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✹Dakota ∞ Hodges ॐ
Love is blind and hate is deaf.
Soooo..... I need a date for Friday to go see Annabelle and go to the Corn Maze .... I'm paying. Lmao #TheStruggle
when your family won't stop talking and your favorite show is on tv
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if you don't starve with me you will not eat with me and that's guaranteed.
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I watched the last episode of Lost today..... I think I'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight. ☺
Be careful with what you say, karma works in mysterious ways.
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sundays are my days to do nothing all day.
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The road to enlightenment is a lonely one.
The ghettoes are evidence of the racist, classist, inherencies of the capitalist system.
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Sometimes lies hold more truth than facts do.
A smart man looks like a mad man to a dumb man.... but one man is all three.
(O__O) "@KnowledgeFountN: Now imagine taking imagination to realize imagination imagining imagination..."
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Now imagine taking imagination to realize imagination imagining imagination...
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Layers upon layers of perspectives created from the one source of it all... Interpretations of the Universe found in books of past times...
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Realizing your thoughts brings what you see... Thoughts ripple out.. Bounce back..
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Just a grain of rice washing along the muddy banks of life... said the one who saw no purpose...
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Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?
No person can teach you enlightenment. It's a path you have to find on your own.
The only thing worse than a lie told in love is a truth told in spite.
I love college. So many intellectuals.
There's a million words hiding in my silence.
Things just ain't the same no more. @abdashsoul
Lord, have mercy on my soul.
S/O to the universe for working itself out...again
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Slave to the money, the money that isn't worth anything any way. smdh
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So far, I've gone on a 4 mile run every day of college