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looks like I fucked off my lil puss ass extra hour of sleep
Artist You'll tag 200 people in your FB post about your new song nobody cares about & only get one like.Then turn around & do it again -KUTT
the lions firing the wrong ppl what about that O line
Foh if you're trying to lay up with the cuddle expert you gotta dig deep into those pockets
about to check out beast of no nation
Where the black women at? 🍫🍩🍪☕️👸🏿👸🏾👸🏽
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You bullshittin' all this time
Everest is where it's at
does common law marriage go in effect for side bitches???
I send my represenative in for the interview and the first few shifts then I'll show up with a croked l smile talking all kinds of shit.
fuck netflix and chill whos trying hula and commit
Three years later and my pull out game is as strong as ever
It took a while but hey we finally got it right.
Look ma im smiling 🙈🙉🙊
Voted most unphotogenic 23 years and counting 😂😂😂
who has the link to the eclipse
Litterally in tears
When a female invites you over to Netflix and chill and that all she actually wants to do so you just get up and leave :/
The people in the back were routing for him but he let them all down
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Shortys gotta live up to that name.
"Practice safe sex because pregnant girlfriends destroy marriages" @thecoreyholcomb
Off the chain with it
"I don't care if you Homeless, Starving, Scared, Stressed the Fuck out Knocked down by better get yo Ass up & Chase your Dreams‼"
Freshmen boys on their first day of high school be like....... 🙇�YZ
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186 days till Spring of 2016 get in the gym now people
Aaaaye but still fuck you
A kitty followed me home and I told it "you can't live here" and it looked sad.
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dumb niggas and there smart phones
#alphaamino by @cellucor anyone?
Add #p6chrome to your line up
Looking like doug and skeeter about about to ride on rodger bitch ass
Serena and Venus mama ain't have to have them out here with them ugly ass white beads for as long as she did
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Do not disturb
Haha! I threw that shit before I walked in the room!
Just got possibly the best workout of the year thus far time now its time to rest and recover.

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