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😭😭 R@Sammyvelili: E40 performing at half? Cavs in 4.
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Spike Lee caught the ball?
Everything will pay off in the end. Just gotta stay patient
What a fun first half of the Finals..this is gonna be interesting
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Anthony Davis wack for that commercial lol
Curry doing what he do. Getting his team and crowd hype
Thinkn bout deactivating my twitter
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Mayweather went in to the fight as the underdog, and lebron going into the finals as the underdog. What you think gone happen?
It's book smart people and it's people with common sense. It's rare to see someone with both qualities
Never stop learning. Knowledge is power and "THEY" know that
Too smart to be working for someone else. Been saying that for years, time to make that statement true
Twitter keeps telling me I have a notification, but I don't see it 😐
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Working on myself, trying to find myself
Other than the whole Bruce Jenner thing,do y'all know what else is going on in the world? That actually matters? Thought so.
Listening to born sinner all week. Strong message behind the album
First day I get to sleep in and Ki wakes me up with noise💀
Ready to be off & I ain't clocked in yet.
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My stomach on go mode and I gotta work smh
Gotta know who gone help you clear the path to your dreams and who just gone be in the way
Scared money don't make money, but smart money keep money. #FoodForThought
Grind relentless
Can't control what's not in your hands. If its not in arms reach then maybe you stressing the wrong things
Houston going crazy
Smith balling out
Rockets don't wanna call it just yet
Why people doing that charlie charlie challenge though?
My second job way more chill then my full time job lol
Ain't nothing like talking business and your niggas on the same page as you. Can't lose with a team behind you
Once you get ghost the only thing people should know is that you're grinding. Nothing else to it
Charlotte is such a beautiful city.
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Bout to hit the gym up with Ki and Sugarfoot(James). I can't believe he still let's my girl call him that lmao
The come up is real
If it ain't makin me money or progress in my life I have no room for it can't entertain the outside bs
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Big Bruh bday tomorrow...Bruh gettin old
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If Howard stop lookin so sloppy & hurt, he can dominate Andrew Bogut.
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I hate watching harden play now. He worst than lebron when it comes to flopping
To sit there and say Curry isn't going to be great is ridiculous. This year his year to get a ring

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