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Brandi Glanville
Do all men lead double lives and have split personalities or just the ones I date??? New chapter starts in am!!! #NEXT…. If you can please help CABO it's in shambles this is a legit charity
Very eye opening morning! Not amazing to hear but knowledge is power :/ moving on smiling forward
Some1 has wanted a reaction from me 4 forever so here it is -Welcome 2my tiny pilates studio that I've been going to for 12 yrs!! #Stalker
omg worried about MEXICO. !!! :(
Homework time!!! Do not freak out they are in swim shorts people #luvsofmylife
These two are NOT allowed on this rug.... And they know it!!
THANKYOU to everyone who has supported me getting my books t- shirts and hats :)I wouldn't be where I am without each & every one of you!
Happy hump day! I dislike that word so much! All this Sandra Jr shit you will see unfold on the show all these ?s will be answered #Revenge
3 Champions, 1 Documentary: @MikeTyson, @holyfield & @THEREALBHOP star in CHAMPS, which just got U.S. distribution...…
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On day 6 of a 21 day cleanse with @YolandaHFoster - yoga, &no sugar,alcohol and 20 mins of cardio- getting bikini ready for Vaca!
Thanks for getting my hats Tanks and hoodies I've officially broke even on my investment as of today!!
Check my sexy interview with @lisarinna on @PodcastOne Brandi Glanville Unfiltered for free now !!!
Download Brandi Glanville unfiltered for FREE On @PodcastOne and listen to my interview with my friend @MsVivicaFox :)
Happy Birthday @LisaVanderpump not sure why I thought it was 18th!ENJOY!!!
It's 85 degrees in the valley already!Send water or Gatorade in you kids backpack! It's going to be scary hot today!!!
I knew it was a mistake to only bring one of @BrandiGlanville 's books on vacation. It's day 2 and I already finished reading it it! 😩
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Boys are getting out of shower going to clean rooms and read before bed ( so sexy). Good night tweeples!
"@mattytweetsnyc: just discovered @BrandiGlanville podcast and im obsessed #rhobh" It's the best!! @PodcastOne
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@NaughtyNiceRob @BrandiGlanville for 2013 alone digital downloads over 93,000 & sold A LOT of hardcopy & paperback…
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Trying to be Nia for my little Ninjago!~ Thanks
Jake and I just ran into @IGGYAZALEA at our mall! #Stunning
Gotta get the boys and I ready to hit the beach with their Auntie @JenniferGimenez
Super fun having 4 wild boys sleep over last night so fun and so glad its coming to an end :) House looks like a hurricane hit it
I don't have a drinking problem I have a drinking solution.The only drinking problem I've ever had is wen I run out of wine :) #solastseason
You don't realize how much you actually use your microwave until it's broken for 4 days
We love hearing from you! Click to fill out this 1-minute survey to make my #podcast the best! @PodcastOne
Going to sleep! All my NYC peeps keep texting me to come to the party's .., I'm in La. :/ sadly
Continue the party with the After Show! Go online to now! #WWHL
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Who has book 2 ??? I need a little guidance
Trying to write a proposal for book 3 #blockedabit
I heart @KimRichards11 SOOO much I might have kissed her on the face :) but I haven't punched anyone in the face since my 916 days #LOVEHER
Happy birthday I the love of my life @PeterMarkSalon I'm throwing you a party!!!!
Heading to bed- Y'all make the world go round- Goodnight
Always used to say"don't believe everything you read" Now I say "Don't believe ANYTHING you read" Goodnight tweeties.
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Have 2 say I love you more after today…. xxxB
U make me laugh! I make you U cry…I jus now finished 6th grade homework thankU4 hanging with #RHOBH & @PodcastOne BrandiGlanvilleUnfiltered
Just picked Mason up early with a fever :(right after my hilarious @PodcastOne interview with @HeatherMcDonald
Thanks Stephanie and Kerry for sending me my book to sign :) & the sweet notes!!
I'm having a moment ;(- family stuff ...but no matter what "I got this" I just wrote "gratitude 'on all the mirrors in my home #fuckinglucky
My friend in Europe asked me to join what's app-I did now all my contacts are getting the wrong voice messages which is opening old BS