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Propaganda is a hell of a drug.
...And then I just laugh, and laugh, and laugh.
When someone warns me against Marijuana, I realize all the info they have ever learned is from the 1950's or earlier...
β€œ@BluntPorn: RT if you want one” 😍 this makes me moist between my thighs.
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2.My family deserves to be treated the same no matter what they look like, where they are, or what they're doing. They deserve to feel SAFE.
1. I'm tired of hearing people whine, "I'm tired of hearing about Ferguson. Can we talk about something else?" No. I'll tell you WHY..
Go ahead... take your best shot. Just know... You're kind of a pussy.
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in the mood for: βšͺ weed βšͺ sex βšͺ munchies πŸ”˜ all of the above
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*queue the sexy music*
If you don't put enough effort into a great person, someone else will!
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Woke up still full from yesterday. Still feels better than any hangover I've ever had.
My job is done for the day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ☺️
The thanksgiving feast is cooking as we speak. Come grab a plate ya'll! Mama's putting her foot in it today!
I just want happiness... 😞
"Like a drop of rain falling through a passing wind, you keep pulling me down down down down down. Can we get back up again?"
The rain on my window obscures the view the way the tears in my heart can't see what to do, and I can't tell you how much I miss you.
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Every time your heart breaks, it shrinks a little.
The worst part of losing love, is knowing you will never love like that again. You may love, but it will be dim comparison.
Musical solace required.
It's a lost cause... you and I.
Darren Wilson's police intv: Mike Brown struck me in my face 10x. Wilson to grand jury: he struck me in my face 2x. No one points this out
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No one ever asked if Darren Wilson could have used a tazer or a billy club. They just asked if Mike Brown deserved to be shot while unarmed.
β€œ@StonerBeauties: For your girl on a special occasion.” I'd lose my mind! 😍
Since I'm a single mom now, I hope I grace someone's MILF list.
Trying to convince myself that being on my own is something I can handle, one breath at a time.
Still haven't found my center, but downward facing dog is a lot better with toddler kisses.
Gonna try and find my center and do yoga with my 18 month old. My emotions are running wild today.
If 1 person is disrespectful today Idk if I'll keep a poker face, get rude, or cry. Surprise! You've entered the emotional lottery assholes.
Once the trust is gone, there is literally no way to build it back.
Why does it hurt so much to lose someone who never even loved you?
The fact that every kiss, every touch, every moment was shared with other women, I will never forgive. You fooled me, never again.
I've been mesmerized for the past 10 minutes watching a girl suck a lollipop. I get it guys, I get it.
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β€œ@SavageKayven: The secret to THAT smile, Eat her pussy.” This is female verified and approved. πŸ‘
β€œ@MejJennifer_: 😍😍😍” loved that scene.
Someone help me run my love life, because clearly I shouldn't be in charge.
Maybe what I need is a woman to share my life with, or maybe I just need to stay single...
I swear I have good hygiene, I have a good job, I cook, I clean, I'm pretty, and have a nice booty...what more do I need to do?
Like how have I literally ALWAYS picked a man that's cheated on me? How in the fuck is that possible?
Thinking with my next relationship, in the not so near future, I'll be searching for a woman. My track record with men is awful.
I want a John Legend. He's the dream man. Mm mm mm. 😍
I've been called a bitch, a lady, and a queen. Never a thot. πŸ‘