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I've been called a bitch, a lady, and a queen. Never a thot. πŸ‘
Retweet if you support the legalization of nature.
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Whites in #Ferguson. 14% more likely to be found w/ contraband, but 50% less likely to be arrested than Blacks.
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Goodnight πŸ’‹
You could have had everything your heart desired, and you threw it away for cheap thrills. Enjoy lying in the bed you've made.
I promise your favorite rapper won't do this. Respect @JColeNC
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momma taught kanye wellπŸ’πŸ™οΏ½
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Smile, for whoever has hurt you in the past, can't continue to hurt you anymore.
"And I will swallow my pride. You're the one that I love, and I'm saying goodbye."
Niggas will cheat on a fine ass bitch for a trash ass female
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Love & happiness aint the same fuckin thing & one dosent equal the other
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That look when u dont know if shes bout to bitch at u or fuck your brains out
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Relationship status: You roll the weed. I cook the munchies.
Emily King "Down" on repeat.
I will never be good enough for the father of my children. But you know what? I can damn well be good enough for me.
You can give a person everything you have, but you cannot make that person love you.
I spent all this time racking my brain understand what I could change to make you happy. Now I know what you needed was freedom.
Weakness is not an option.
You either light a candle or you let the shadows consume you.
It's only in the deepest, darkest, loneliest places that we begin to understand ourselves...
I'm focusing my life on my children and giving them everything they need. Fuck "needing" a man. That kind of thought is antiquated.
"Here's to the nights we felt alive. Here's to the tears you knew you cried. Here's to goodbye. Tomorrow's gone and come too soon."
Bad dreams sure know how to ruin a good sleep.
The Jackson 5ive animated series is on hulu and it's trippy as fuck. Go watch it.
He comes in the door and tosses sacks of weed at me. It's his equivalent of bringing home the bacon.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yes bitch! Work
I'm only a cereal killer when I'm high
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β€œ@MaxaVeLLi: Crine RT @SexWith_SocksOn:” imma just pretend this never happened. 😳
She- I broke my wrist.πŸ˜” Me- hahaha that was funny. πŸ˜† She- are you even listening? Me- yes you are pretty.
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Ya'll need to relax and have a blunt if celebrity nudes ruin your day. You're too uptight.
She's famous for nudity, now she's a mom and it's scandalous? The only person who has a right to care about Kim showing her body is Kanye.
Just made an Al B. sure joke at work and no one got it because no one knew who he was. πŸ˜”
My truck needs a hair cut. Fuck winter.
I'm 22 and I have no idea what "fleek" or "yeet" is...but I have a 401k plan and health insurance. Holla.
Entertainment is all fantasy. Men know photoshop exists, chill Ladies.
Lmao... ya'll really bothered by the photoshopped pic of Kim K for that magazine? Excuse me while I focus on making money.
You never love the same way twice.
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Sexting can honestly be better than sex sometimes.
We outchea AK. πŸ˜‰ congrats to all you guys
If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.
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