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Brianna Linden
Fun fact: only 0.4% of US women are 5'11'' or taller. I am the 0.4%!
This is so good- "F*ck Yes or No"
Sitting at the lake and streaming the App vs. Michigan game. #dedicated
The American Outlaws were American Awesome last week in Cary, N.C.
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I didn't watch The Emmys... I have failed my fellow award show-ers.
Things I've learned about San Francisco so far: there is a ton of cat calling and the entire city smells like weed
Impromptu trip to San Francisco this weekend? No big deal💁#adultlifee
So excited to see @ussoccer_wnt take on Switzerland tonight! #USAvSUI
Can't sleep? Take a 2 a.m. walk through your neighborhood conveniently located beside the ghetto!
If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, I just built myself an interstate straight to Satan's bedroom.
#CLTPRIDE2014 was so much fun. It's encouraging to see all the support! Love this city
The word 'subtweet' was added to the Oxford Dictionary today... Featuring @tyadams11 picture beside it
Dang, now Lauren Bacall died... it's a sad week in Hollywood. I almost named my cat 'Schatze' after her. RIP
Robin Williams died and I nearly went to the ER and still might have to. What a shitty day
Worst day I've had in a while. I give up on everything😩
I am in way over my head with this self-assemble chest of drawers... 🔧🔨🔩???
105th annual Abernathy family reunion. Good food, rowdy kids and 150 people you've never seen in your life.
Just bought a hammock and stand... because I'm sleeping in one instead of a bed. permanently. #HippieLife
UNCC students should have learned from App students & @cottagesofboone! Don't sign leases for non-existing apartments!
Me when I found out we were having free Chick-fil-A in the office for lunch. #OITNB
I feel like "Girls/Girls/Boys" is my personal theme song.
I wish I was at Comic Con
Apartment hunting has me tearing my hair out. Anyone in #Charlotte need a roommate?
Kennedy's just played Sutphin Boulevard and I'm a happy trivia-playing girl.
Someone come over so I have an excuse to cook.
Guess I have to buy a new charger for a phone I'm only going to have half a month longer😒
I was in Brasil a month ago. I'd give anything to still be there.
The only hashtag appropriate for my feelings about Boone now: #OverIt
I just ruined everything.
I forgot how attractive Boone men are. Holy moly
No more Frozen. EVER. #ESPYS
"Great things can happen when you have the courage to be yourself." -Michael Sam #ESPYS
Michael Sam is making me cry again. May he carry this heavy torch so that it be light as air for everyone that follows. -H #ESPYS2014
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All of the Michael Sam support is making me smile. People don't realize how courageous what he did was. They don't understand... #ESPYS2014
Clint Dempsey wearing Jordans instead of dress shoes is why he's our captain.
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Guys, I've said this a million times before and I'll say it again– I cry over soccer way too much. #ESPYS2014
Um can we stop inviting Chris Brown to things? #ESPYS2014
Charlotte HORNETS shoutout #ESPYS2014
Clint Dempsey on the #ESPYS2014 red carpet. I can't breathe. #dies