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Brad Paisley
If one of the symptoms of Ebola is not having a sense of humor about Ebola jokes, this country is done for.
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So -here's 20 bucks- could you make your way over to our table around the time they serve desert?
So now:pour kerosene on the cushions, properly position on the frat house curb, strike match, and drink. I find IKEA sofas burn very even.
I have a good friend who went to Baylor. Correction. I used to have a good friend who went to Baylor. When we win.
@BradPaisley I think is sounds more like a womans hygene item. If you know what I mean.
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Why is Ocean Spray a brand of cranberry juice?
An actual surgeon who could breeze through the Senate...huh..lemme think RT @bfrist: Hm.Any ideas? RT:Hey @bfrist we need a surgeon general.
Hey @bfrist we need a surgeon general right now. #hint
You women. Always fibbing about your age.…
Sure. Good luck hunting this weekend. @Drewcephus007
I wanna know where I can get a witch like this..Or is it weeyotch? @TomMabe @MyCountryNation…
The 6-plus is too big. That's what she said.
I see you're shocked I used an emoji. I'm sorry. It's convenient on the new IOS. I regret any pain or confusion it may have caused.
Got to ride on a real fire truck and everything! Take that @carrieunderwood 🚒#cmaawardss…7
Anywhere I can find a Tim Horton's up here?
Congratulations @Kimwilliamspais Your dream has come true! You're in my music video! Don't scream.…
You're welcome! Go Doc. RT @1annakathryn: @BradPaisley Doc!!! And I'm a nurse so it fits!! Thanks for picking me!
Hey @maryhartsock! You and your friend Katie made it in the video…
Something in this photo is sparking an idea @juji246…