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Brad Paisley
So impressed with @MaddieandTae at the Opry last night. They are the real dang deal.
Filming the video for"Perfect Storm"would be a whole ot more ideal if Nashville weather was a whole lot less ideal.
Look dude, you don't gotta go home but you can't stay here. RT @Wildaboutmusic: This bartender is giving me attitude
Possibly the worst selfie ever. RT @Wildaboutmusic: @DeatonRobert, @Wildaboutmusic &BP get ready for CMA Awards
Available now! Exclusive #MoonshineInTheTrunk shirt and autographed cd package. You can only get it here on Twitter!
Only 250 Moonshine in the Trunk t-shirt and autographed cd packages - Exclusively on Twitter later today!
I've got something really exciting for y'all this afternoon!
Thanks for a great night D.C. And a great tour America. Next stop...Tim Hortonsland.
#BeatThisSummer at the last US Show of the Country Nation Tour!
Now following @whoisgreggarcia who is funny in real life. If he's not funny on Twitter I will unfollow.
How dare Scotland declare independence from England. I mean, come on, we would never do something like that.
RT @askjimmycarter: Miss West Virginia Paige Madden likes good music !
Happy B-day to the brilliant actress @Kimwilliamspais! That role where you pretend to be in the same league as a hillbilly is award worthy.
It's West Virginia,It's West Virginia,The pride of every' la la la,nah nah blah blah blah...hail West Virginia hail.
Perfect landing at Cape Canaveral @NASA Osprey landing with fish in its talons.
Discovered @ABMbootlegger - This is the greatest idea ever. Sweet tea moonshine. Hot dayum. I'm yer delivery man.
Can't wait to shoot these. You all are the sheee-ut.RT @BowTechArchery: We wanna welcome @BradPaisley to our family!
Broadway execs WON'T dim lights for Joan Rivers. Aww aren't they so cute with their little meetings on their light dimming power and such.
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Sorry for your loss @dancathy - but what a life your father lived. Condolences to @ChickfilA #eatmorechikin
Shhhhh. RT @thenamesNathan1: @BradPaisley in 4WP, is that Joe Walsh's Funk49 I'm hearing on two hard panned acoustics?
Well sure. RT @Raylimonjr: @BradPaisley these kinda trunks count, right???
You know what to do now. RT @scottmmusic: Every week has a weekend and this just happens to be my 3rd can. Cheers!!
Thanks for having me! RT @ThePavilion_TX: "This Is Country Music! Thanks for rocking our stage tonight!
Got almost the whole kit. But you need to get this boy some cowboy boots I think.
You’re going to love the way this video is done! Send in your best photos here:… #PerfectStorm
It still might be time to make the cut. I want to use as many #PerfectStorm photos in this video as possible. Selfies are great!
It was so cool to see the #PerfectStorm videos come together while I was leaking he record. This time we’re making the official music video
Austin, you're wonderful. Not you Austin. Austin THE TOWN. But you're cool too Austin. Not you, Austin the town. You, you're Awesome Austin.
Good one Hope Valdez! Take that @jimmykimmel @JimmyKimmelLive sprucin' up yer little poster there.
The world will miss your incredible wit @Joan_Rivers. I sure loved getting to know you. Rest in Peace you hilarious soul.
Keep sending in photos of you destroying it in that t-shirt for the video! #PerfectStorm…
Keep your #PerfectStorm photos coming! There have been some great ones so far.…
If you sent a #PerfectStorm photo for the #LeakingMoonshine videos, send em again! This time with a permission slip…
Want your #PerfectStorm photo to be featured in my next music video? Go to… to submit your best girl in a t-shirt pic
La la la. Wasn't my idea. No siree. RT @AshleyMaire12 I think it would be funnier if the Moonshine sticker was plastered at Westboro Bapt..
Hahahaha! Go get em Roscoe. RT @roberts5911: I can't believe you don't like my cop car!
Excellent work. RT @roberts5911: @BradPaisley what about these kids sticking momma's car with moonshine sticker?
Ha! Remember, if you wanna hang with us, sense of humor is required. RT @AshleyMaire12:
Number 1 fan Monica Rutherford: church parking lot; being awesome. And so's actually kinda…