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Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury on the same song? A unreleased duet from 1981 w/ those 2 will be released in November. can't wait!
The "do a barrel roll" has to be my favorite
Pink and Dallas Green have done an album together... you won't regret listening to it.
Drew Carey Donates $10,000 to Help Find Teens Responsible for Horrible Ice Bucket Challenge Prank
Got the mic ready, music up! Tune in
Some great movies and shows are coming/going from Netflix! Check them out... What's leaving soon:...
It's so stupid that I want to do it.
I wonder what we'll see at the VMA's tonight. Hopefully Miley isn't present.
This is pretty funny... the Mad Men reenactment is the best!
It maybe seem pointless to some people but they've raise $40 million dollars more this year than the same time...
Jeff Goldblum is still running from the dinosaurs!
James Cameron discusses his awesome new film 'Deepsea Challenge' with Jimmy Fallon! You can watch the trailer...
Definitely the most creative way to announce a pregnancy!
I would never step foot in a car ever again...
Gonna talk about Katy Perry's new video for "This Is How We Do" coming up in just a few minutes
Someone build a flux capacitor!
So happy the weekend is here! If you're gonna be in the car, turn the radio on and lets have some fun!
Last night was definitely the last time I did that...
I have an all new version of #JohnLegend's "All of Me' this weekend! It's an awesome new remix
Can't believe it's been 45 years, feels like yesterday...
About to crack the mic! any requests?
This is so awesome, because I always wake up in the morning and ask myself "how can I eat my face today?"
"YEA, SCIENCE!" This is awesome. He goes 85,000 feet above the earth!
"Everybody's working for the weekend, I'm working for the week"
In studio... time to have some fun!
So glad Fargo got 18 nominations... that has best the best show of the year so far!
Here's the full song from that Sandlot clip
This. Happy 4th! (sorry for the poor quality)
A tough draw yesterday against Portugal but still looking forward to Thursday! #IBelieve
Grumpy Cat is getting it's own movie? I'm going to be a little more selective the next time I go "cat shopping"
It's actually not bad... if nothing else, it sounds like YES
Honestly, Abe's beard has never looked more appetizing.
My favorite is the homemade breakfast...
Good thing she didn't want hard boiled eggs...
Pardon my French (or is that Chinese?)... but take a look at the picture! It's a Suitcase Scooter and I need one.
I could actually use one of these right about now...
Haha better than expected!
AWESOME!! I'm downloading this for my ringtone... and never answering my phone again.
Well it's not every day you see a 76 year old man suck on a helium balloon... especially Morgan Freeman. This is...
What was your favorite part of the SNL finale last night?