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Prettiesr girl have "A" in their names <3 — feeling loved
whos 12----19 without baby ?
Mga friends! Sali naman kayo sa! The more the merrier! Kikita ka pa! #phchurpchurp
Shit happens </3 i can now rest in peace
"One guy can make you hate all the guys, but one man can teach you that not all guys are the same."
My neighbor knocked me at my door at 3am this morning! can you believe it ? 3AM.. luckily i was still up playing with my drums
The loneliest people are the kindest The saddest people smile the brightest The most damaged people are the wisest -Greene Family <3
While wearing a bikini you show 90% of your body Us men are so polite we only look at the covered areas
SWAG S- secretly W- we A- are G- gays
I posted a new photo to Facebook
#LIKE if you see you Relationship status - Cuffed - Single - Married - Waiting - It's Complicated - Broken...
Don't have sex. You'll get pregnant & die.
ima start deleting inactive friends today so i can add those followers who really actives
Whos profile is actually real ? Deleting fakes -_-
I just joined churpchurp and I instantly get rewarded! Join now! #phchurpchurp
My week basically : *Monday *Monday # 2 *Monday # 3 *Monday # 4 *Friday *Sunday *Pre-Monday
GoodMorning Post <3
6 words i cant wait to hear soon.... "Previously on the AMC's The Walking Dead"
Welcome to the 21st century *our phones - wireless *cooking - fireless *cars - keyless *food - fatless *tyres -...
I Bet U Cant Spell Facebook Like This! F A C E B O O K - Instructions : Each Comment Can Only Contain 1 Letter...
✔Log off Facebook, . ✔close laptop, . ✔get into bed, . ✔grab phone, . ✔check Facebook Who else does this ?
✔Log off Facebook, . ✔close laptop, . ✔get into bed, . ✔grab phone, . ✔check Facebook Who else does this ?
Whos honestly older than 11 ? <3
1 more add ladies Benjamin Taylor thx if you do <3
i guess girls wont add you cuz ur ugly Benjamin Taylor