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make sure y'all go download that #GDOD2 on datpiff rite nah!!!!
dobt you hate planning your whole day around eating at chick-fil-a, then pull up as realize it's Sunday
@AustinBogar1: @bobatl no, now it's first date then pregnant.” <<< lol, watch when they drop that male birth control
@Ceefy: @bobatl People Still Go On Dates? Lol” <<< lmao!!!!
do girls still play the 1st date, 2nd date, 3rd date game or was that a 90s thing?
dudes want they girl to do what a thot can do in bed but don't want their girl to be a thot, but also want a thot
if you don't know what this moment is like for me then you don't know me
Airplanes over Atl @Eminem
Finna hit the stage w/ @Eminem
crowd was on fire today! #atl #mm
#musicmidtown #atl #haterz
baby bandż
RP: @shinepapers
bruh hopped the white house fence like "yeet"
U of U #part2
U of U #part1
dat nxgga @vicmensa be slayin #redfest
no f'ing way... ill wait...
fleek #utah #redfest
me and random white guy
last nite #part2 #yorkfest
last nite #part1
who got loud?!? jk #alreadygotloud #butforealwhogotloud
Next Stop... Salt Lake!!! #NoGenre
on site #yorkfest #tdot
@CauseWereGuys: When someone tries to enter your girls DMs...
t dot whaddup
i got my eye on you
2 Days until my show at @MusicMidtown & the @CokeZero private after party!
"the creative adult is the child who survived" -anon
Go Stevie Go !!! #StevieRayBandz #CantSeeMe
The Bulls signed Michael Jordan to his rookie contract 30 years ago today. It worked out pretty well. #fbf
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if you take a bish to build-a-bear and she don't smash...
when you wake up next to a thot... #whatisSamHelltho
that's why we fxck wid Mike
everybody I know wit a iPhone always be like, "u got a charger, my phone boutta die"
why iPhones always be about to die... TF...
@KushKLouDs: classic Bobby Ray @bobatl B.o.B - Put Me On: where this Bob at?” <<< in 2008
Tune into @MusicChoicePlay right now to watch my story on tonights episode of #Chronicles
Ready for an all-new "Chronicles"? TONIGHT @bobatl takes us home to Atlanta to see where it all started. #Chronicles
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always keep your morals first, money second ... #industry101
RP: @isthatjessiej @bobatl cracks me up in this video! #pricetag still one of my favs to perform…
RP: @isthatjessiej "We gettin' old @bobatl 😂 "gonna go to da sto wessup" #southafrica #lionpark"