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Chameleon Eyes
if you think a girl is wife material because she plays video games & has a nice ass; you're probably the reason the divorce rate is so high
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“@gwatts77: I don't care if your vagina is sore. Rub some IcyHot on it and get back in the game champ.” 😂😭
Tongue rings gross me out so much. 😷
Off work. Let the debauchery begin.
"If you leave me you oughtta go die." Word Bey 👏
Okay I know what fitness class I'm joining. 😏
"Shit my life is too short to care what you think."
Woke up and could barely open my eye. This should be fun. 😑
Tom Petty soothe my aching soul.
Short term goal: to buy healthy food when I grocery shop...and actually eat it.
My last customer of the day was completely faded at 8pm. Get it how you livin dude. Hahah.
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What
My short ass can't even touch the ground... 😩
"Let's make love. Let's go somewhere they might discover us. Let's get lost in lust."
No matter how hard I try I always say "bafroom" instead of bathroom.
“@rage_chaos: Women don't get jealous, they get fucking psycho... like a boss!” Accurate 👌
The new Jello pudding commercial, with jingle by Cosby Steals a Gnosh
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Tupac just came on the radio. Idgaf if my manager doesn't like it, it's playing. #vibin
To the self I once was: I miss you.
Playing slow jams at work tryna get these people pregnant. 🙊