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Verna gene
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Christmas biscuits for breakfast is a slippery slope.
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Three teenage gals in one room and one teenage boy in the other room. It's gonna be a long night..pray for me please. #SaturdayNight
My daughter gets all bossy when we’re playing with her Barbies, but I just smile. Then when she’s at school I play with them the way I want.
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Just go with it, sweetie. Y'all are cut from stubborn cloth. You fight her, she'll never answer to her first name again.
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@JoshMankiewicz @DatelineNBC @DatelineDivas KC was wearing her dog tags when arrested?!?! That's over the top obsession right there.
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(603): Trying not to look at her chest is like trying to not hear a fire engine racing by.
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What have I done? I'm crashed out on moms couch and I can't sleep.
Thank you @SnoopDogg for Beautiful because it's kick ass and cool. #NP.
The memory of you is better than the reality of you.
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Who attacks Canada? Non violent, easy going, (hockey aside) friendly. Socialized medicine. It's like punching Gandhi.
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Rainy quiet day here.
(647): Get out of your relationship and into my pants.
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It's like the heavens opened up and the angels cried.
.@esilver829 When you fellate a married man, regardless of your marital status or gender, you are also an adulterer. For the record.
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Cop: I'll ask one last time: WHO IS IT? Dog: *head tilt* Cop: *pounds table* It's YOU, isn't it! You're a good dog! Dog: *licks cop's face*
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Completed olympic distance #triathlon today - 1500 meter swim, 24.8 rode on the spin bike, 6.2 ran on treadmill. Take that #cerebralpalsy
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Ran into an ex-boyfriend enough time has passed that I don't wish to scratch his eyes out. #InconsiderateBastard.
It's like a sauna in here!
You need to hush your sweet little mouth.
I have no idea who all of the people are in the football pictures you post, but that's OK because they're fit men in tight pants.
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"Aunt Sharon Got Out Again." #badlipreadings
Sometimes just shut up and eat chocolate.
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Baseballs are rubbed down with special mud prior to each ball game in order to give pitchers better control of the ball.
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my little nephew asked me where babies come from so I kneeled down, put my face right up to his and whispered, "Hell"
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Had lunch with Moms at Mel's pizza....yummy.
(240): I wish you could see all the crumbs in my looks like Hansel & Gretel got lost in my cleavage.
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I swear if someone wakes me up before 10 am I will throw the door open and punch them in the throat. :-[
^i^ Happy 75th Birthday Daddy <3 10~18~1939 ^i^
"What 'cha doing?" "Oh ya know just taking my trash for a midnight stroll,that's all."
If I ever get to be interviewed for a segment I'd want @JoshMankiewicz of #Dateline or Rita Braver of @CBSSunday to do it. #Journalists
Miss Kim I'm on the verge of tears I still can't watch #Dateline is it available On Demand? @JoshMankiewicz I miss you. =( @kimt205
We have now come to the Prince portion of my playlist.....Dearly beloved.... @snobbygirl17 #PrinceHoneyMotherFuckingPrince
All in all its turned out to be a pretty good day.
#FF @JoshMankiewicz, King of Snark, steak, and half of the greatest #Dateline tweeting duo ever.
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(613): I need time to grow out my leg hair and not be sad anymore
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I have just agreed to appear at the London comicon at Earls Court this coming Sunday 19th Oct between 9am-6pm.
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Made all my calls so I'm going back to bed on this rainy day...pool buddy Phil is sick.
Either the neighbor next door cranked up the heat or I'm having hot flashes. #SweatingLikeAWhiteLady
Ladies, we will put the seat down when we are done in the bathroom if you will put the car seat back when you're done driving our cars. Men
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I could either start my to-do list or I could go back to bed.......choices.
All the puppies hanging out this past weekend with me...good thing I didn't need to pee. #PuppyFriends.