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Booker T. Huffman
. @AlexRileyWWE @WWENetwork I smell a spinoff show on one of those outdoor channels! #shuckyduckyquackquack
.@BookerT5x @WWENetwork that's right .. It followed by the Shucky Duck Hunter Segment... We are hunting Shucky Ducks Tonight! Tune in!!!
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Tune in tonight to the @WWENetwork bc ya know you don't want to miss the shucky ducky quack quack moment! Ain't that right @AlexRileyWWE ?
I'm working on a good #SlapJackTuesday for y'all. But it ain't too late to make your suggestions. Shoot em my way!
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UK get ready! I'm gonna be @PCW_UK & @walescomiccon coming up! Now can you dig that suckas!?
One thing I always value at @PCW_UK is the fans' reaction, last night I was stood at ringside during the @BookerT5x reveal - #Deafening :)
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“@jsilver33: Shoutout to @BookerT5x and @StevenAbbottCPA for the follows #keepit💯” awww shucky ducky quack quack! I can dig that sucka!
Gonna check out the talent over in the UK soon! Looking forward to being a part of @PCW_UK on their Nov. show! NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT SUCKAS?!
If @amellywood were to get on @WWE #Raw he should definitely do a Spinaroonie off with @BookerT5x #Amellaroonie.
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#FF @RealSharmell @TheStevieRay Now can you dig that...succcckas?!?!
How many of ya have your tickets for Oct. 11? @TheBobHolly vs @Da_Mysterious_Q is gonna be on like neck bones! @TheOfficialROW coming at ya!
@BookerT5x We've got the tv comic book Championship Belt at the moment. So as a 5x Champ this is the logical landing spot for you.
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Speaking of TV though, how awesome is my man @omardorsey as Cookie on @SHO_RayDonovan?! Don't miss his season finale Sunday! Dig that suckas
I think it'd be especially fun to tangle with @amellywood on #Arrow. Hear he ain't too shabby & that he's a wrestling fan!
I've been hearing a lot of hype about all these comic book TV shows that are out. I think I'd make a badass super villain. Watcha think?
. @TheWalkingDale when are we gonna do a cooking show?! You, me, and @RealSharmell! #CookerT Make it happen sucka! #DigIt
Starting to think about who my next victim for this coming Tuesday's #SlapJackTuesday should be. Any thoughts?
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Call me insensitive, but if you put your iPhone in the microwave to charge it, you're a dumbass! I don't care who told you to do it. 😅
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Or Harlem Heat!“@TheStevieRay: Learning about this #TBT on here. Show me some of your favorite old school Stevie Ray pics! #wcw #harlemheat”
We still have @TheOfficialROW #PinkOut shirts available @! Get yours in time for #BreastCancerAwareness month suckas!
@BookerT5x @TheOfficialROW @realboogey He needs to bring them, I can use those for fishing!!! :)
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Introducing Kane and Kole, Harlem Heat - WCW Magazine [April 1994] Before they were @BookerT5x and @TheStevieRay...
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Shucky ducky quack quack! NEW @WrestlingBuds with yours truly! Don't get shut out! Don't miss out! Go listen NOW!
To all my Jewish fans, L'shanah Tovah! I hope it's a good new year! I know you all can dig that suckaaaaaas! Now go eat some apples & honey!
I just hope he doesn't bring those worms to @TheOfficialROW! Oct 11! Get your tickets now! @realboogey & @TheBobHolly in action!
Myself & @RealSharmell have had many run ins w/ this guy over the years. Glad to be on his good side now. Oct. 11 @realboogey comes to ROW!
In just a little bit I'm gonna announce another special guest for @TheOfficialROW's Oct. 11th show!
How many of ya have your tickets for our Oct. 11 @TheOfficialROW show? Gonna make an announcement tomorrow regarding a special guest!
Wanna book #HarlemHeat ( @BookerT5x & @TheStevieRay ) for an appearance? Hit me up! Both are available for bookings!
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Tickets are on sale now for Oct. @TheOfficialROW show! Go to now to get yours! It's shaping up to be big! Dig that!
Every Tuesday #SlapJackTuesday is gonna be happening. So send your suggestions during the week and maybe that sucka will be picked!
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Adrian Peterson's punishment should be someone takes a switch to his ass then we'll see how good he really is at running #SlapJackTuesday
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My first ever #SlapJackTuesday goes to Adrian Peterson. Any man that brings the smack down on a 4 y/o kid should be slap jacked many times!
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I'm crying from laughing so hard at @TheStevieRay's Twitter right now. #SlapJackTuesday is on like a steaming pile of neck bones!
Speaking of my brother @TheStevieRay, make sure ya follow him bc he told me he is going to be doing something special every Tuesday on here!
Let's just say our @TheOfficialROW Oct. show is gonna be extra spooky! Check back tomorrow at 12 CST & I'll tell ya who! Dig that suckas!
My brother isn't the only one who can bring in someone to @TheOfficialROW! Tomorrow I'll announce a special guest for our #Halloween taping!
Been getting texts all night that my brother @TheStevieRay & @TheBobHolly have been talking smack to @Da_Mysterious_Q. Big rivalry brewing!