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whippin' #ftm #nogenre
foolin w/ #ftm @KingRari @_Mxbb @Therealhasani @bluedread_beezy @famous2most #nogenre @jaquebeatz
Congradulations Pennsylvania! #Rx #420
y'all wish Tip a happy g-day! #hgoe
#NoGenre taking over @ExposureOpenMic 10/9 @ApacheCafe I will be in the building!!! #bandz
"when the ppl lead, the leaders will follow"
i mean, goku dat nxgga but vegeta would whoop goku ass
@UberFacts: People who were born during the months of September and November are the most likely to live to be 100 years old.” <<#winning
back at it!!! @zaytovenbeatz
when you're happy with nothing, you'll be happy with everything
the energy you put out into the world will always reflect back to you. always
make sure y'all go download that #GDOD2 on datpiff rite nah!!!!
dobt you hate planning your whole day around eating at chick-fil-a, then pull up as realize it's Sunday
@AustinBogar1: @bobatl no, now it's first date then pregnant.” <<< lol, watch when they drop that male birth control
@Ceefy: @bobatl People Still Go On Dates? Lol” <<< lmao!!!!
do girls still play the 1st date, 2nd date, 3rd date game or was that a 90s thing?
dudes want they girl to do what a thot can do in bed but don't want their girl to be a thot, but also want a thot
if you don't know what this moment is like for me then you don't know me
Airplanes over Atl @Eminem
Finna hit the stage w/ @Eminem
crowd was on fire today! #atl #mm
#musicmidtown #atl #haterz
baby bandż
RP: @shinepapers
bruh hopped the white house fence like "yeet"
U of U #part2
U of U #part1
dat nxgga @vicmensa be slayin #redfest
no f'ing way... ill wait...
fleek #utah #redfest
me and random white guy
last nite #part2 #yorkfest
last nite #part1
who got loud?!? jk #alreadygotloud #butforealwhogotloud
Next Stop... Salt Lake!!! #NoGenre
on site #yorkfest #tdot
@CauseWereGuys: When someone tries to enter your girls DMs...
t dot whaddup
i got my eye on you
2 Days until my show at @MusicMidtown & the @CokeZero private after party!
"the creative adult is the child who survived" -anon
Go Stevie Go !!! #StevieRayBandz #CantSeeMe