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@DTex89: @BrandonSpikes51 Bro. Modern Family is the best show since The Office.” I cry laughing. Show epic for sure
This Bourbon whiskey barbecue tho ☺️☺️ Lawd !!
Yall turning up 2night while I'm in the bed eating hot wings and watching modern family. Jealous anybody? #GrinchSmile
@BrandonSpikes51 Sitting here staring at my phone while my wife is teaching my daughters how to crochet. So, basically, yeah.
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@BrandonSpikes51 having a cosmo and watching the murder channel.
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@BrandonSpikes51 my sons team won an epic playoff game! So we're gonna turn it up with hot fudge sundaes!! #PoWwWwW
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What yall doing tonight ? Turning up !?
Half the time I agree with people so they'll shut up.
The biggest lie I tell myself is "I don't need 2 write that down, I'll remember it.
@Jrood1989: @BrandonSpikes51 why these boys hate so much? Don't they have something better to do with saturday, like college ball?” Idk lol
Eat meat n veggies RT @xo_amia: “@BrandonSpikes51: I luv curves, only dogs go for bones. #RealMen” guess I'll never find a real man then 😑
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I luv curves, only dogs go for bones. #RealMen
RT @ABC7: Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden leaves Navy after testing positive for cocaine
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@lisetterichelle: @BrandonSpikes51 how's your mommy doing remember the dental office the Puerto Rican who grabbed your ass” I don't recall
@carissarosario: FSU vs Norte Dame this weekend oooooweeeee 🏈” who u got winning ?
I miss my gator fans. Always showin the boy soooo much luv #GatorNation #Gator4Life #PoWwWwW
I'm following people right now. #TGIF #PoWwWwWw 😎
@TheJoeK @BrandonSpikes51 FYI from now on I'm responding to texts that only say K with Potassium, mad I didn't think of this sooner thx 51
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@TimI716: My wall at work..@BrandonSpikes51 u ready to tear some heads off this week?!?!” u knoooow it 👊#PoundItt
I now like @BrandonSpikes51 even more than before, just because he said potassium for K. #chemistry #physics #powwwww #BillsMafia #Buffalove
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"K." Well potassium 2 u too, MOFO !!! #EyeContact 👀
Everyday is another opportunity 2 reach that goal. #KeepGrindin #TGIF #PoWwWwWwWwW
Up Up Up and away !!!! Morning Twitter
Mystic River 🎥🎥🎥
Ur secrets are safe with me because I zone out everytime u speak.
@Andy_Benoit: #Bills Film: @BrandonSpikes51 is one of, if not THE, best pure run-defending ILB's in NFL.” Just doing my job sir.
@KeanuFromHawaii: A 5.05 40 time bruh? I swear u faster than that. @BrandonSpikes51” Nope 5.0 sir lol 😂😂😂
@BrandonSpikes51: Simple minded people.” .... And they are Errrrrywhere 😣
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@ALYNASILVA: Don't be scared be great.” I'll do my best
Bumping straight Rick James this morning 🎵🎶🎵🎶
@RocCityRep @JohnMurphyShow @BrandonSpikes51 I guess Brandon doesn't have a choice now. Mic the man up for Sunday @buffalobills!!!
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Noooooo !!!! say ain't so NASH !! #LakerGang
@touque42: @BrandonSpikes51 @laurascritterca which one runs the show? The pit or the Boston?” That's not a boston
Ginger ! Ginger ! Ginger !