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✹Dakota ∞ Hodges ॐ
@BloodOfAKing: Just saw a UFO.... I promise to Allah.” WHERE?
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Just saw a UFO.... I promise to Allah.
Like the Originator of the heavens and earth, I'm at war with the darkness: internally and externally. #RumbleYoungManRumble
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2:28 How can you deny Allah and you were without life and He gave you life? Again, He will cause you to die (cont)
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The sky is falling. The wind is calling. Stand for something or die in the morning. #HiiiPoWeR
I can't say YOLO because I've been here before, so def that I've been reborn. @abdashsoul
The hubris of humans just happens to be the habitat of hate...
Time is just an agreed upon construct, divided up into segments, & those segments are given labels to justify a moment separate from the now
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The constitution (document) is better protected then the constitution (ideals & intentions)
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Show me something I don't know Universe.
If your 1st reaction is to go on twitter & vent whenever something bad happens then you probably still take the TCAPs or you need to grow up
God listens to you as much as you listen to Him.
"Two white girls and they both Beckys. Got me livin' like the guy on the Dos Equis."
Opportunities aren't given, they're taken.
Normal people go and chase the world -Great people let the world chase them.
Atlanta hospital prepares to receive US aid worker infected with #Ebola virus in West Africa
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This next #DMTtruth is for the nocturnals... This one will get deleted right after... In a bit...
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It's so hard to find someone who sees who you are at your core.
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"The problem with dreams is that they stay dreams, not reality, for most."
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Money can't save your soul.
I will be performing next in September at the #Nopi car show in Atlanta. Be there or be a quadrilateral. ◽
I performed this week at #Nopi car show. Great experience. Got a lot of love.
@BloodOfAKing: Remember, you're never too high to fall”well spoken young blood
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Remember, you're never too high to fall
People like the idea of being a Christian until the Bible tells them to stop doing something that they like to do..
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Making my way down town...
We're all slaves for a wage.
What does love got to do with it when I don't love myself.
#PrayForGaza The reason the world is a bad place isn't because of bad people- It's because good people allow it to be.
Here's one good reason why Israel's ultimate goal is to occupy Gaza, a huge Nat gas deposit: #GazaUnderAttack #greed
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