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Jocelyn E
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Your fantasies become irresistible as they grow more complex a... More for Sagittarius
You may be secretly struggling against the lessons that taskma... More for Sagittarius
Although you may want to share your dreams with friends, you a... More for Sagittarius
"Only thing broke on me is my heart bitch, fuck you mad for you had me poor now I'm rich"
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Jcole always has me in my feelings
I just want happiness
Rolling with a few surprises today is a piece of cake. Luckily... More for Sagittarius
Your life path is continuing to change, and today's empowering... More for Sagittarius
I'm exhausted I need some rest ASAP seriously
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@dannidollas odee i sat down like oh I'm about to get the best blowout 😭
@_JocelynEliza lmaoooo she made your whole day babe πŸ˜‚
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Walked into the hair salon and the ladies starred at me like you model right you have too your body is gorgeous like oh damn thanks boo 😭😍
I love when people gass me lmao
Your current action plan could be flawed with irrational logic... More for Sagittarius
Your romantic expectations may be so high today that your actu... More for Sagittarius
@sherynjay we need to link up misss 😁
My 21st is in a week though I cant wait to be bougie with my ladies 😻
2 full hours of sleep and now a 9-5 😳 STARBUCKS I need you
Im reaching for the stars anit no stopping me
You could easily work yourself into a state of anxiety if you ... More for Sagittarius
Im preaching and shit excuse me for what you see now is nothing nearly as close to whats coming
One of the greatness feelings is to be able to provide not only for me but for those in my life & thats why I block the hate & keep growing
Let them talk you think famous people don't get bashed they don't look twice at the bullshit they just look at their bank accounts
Its harder to keep your composure when people try to tick you but keeping your composure is what shows you you're better
You're striving for greatness they hate that you're better then these basic females kill them with success never stress em
Cleaning and rearranging will be the death of me why must I have so much shit 😩
You are standing at a turning point and the circumstances that... More for Sagittarius
You don't have a lot of free time available today, but you sti... More for Sagittarius
Broadcasting your optimism allows others to get a sense of the... More for Sagittarius
Instead of accepting anyone else's authority today, take charg... More for Sagittarius
Manifesting your dreams proves to be difficult today because o... More for Sagittarius
Every year I out do myself and buy me a birthday gift this year I'm thinking big😻
You have a wealth of powerful images at your disposal today, i... More for Sagittarius
Following someone else's directions is out of the question tod... More for Sagittarius
Keeping your desires to yourself seems like a wise choice toda... More for Sagittarius
I cant wait till All my goals are reached and done with So I can set new ones ☺️ #determined
You might be hooked by a strong emotion that just won't go awa... More for Sagittarius
Your good intentions may not be enough to keep you on the stra... More for Sagittarius
It's up to you to ascribe meaning to the variety of images tha... More for Sagittarius
Sipping my protein shake then exercise no breaks πŸ’ͺ
Although you could be more serious in your overall approach to... More for Sagittarius
No place like the comfort of your own home see you soon NY 😘