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@CEOofSwagg you just chillin in a run down parking lot?!
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@CEOofSwagg 😂😂😂 hell yeah smh. Gotta stop drinking
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Why be jealous of shit you already had?
This time last year @champ2times and I almost squared off against Chris Rock and his goonz.
And I swear some females stay on my IG and Snapchat just so they can hate smh 🙈
Girls I used to be cool with hate me worse, than my old enemies smh 😂😂😂
I wonder how many of you Participated in free pizza Monday at planet fitness.
Niggas probably hating on me but it WONT WORK, Camo Shorts on like the General
Evans Blue 💪👌
Classic story, someone gets boo'd up, stops coming around, loses friends, loses significant other, repeats
5 o'clock shadow stronger than your moms perfume tonight. 💪
Eat big to get big
Get yo 12 white folks and take that shit to trial bitch. 👌💪💃💃💃
Living for the moment sometimes destroys ya life.
Mamacitaaaaaa citaaaaa citaaa citaaa
Every time picture @champ2times working out I think of this
Why tf does @CEOofSwagg always look at his air fresheners in his snapchat stories? Must be a black thing
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Living in the past, dwelling over old memories, shit can change you.
Alabama sold their soul to the devil
Gator students are lined up, ready for the #UFvsBAMA watch party at the Champions Club. Greatest fans ever!
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"@Nicalobe_Ultra: @CEOofSwagg fuck the gators" fuck you. I bet you like Auburn
Can't wait for Gators to stomp the shit out of bama
Hitting the road to T - Town ....Bama what uppppp
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Ill be drinking this tequila tonight so I can watch my figure 😌🍹
"@beccac627: Guy at the gym stop taking mirror pics I see u lol" my bad
If you always driving ya "padna" around something wrong.
"@KeriL05: I apparently have a thing for firefighters! 😂🔥🚒💪" good thing I'm not one 😼
Leg workouts are for the birds 😖
Don't forget that pennies make dollars
Making moves on EBay 🙌💵
I think this girl will give her number to anybody
Alcohol + No Exercise = Recipe for Disaster 👍
Fuck being envious of another, go out and make your own way
Got to make the sacrifices young, to be where I want to be old
Even if u only affect a small slice of people ....if your not empowering them and bettering them then you are wasting your gifts from God
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I think ever since Verizon switched the unlimited Data package this has been every person I knows…
Alice In Chains 🙌
Glad somebody said it. Fuck Verizon's Data allowance
"@1djdrew: Verizon bills blows 😤"
Can't wait to start this new training program with Brandon at #BetterFitness 👍
Doe B - I'm Trappin 👍