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Brandon Kovacs
My Google Cardboard virtual reality glasses came in the mail today. Now if only @lizmitch11 would let go of them already. #googlecardboard #virtualreality #toomuchfun #candidcamera
Lady behind me at @WholeFoods is talking about energy levels and how she is a psychic. How about she predicts the winning lottery numbers
What really happens when someone clicks your Facebook Like button
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Video: Hackers show off their new tricks at Black Hat 2014
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The process of moving sucks though
Moving apartments this weekend!
.@Uber_Miami just launched in Fort Lauderdale today. Taking my first Uber ride to @American_Social right now!
Southport raw bar never disappoints #oldbayshrimp #lunch
Artist & DJ friends... My Beats Studio headphones broke. What are the best headphones I should buy???
Buying lots of toys for this little guy to celebrate his 1st birthday!
Good times last night with Maarten of @bingoplayers - one of my earliest supporters who has been there from the very beginning and one of my longest running clients of nearly 3 years. #BingoPlayers
En route to Miami. Can't wait to reunite with my good friend @bingo_players
Day two of Florida lobster mini season. Guess what's for dinner?
Went diving again today and caught 4 lobsters. Cooking up a feast right now… all four lobster tails + potatoes w/ parsley & garlic butter!
Going scuba diving for lobster at 5:30am tomorrow morning off a dive boat taking us to reefs in 60-90ft of water. #LobsterSeason
Florida lobster mini-season starts at midnight tonight!
Watching a new episode of Ancient Aliens 👾👾👾
"The fastest algorithm can frequently be replaced by one that is almost as fast and much easier to understand." -- Douglas W. Jones
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In lieu of National Tequila Day... throwback to Spring Weekend 2010! #TBT #SpringWeekend @danalevalley @lizmitch11 @whitneyyjames
Launch ideas that will touch us, move us, improve us or change us. #startups #business
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One of my favorite days of the week! #TequilaTuesday #TacoTuesday
Report: Zero-day attack used in 2010 NASDAQ breach |
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Bought new scuba gear today just in time for Florida lobster season!
Twitter is about to improve direct messages:
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Happy birthday @LevAms hope it's a good one!
Just got confirmation I’ll be back in Tallahassee on August 28th!!! I can’t wait to be back inside you Tally! #FSU
Can't wait to finally launch the 'House of @BorgeousMusic' podcast this Friday & also release the web app I built for @dadalife next week! 👍
About to call it a night after putting in a 16 hour work day... Been at it since 7am this morning! #grinding
I propose we shorten "cyber warfare" to "cybering"
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Google adds Bitcoin currency conversion to search
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Google will pay bug hunters to find flaws in anyone’s software, not just its own
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Peace out Tampa. Back to Miami ✈️✈️
Flight from Tampa back home to Miami is delayed. Good thing I’m hanging out in the VIP lounge! #OpenBar #MásCervezasPorFavor
@newsycombinator: France to enforce basic programming teaching starting at age 10…” We need this in USA
12pm checkout and flight back to Miami isn't till 5pm. Any Tampa friends want to hangout?
DJ Mag Top 100 voting kicks off today. Aka watching DJs sell themselves through social media marketing campaigns for the next 3 months.
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My Macbook Pro has 8GB of RAM and only Google Chrome is open. However, I only have 28MB available. Something is leaking memory…