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Verna gene
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Raining Kitties & Poodles......also muggy as well. :/
Steve I know I gave you a hard time about zip lining but didn't it make you sick? #WhooMoments @SteveWGME
"We you & I should just get married cause we exhausted the list." #Sonja #RHONYC
Thunder Boomers and Windy as Hell! #MaineSummer
The Cute bartender has a girlfriend. #AboveTheLounge
Headed out to pet sharks and make some memories with the crazy family. #SummerTime
Caprice is the most entitled former American. #Selfish #LadiesofLondon @Bravotv
I want to say everything with the excitement of @mattiseman when he says, "When #AmericanNinjaWarrior returns!" #ANW
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Heather it's not what you say it's how you say it,in a curt tone of voice. #RHOC @HeatherDubrow
The light is out @ the top of the stairs the shadow on the wall looks like a penis. Yes,Mistress of Cool a penis. @hangglidded
Please forgive me but tonight my heart belongs to another network but I will catch up with #ANW before next week,,,,,promise. @mattiseman
As my Dad use to say " I think I'll go out in the garden and eat worms." Why is everyone crabby ass today?
I've been wondering if you go to your Dad's for dinner when your in town? #Bexhill @eddieizzard
Off to the pool. Monday. meh.
Sat on the edge of the tub to shave my legs last night it was not a good idea cause now my right side is protesting. #NeverDoingItAgain
1 month and 64 games later…Germany are your 2014 World Cup champions!
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Monhegan celebrates century of art, 400 years of settlement #monhegan
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The Kit Kat jingle is based off of a translation of a Japanese folk song about 2 lovers who end up murdering their families to be together.
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When dragons go clubbing, they wear t-shirts with douchebags on them.
Retweeted by Verna gene need to stop running up & down the stairs like your arse is on fire.
I should sleep but @itsjenwbitches is on a selfie binge & @GingersSnapps is drunk tweeting. So ya know, here I am. On twitter
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Change of plans going to dinner @ my Uncle's to see the Texas Cousins. #NoPizzaParty
The Cousins are in Boston and headed to the coast but I forgot to tell you to hop a ride and come along. =( @hangglidded