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Scary movies and some good ass home cooked food. πŸ‘Œ
My man brings me home fat sacks of weed and surprises me by cleaning my pipes. (And he is well fed and has sex everyday) ☺️
β€œ@MassRootsApp: #Highdea how to ask someone out” because daisies don't get you high. ✌️
Being offered a random blowjob is a gift to say "I love you. Keep up the good work."
There's a reason the cancer zodiac sign looks like a 69. Let me demonstrate. 😏
A true gentleman sleeps in the wet spot.
I love the way your name drips off my tongue... Daddy πŸ’‹
Definitely singin "come and make it rain down on me" Tonight. πŸ˜‰
Kiss me like I'm Betty Grable. Fuck me like I'm Bettie Page.
"No, father. The moon's reaching for ME."
"He's still David Larrabee, and you're still the chauffeur's daughter, and you're still reaching for the moon."
Black and white romance movies make me all tingly down there. 😳😊
All the best conversations never even leave my head.
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The chemistry between Bogart and Hepburn is literally every girls dream to have for herself. ❀️
Shes a nice girl.. But she can get nasty
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Denver police: Warning! Halloween candy may contain marijuana! Me: Who in the fuck would give away free pot?
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"Stand legs apart, spread your cheeks." What? How do you put on a thong? Not like that? This is why bootylicious is a word folks.
β€œ@momopface: Oh, great, women are wearing pantyhose.” Hiding hairy legs since 1959.
All female cast for Ghostbusters 3? This is so badass. Don't tease me interwebs.
Glass > paper
β€œ@rollingstoneer_: let's see how long it takes for you to text me first. πŸ˜Œβ€ said no happy woman, ever.
β€œ@UBogart: The THC is a part of me” "insane in the membrane."
A wake and bake to take my mind off of last night would be heavenly.
Covering up my pain with tattoos, one scar at a time.
"Love is not a victory march. It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah."
6:30 bubble baths. Peace and calm.
I love food waaaay more than I love people.
Dinner for one. Anyone want some? ☺️
I feel like most women don't understand my level of comfort with sex, and that's why I hang out with men and drink beer.
β€œ@imappalledx: Lmaoooo” girls everywhere. If he pulls out a!
Really though...the reality of getting a dick 10+ inches is a dream. Better grab a good man and love him for his 6 inches and never let go.
β€œ@ImNeverChillin: bitches cant finish a 6 inch sub but want a 13 inch dick” nah, 12 inches for both. πŸ‘
Caught the teenage delivery guy checking out my rack. Told him to consider that his tip.
Tattoo placement under serious consideration. 😍
Just learned there's a thing called "boob twerking"...not bored anymore... πŸ’¦
Bored as fuck tonight, but glad to be home.
Real women chase their whiskey with beer.
I can't wait to sit down with a jack and coke and a nice fat J... 3.5 more months.
She aint nobodys bitch.. She all lady
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Theres bad bitches everywhere.. They dont all bring u food n shit.. Most of em just cheat on u.. Know when u got sumn good
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"Play another slow jam. This time make it sweet."
Don't be perfect. Be better.
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