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An actual Shaq-Fu sequel is going to be released? Incredible!
AHEM! This is Cranky Kong. Nintendo told me to deal with Twitter today. Once they explained it wasn’t some new animal buddy, I agreed.
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Strider launches on PS4 and PS3 today: The cypher-swinging, wall-running gaming icon returns
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I don't know man, have you heard Galaxy Man's theme? @BalrogTheMaster
Looking for a girlfriend with 6 IV's and calm nature.
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Who's got two thumbs and is super stoked about the premiere of #PokemonXY tomorrow am on @cartoonnetwork? THIS GAL!
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I only like you for your friend-safari pokemon...
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What do you want in the Adventure Seeker stocking? RT for a chance to win today’s stocking! #BecauseItsNintendo
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It’s that time of year! We are starting to fill our #3DS Holiday Stocking. RT for a chance to win today’s stocking!
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RETWEET and FOLLOW for a chance to WIN a Nintendo 3DS XL with a copy of Pokemon X & Y!
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About to hit 100 hours in #PokemonXY Talk about dedication @Pokemon
The Legend of #Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses just added more shows! Check out for the latest schedule.
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Thought I'd share this. There's apparently a game breaking bug in #PokemonXY.… Don't save outside in Lumiose City.
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Forgot to update you guys. My bad! I am enjoying every minute of #PokemonXY on my limited edition 3dsxl for the game :D
RT if you're starting your Kalos adventure with Pokémon X! #PokemonXY
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Just dropping in to say it's less than a week until X & Y are out. Anyone excited?
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#ToonLink is confirmed for the new #SmashBros Initiate Hype Mode.
Lol do you even know who that is?
>$40 cheaper than the 3ds >pokemon comes out the same day >for $40
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#GTAV Comes out tomorrow. School will get in the way. WAIT FOR ME MY LOVE.#TypicalLoveProblem
That helpless feel when schoolgets in the way of gaming #GamingProblems
Playing #Pikmin3 until 3:30... School starts tomorrow. What am I doing?
Entering the code 800 422 2602 in the main menu of Punch-Out!! for the NES gives a busy signal. This was Nintendo's Customer Service number.
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On my way to get #Pikmin3 ! Loved the series since the original, and #mybodyisready for this one.
Getting #Pikmin3 on it's release date tomorrow! #psyched
Nothing like getting another #streetpass
I enjoy sleep, yet I stay up. #TheStruggle
Saving up for the #PokemonXY 3ds XL. It's hard to stop yourself from buying games you want to play. #FirstWorldProblems
I went to the Taste of Chicago, brought 3ds. It was a good day.
Did I mention that I got Game&Wario? It is so #underrated.
Retweet if you've been a Pokémon Trainer for over 10 years!
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Anyway, I am playing #LuigisMansionDM again. Great game, very interactive with a lot to explore, but sometimes I just don't wanna think :P
Sorry for being a bit inactive, I was out of town, but now I'm back.
Oh, and am I seriously going to bed before 1am? Is this #reallife?
That's enough #AnimalCrossing for the day. I think today was productive (in-game anyway)
Let's take a poll on two of the biggest games. RT if you're playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Favorite if you're playing The Last of Us.
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I am more productive in Animal Crossing than I am in real life #animalcrossing #acnl #addicted
Changing my everything :D