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Braydon Stachel
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As much as they hate me @Ruxiie and @PrincessSarahox are the baddest girls on the block tonight. Have fun on your dinner date.
There's a lot of @REDBLACKS pride in Ottawa today. Can't wait to watch them tear up the @TorontoArgos
I wonder what Rugby players think every time they see a Soccer player crying in pain from being grazed by another player.
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I don't know anyone who gets Veggie subs at @SUBWAY. But I can only imagine they worship Satan.
This chick on the bus with me is talking waaaaaay to much shit for the bristliness of her moustache.
Ahhh. We're playing the "Over Analyze a Tweet" game again. Awesomeness.
It's an Eminem type week.
I'm really just in a "fuck the establishment" type mood today.
File sharing is not illegal in Canada. If you're contacted by your ISP tell them to forward a "fuck you" to @RIAA and @MPAA for you
Just a giant, throbbing, unsympathetic "FUCK YOU" to @UMG for continuing to fucking up the music industry and killing indie musicians.
I'm sorry. Soccer will never have my respect as a sport until they actually penalize players for flopping.
ALSO can we stop using Auto-tune as a blanket term for vocal processing?!?!
That Brittany Spears "leaked vocal track" was intentionally auto-tuned to sound worse. Auto-tune (in this case Melodyne) works both ways.
Big thanks to @Disney for appreciating my sound design and musical vision.
Loading all my VST's onto my work studio computer. It's a glorious day.
I've tried a vegetarian diet for 2 weeks now. Not only do I feel sick all the time but I've gained weight. How do people do this??
Always thought people played up how much their alma mater called for donation. Nope. I've received 5 phone calls today alone.
People have actually PAID to watch @aaroncarter lip-sync to his 12 year old self? Sweet Jesus Mary fucking Christ.
Friday fun day. May put a song up on soundcloud for the first time in 854 years
Alanis Morissette could not have written a more ironic themed song than @Tinder being sued for sexual harassment
The fact that a rapper hasn't used the line "fuck your thigh gap I wanna see your booty clap" astounds me. #FreebieRapLines
Shout out to @no6paq. Dudes cooking up some unreal songs lately.
Like 3 hip-hop tracks deep today. I've been so inspired lately.