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Chameleon Eyes
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Today is a day of reflection. Reminding myself what is good in my life and good about me.
Short with thick thighs, and bright copper hair.
"I'm callin you Daddy, Daddy. Can you be my Daddy? Daddy. I need a Daddy, Daddy."
Twista "Wetter" really be causing panty precipitation.
My neck is so tight...i need a massage, or a vacation. Or both...i'll take both please!
*Hits blunt* *Undresses u with my eyes*
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I can feel pornhub calling my name. Curse my jack rabbit libido.
Feeling the urge to make steak sauce. This means steak and fries will be on my dinner table soon.
Looking for good conversation tonight.
Sexting is the adult equivalent of note passing in class.
Sketchbook ✔️ Pen ✔️ Headphones ✔️
A message to all women on my tl: "Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top." So stop worrying, have a good day. 😘
John Legend soothe my soul. 🎶
Gonna spend an hour or two drawing, then a few doing yoga. Couldn't ask for a more perfect day off.
Singing makes me feel so much tension relief. I forgot how good it feels.
The moisture between her thighs is all a man needs to keep his beard strong and healthy.
*cuddles body pillow*
When you put on that restraint she's yours mind, body, and soul. You have more power than you deserve, use it wisely.
Sometimes a submissive needs to be a dominant. Change positions for the night.
Blood red nails to match the scratches on your back...
I can't stand when someone hurts you and tries to pretend like nothin's changed.
I'm taking a bath and my daughter is banging on the door like "hurry up!!" She's not even two, lord help me when she's a teenager.
Aretha Franklin drops a new album this month! Yessss Bitch! The Queen is back!
As soon as this baby comes out I'm smoking a blunt the size of my fist.
Stay gold, Pony Boy. 💋
Need to work on operation "cheer up you don't need no man" and get a pedicure. Gotta schedule this.
The only thing I can do is protect myself with a smile, and bust my ass to take care of my little girls.
Grind thru the dirt & work till it hurts
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It's been a long time since I just took out all my frustration on paper.
I'm just gonna start writing my feelings down. I need to breathe again.
My cousin drunk messaged me and told me he thinks I look like Gwen Stefani. I'm still laughing but damn I love him.
"Someday I'll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me."
A wise woman once told me, "You can tell how a woman feels by the way she puts on her face."
She said, "Baby, it's 3am it must be lonely." And she said, "Baby, well I can't help but be scared of it all sometimes."
@UBogart: *Hits blunt* *Lays head on your boobs* *KOs*” peace & serenity 👌
I will never trust my heart to anyone ever again. They don't deserve it.
Today is so bittersweet.
I don't even remember what single is like. This is gonna be a whole new world.
There are no words...
Weed, munchies, netflix. The trifecta
Random thought: I miss my nose ring.
Best stoned compliment I've ever received.
"You look like a librarian, but sexy, like a porn librarian." Thanks... Lmao