
you can also contact EBOLA from ur BBM contacts. beware of the people you accept their pins
do u know the IJAWS? I heard when they fart, they will be searching for it with touch light is it true?
I woke up today, Not in prison, Not in a casket, Not in a hospital or mortuary. RT if you are thankful to God for a healthy life
PDP borrowed 1billion US dollars to fyt Boko Haram. If APC gets there, dey will borrow 10billion Euros to fyt OPC. Save ur complains
Some of you went for the world cup in Brazil, and came back with a British accent. But it's none of my business
Linda Ikeji be like>>>>>> What is this that i am hearing!!! that Patience Jonathan is the Wife of President Goodluck Jonathan
"It is from the smell of the mess that one knows the taste of the shit''.
Fashion Or Madness? Girl Goes Out With Just A Long Sleeve And Nothing Under!
She Who prepares burnt dodo for her husband shall face the wrath of her mother-in-law
He who use nylon in place of condom must have money for abortion.
that awkward moment when u feel like quiting twitter coz no one retweets ur tweets
No matter how many Press-ups a Lizard does, it will never have Muscles.
twacher: convert this sentence into future tense ''i kill a man''. Me: you will go to jail
Akpos complained bitterly to his friend Ochuko after writing the NECO exams: “Na God go punish NECO.”, he cried....
He who goes to sleep with an itching anus wakes up with smelly fingers – Nigerian Proverb
A child can play with its mother’s breasts, but not its father’s testicles – Guinean Proverb
The madman, who throws a stone into a crowded market, forgets that his own mother could be hit by his madness. – Ugandan Proverb
If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there – Ugandan Proverb
An old lady feels uneasy when dry bones are mentioned in a proverb – Ghanaian Proverb