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Braydon Stachel
Dear Everyone on my Facebook: STOP FALLING FOR MLM/PYRAMID SCHEMES! This shit is seriously starting to depress me.
As soon as @no6paq comes over and touches up this remix @TrevTompkins and I started....
Is this what waking up at 9 am feels like?
Chillin at my work desk listening to "Don't Like" and mouthing the words to people who walk by.
Getting more and more stoked for what @braydonstachel @no6paq and I have coming your way folks. It's gonna be too good.
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Can this Orlando Bloom/@justinbieber incident become a trend? Every time you see Bieber you punch the twat in the face. Call it "Biebering"?
Apparently we need to start a "No Free VST's" movement. The thirst in some of you kids.
Guys, please take a moment to recognize that once again it is past 8pm and @braydonstachel is still awake. Proud of how far you've come dude
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I wish people didn't waste their time sharing inspiring photos on social media and instead went out and did something inspiring.
Just at work doing bad bitch tingz.
Sooo @Disney & @Marvel just asked me to "EDM up" some of my some of my scores. Oh baby...
Another plane disappeared? Wtf is going on with aviation these days.
I'm sure these words have never been spoken before, but holy shit the Rideau Centre looks nice now.
If you create something, it's yours. Don't let big companies bully you for your masters or scare you with legal action.
Fought and won my royalties. Young artists; never let anyone take your royalties, ever.
Shout to all my LØSTBØYS....
As much as they hate me @Ruxiie and @PrincessSarahox are the baddest girls on the block tonight. Have fun on your dinner date.
There's a lot of @REDBLACKS pride in Ottawa today. Can't wait to watch them tear up the @TorontoArgos
I wonder what Rugby players think every time they see a Soccer player crying in pain from being grazed by another player.
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I don't know anyone who gets Veggie subs at @SUBWAY. But I can only imagine they worship Satan.
This chick on the bus with me is talking waaaaaay to much shit for the bristliness of her moustache.
Ahhh. We're playing the "Over Analyze a Tweet" game again. Awesomeness.
It's an Eminem type week.
I'm really just in a "fuck the establishment" type mood today.
File sharing is not illegal in Canada. If you're contacted by your ISP tell them to forward a "fuck you" to @RIAA and @MPAA for you
Just a giant, throbbing, unsympathetic "FUCK YOU" to @UMG for continuing to fucking up the music industry and killing indie musicians.
I'm sorry. Soccer will never have my respect as a sport until they actually penalize players for flopping.
ALSO can we stop using Auto-tune as a blanket term for vocal processing?!?!