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Braydon Stachel
So anonymous taxi drivers are now shaming @Uber_Ottawa users? This whole ordeal has shown how archaic the taxi monopoly is. #Pathetic
I have a backlog of tracks I've done a mile long that I'm too self-conscious to put out. I miss working behind the scenes.
If you haven't spent hours scrolling through Worldstar looking for vocal samples are you even a real producer?
Hi @Ruxiie. I put a link on your FB wall. You didn't respond. I'm taking this as us not being friends anymore.
This is how the industry is now rationalizing poor royalty rates. Pay artists $0.007 per stream & you can say they are getting $9 per sale
And right on cue my excitement is squashed because of more industry lunacy:…
FL Studio being officially released on OS next year. I may just faint.…
Best of luck to all the FSS Grads playing in the #VanierCup today @Marsh2Fergs & Mitch/Ben O'Connor
Won tickets to see the homie @snailmusic Feb 27. Beyond stoked.
So...the new @starwars movie looks absolutely freakin' amazing.
I'm gonna make a bunch of t-shirts that say "Fuck musical elitism"
Add another one to the trophy case! @FSSAthletics1 wins OFSAA football again! Congrats @doylecoach and the 2014 falcons! #falconpride
It's that time of the year again Good luck to the Falcons at OFSAA today! #falconpride CC: @doylecoach @FSSAthletics1
Big thanks to @ARYAYLION for running the competition, I had a blast. Big congrats to @mura_masa_ also your remix was unreal dude.
Can't wait to watch me some Yates Cup today.
Officially going to @TomorrowWorld 2015. Absolutely fucking stoked.
Can we have a moment of silence for Jovian, the lemur from Zoboomafoo. RIP Dude. Keep it trill in heaven.
You haven't made it big unless @iamwill has stolen one of your tracks.
Only 8 more days until the winner for @ARYAYLION's remix competition is announced! Don't forget to heart mine!
TLC cancels Honey Boo Boo because a cast member is dating a pedophile but still continues to run Toddlers & Tiaras none stop. Gotcha.
This is the only photo we should be sharing today. RIP Nathan.
Everyone should be identifying as a CANADIAN right now. Not a liberal or a conservative or whatever. Not the time for politics #cdnpoli
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To the guy who did the music transitions in the @BootsandHearts Aftermovie. You need to be shot, revived, and then shot again.
In the spirit of camaraderie and because IT'S DOPE. Check the homies @drunkgirlmusic's @ARYAYLION Lawnmower Remix!…
Holy shit stacks, Batman! My @ARYAYLION Remix just eclipsed 1000 plays! Thank you everyone for checking it out! Don't forget to heart it!
Maybe stop putting all your hope into a dead business model...…
It's so cute when my neighbour tries to play the "Whose speakers can go louder" game with me.
Woke up with over 500 plays on my @ARYAYLION "The Lawnmower" remix. Fucking unreal. Don't forget to heart it!…
About to throw up my @ARYAYLION "Lawnmower" Remix. This ones for all you bass heads. #MuchWubs
I'm counting down the days in anticipation for @KidzBop to remake @chrisbrown's "Loyal".
Dat crescendo in @edsheeran's "I See Fire" doe.
If @Krewella is taking applications I'll happily be their new producer!
Holy Shit. Shout out to the UK for amending their Fair Use laws to reflect reality.
There is now gluten free cat food. Congratulations world. The terrorists have officially won and you have no one to blame but yourselves.
Girlfriends gone to the spa for the day. Soooo I'm gonna remix the brohiem @TrollPhaceMusic's Rebel remix and piss off my neighbours
"Zoolander? Isn't that the movie about a zoo?" - My girlfriend ladies and gentleman
Producer Friends: I think it's time to step up to the challenge and remix this song:… Who wants to hop on this w/ me?
That one VST that you'll never, ever, EVER tell anyone else about.
I'll never take artists who criticize electronic music seriously until they sound the same live as they do in a studio cut.
Holy Christ. That ending. I'm not even mad. #Panda14
My day was filled with wubs, break beats and investors.
If I have to tell one more person it's impossible to extract individual stems from a finish track, I'll flip.
With ANOTHER domestic abuse case in the @nfl coming out today... this is my general feelings towards all the…
Just had a flashback to Saturday night. I totally boosted @braydonstachel on my shoulders #squats #gains
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It is 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon. How in the hell am I already seeing walks of shames? Ya'll need Jesus.