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ॐDakota ∞ Hodges✹
It is only through consciousness that one can experience and understand reality.
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It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
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notice the people who are happy for your happiness & sad for your sadness//they’re the ones who deserve special places in your heart
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people who love/accept you for who you are without judgement are so important. thankful for those people in my life.
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Go Plant The Soles of Your Feet The Palms of Your Hands In The Earth & feel the infinite Love of Mother Earth pulsating through you. 🌲👣🌎✋🏼💓🌞
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At deeper levels of every human being is incredible hidden potential. *Meditation is the key to unlock this treasure.
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reminder: you are not someone else's opinion
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After every storm comes a rainbow. A sign that all will be ok. I see storms as natural things removing the unnatural
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this summer has been nothing short of amazing 🌞
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I really appreciate all of your existence @BloodOfAKing and the light you give off 🌻🌞
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I'm #SingleBecause I evidently suck at everything.
I've lost myself trying to find myself...
Everyone seems to know exactly how you should live your life but no idea how to live their own.
My phone stays more dry than a Christian college campus.
I got a dollar and a dream.
I wouldn't say that you're a ho, you just made a ho decision.
I only care that you're a good person & I can connect with you. All the other bull shit is superficial.
Girls think that all guys care about looks, but we don't.
I just want a girl that will smoke, star gaze, & talk about the universe with me. Is that really too much to ask for.
Just another day on this giant rock we call earth
It seems the more I get know something the harder it is to love... Mainly why loving myself is so difficult
I'm never good enough for myself.
I think I just figured out the universe. Mathematics is beautiful.
I love math 😍😍😍😀
Started writing my other book today. The Theory of Quantum Causation... 10 pages in.... so much work ahead.
We're all just crying for an afterlife while they just still this one.
Good job US! I'm proud of you.
Nothing that is impermanent matters.
Don't confuse this universe with reality. -Many do.
But your spirit is something much more...
Humans are nothing more than apes playing dress up. Don't fool yourself.

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