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Breaking Obama™
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This is what @TheRevAl calls a Peaceful Protest in #Ferguson it looks more like calling for violence against cops!
Summing up the latest example of Progressive jurisprudence, à la Al "Race Bait" Sharpton leading the mob. #Ferguson
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Liberals support thugs and conservatives support the troops. Whose side are you on? #Ferguson #tcot
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I love @BurgerKing they made a smart business move! Our Crooked Gov't wants 35% in Taxes while Canada only takes 15% #RETWEET
Comparing #MikeBrown of #Ferguson 2 #MLK or #RosaParks is like comparing #Hitler 2 #God get over yourselves @CNN & @msnbc Pathetic! #RETWEET
Check out We Must Impeach Obama To Survive America! Available for the next 20 days via @teespring:… #RETWEET
@Breaking_Obama @carolynsdaughte @CNN Don't be surprised that they erect a monument Statue of Brown at the shooting scene, then a Nat. Park.
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Michael Brown's minister uncle used the word "vengeance" at the funeral in #Ferguson. Hear details at;
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#Ferguson Officer Wilson supporter: “Anyone willing to take a bullet for me… that is family to me.” #KellyFile
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Gangsta Friends pay homage to Homie & Fellow #Ferguson Gang Banger #MikeBrown Gentle Giant my Ass! #RETWEET @CNN
This was the 1st Memorial in #Ferguson set up by #Looters for #MikeBrown please Like & Share if it makes you...
@Breaking_Obama @christineobzut @CNN @NewDay @donlemon Well 6 entry wounds but in a situation like that more could've been fired and missed
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We called @CNN they are so crooked they would not take our experts call because he's not a Democrat! #WTF does #Ferguson have to do with it?
Hey #Ferguson maybe @CNN & @TheRevAl would approve if cops had Nerf Bats & Skittles Guns & Super Soakers filled with Kool Aid for Riots!
Today would have been Michael Brown's bond hearing for robbery in #Ferguson
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Once again @CNN @donlemon @StephanieElam are trying to taint the #Ferguson jury pool telling lies on @NewDay w/o other side #RETWEET
That audio released by @CNN sounds like a cop being ambushed taking fire in #Ferguson & returning fire. Gang friends of #MikeBrown? #RETWEET
On @CNN @NewDay @donlemon claims that more than 6 shots heard on tape? Could it be someone else shooting & Cop returning fire in #Ferguson?
Hey @CNN @NewDay could it be that those shots fired in #Ferguson that is more than 6 be someone shooting at the cop & him returning fire?
Soldiers and cops die in the line of duty regularly. They do not get 5,000 person funerals with WH attendees. Riots work. #Ferguson
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'...Or There'll Be Hell To Pay'- They Destroyed It But Want YOU To Pay To Fix It! #Ferguson #RedNationRising
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Go ahead. Prove #MichaelBrown was a good kid & release his allegedly gang banging juvie records. #Ferguson #NoAngel
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LOVE how #MichaelBrown mom said he didn't join a gang because all eighteen year old boys tell their mamas everything, don't they? #Ferguson
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GREAT NEWS! I have some truly amazing stuff coming to me re: #MichaelBrown #Ferguson
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@Breaking_Obama #FERGUSON was #THUGLIFE E-X-P-O-S-E-D!!! MSM decides to go with RACE BAITING!
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IRS Scandal Bombshell! DOJ Attorney Admits Lois Lerner Emails Exist! Will Nets Report? via @newsbusters #TCOT
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@angelfitzpat51 @HannahK_77 #NoDoubt about it! Scumbag #Obama definitely has an agenda, playing every card to his advantage! @Breaking_Obama
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@learjetter @angelfitzpat51 @Breaking_Obama REAGAN never shows off but he did a lot of small things to people as PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES!
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I sure hope the #Ferguson PD & @stlcountypd took this opportunity to execute some outstanding warrants today #RETWEET
Holy crap! The City of #Ferguson has more warrants than residents. Lawyers ask for amnesty.…
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Michael Brown got a White House representative for every crime he committed. Drugs, robbery and assault. Keep it classy Obama #Ferguson
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This Liar & other Gang Members in #Ferguson threatened & intimidated Witnesses to Lie about what they saw! #RETWEET
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