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Brandi Glanville
I went from work 2work to back-to-school night!I'm so tired now that I've canceled my dinner &know "back to bed night" alone with my puppy's
Im all about that bass
I was up all night with my little guy nightmares accidents etc. etc. they're off to school now I am home and I am reading myself to sleep !
The only Emmy party Im going to tonight is the one happening in my living room :)
I am excited to watch Emmy red carpet this eve! Luv the fashion
Hi lively peeps I will have new inventory and sizes on my web store by end of week! Thanks for all the support!
I've showered and @Uber in it 2Venice to hang with Gaygent although I may be in last nights outfit because of a fun sleepover#driveofshame
To all my family and friends in Nor Cal Iove you and hope your all safe. !!!
I'm the pseudo hostess @craigsla this eve! I love this job
I am SUPET not drunk enough for tonight's bullshit ! I'm in bed at 11:40 on a Friday night - goodnight!!!!
Listen I had no idea my shirt with a flash would photograph that wAy
I had my eyebrows professionally done I can't even recognize my face I think I'd rather be asymmetrical then not recognize myself #flaws
Send me your questions for Courtney Robertson from the bachelor today and I'll ask her on air
Today on @PodcastOne I'll be interviewing reality tv bad girl Courtney Robertson about her new NYtimes best selling book&all things bachelor
Just got more sizes in T shirts and hoodies at my new web store :) check it out !!
OMG OMG OMG i@ going to Australia!!!! Bday trip! #mixingworkandpleasure
1st Day of school is tomorrow just got off the phone with my babies they are growing up :/
I'm not saying @DrDubrow was right but if you listen to my podcast he is SORRY! We all make mistakes and now he has to de with the downfall
Not sure if any1 noticed but I'm not in a feud with any1!I'm not perpetuating a non existent feud 2 get peeps to watch my tv shows!#ImHappy
Dinner with my bff @JenniferGimenez to discuss my ex - bf slash maybe new bf #addictedtolatinpeople
if a tweet gets favored & their is an orange star how does one respond??