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Brandon Lee Sears
Your energy continues to oscillate like a pendulum today. This... More for Virgo
Don't allow any distractions to hook you today or you could qu... More for Virgo
You realize that you're in the middle of an internal battle, e... More for Virgo
You aren't as in touch with your feelings today as you were ov... More for Virgo
Playing hooky sounds like a great idea in theory but it won't ... More for Virgo
Your secret desires might go unfulfilled today, blocking your ... More for Virgo
You could be entangled in an internal argument about whether t... More for Virgo
You're not saying everything that's on your mind today and you... More for Virgo
You receive a cosmic attitude upgrade today; people actually s... More for Virgo
Although logical thinking comes naturally to you and you're at... More for Virgo
Your brain has been operating in high gear ever since the week... More for Virgo
You want to convey the information you have at your disposal a... More for Virgo
You are motivated to prove yourself on the job, but you may la... More for Virgo
You have a more realistic picture of how others perceive you n... More for Virgo
Don't let your cautious approach to making travel plans preven... More for Virgo
You don't mind fighting fire with fire as long as you're well ... More for Virgo
You know you must do the right thing now, whatever the emotion... More for Virgo
You might feel remorseful today if you recently suppressed you... More for Virgo
I liked a @YouTube video Guided Meditation ~ Wealth and Abundance
It seems as if your friends and coworkers have grown wishy-was... More for Virgo
I liked a @YouTube playlist… Napoleon Hill - The Rare Recordings
It may take all of your concentration just to keep up with you... More for Virgo
Some aspects of your home and family dynamics might not be goi... More for Virgo
You are on a mission today and you won't let someone get in yo... More for Virgo
I liked a @YouTube video THE LION KING Broadway Cast Takes Over NYC Subway and Sings 'Circle Of Life'
The most in-depth analysis won't likely help to solve your cur... More for Virgo
I liked a @YouTube video "Apparently" This Kid is Awesome, Steals the Show During Interview
It's not your usual style to become so excited about the futur... More for Virgo
If you have been working long hours, it's time to claim your p... More for Virgo
Although you hope to balance your personal desires with the ne... More for Virgo
Don't dismiss someone's new idea just because it's radically d... More for Virgo
You might appear to be extremely outgoing today, revealing you... More for Virgo
Keeping yourself busy is not a substitute for being productive... More for Virgo
Someone may jolt your world unexpectedly today with an intense... More for Virgo
Find a way to express your disappointment today before it tran... More for Virgo
You have work to finish today, and if you can stick to your cu... More for Virgo
I liked a @YouTube video Brandy Plays Around With Her Vocal Range
Even if you are trying to maintain an easy going attitude abou... More for Virgo
You could question everything that you do today, especially if... More for Virgo
You have arrived at a crossroads where your intuition is telli... More for Virgo
You really don't want to disappoint your workmates, but they m... More for Virgo
Love dancing with this amazing woman every night. As soon as my injured kneels heal, it's on! X @verityljones
Your goals may be so altruistic now that you begin to wonder i... More for Virgo
You aren't a happy camper if you discover someone is keeping p... More for Virgo
Casually contacting a friend could end up helping you professi... More for Virgo
Step away from all the hectic noise today and escape your ordi... More for Virgo