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Blake Ross
webdevelopment 14,526 followers
reflections on fb's 10th anniversary.
People have asked about stats. We've seen over 100,000 unique visitors in the 24hrs since launched! #weekendproject
Q. Does Google need a deal to crawl Twitter? A. No. Google’s web bots crawl Twitter 120M+ times a day; 3 billion pages indexed & counting.
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Tip @Techmeme… “Don’t Be Evil” Tool — Backed By Facebook & Twitter — Gets Them Into Google’s “Search Plus Your World”
Google results are more relevant when they include all social networks rather than just Google+. Check it out:
I'll be posting updates regularly on Facebook now, so you can subscribe to me over there:
Some good stuff coming today. Who's excited?
Google+ banned me for having the audacity to be named Blake Ross? Are they just banning all FB'ers? I smell fear.
I'm auctioning a tour for charity for you & 3 friends of Facebook headquarters in California. Come see behind the scenes
Hey technology "journalists" I mean bloggers.... you're a joke. A total joke.
My hotel in Dublin. Haven't seen pattern matching this bad since the last time I used regexps.
Quality hotel: shampoo/body wash same substance, dispensed from wall. Also works as toothpaste, amniotic fluid
Thanks for the world travel suggestions! Tho would like more granularity - not just "yo, europe's cool" but also "try Jack's Souffle on 3rd"
Twitter peeps - I'm going around the world in 90 days. First time abroad. Where must I visit?
CHILDHOOD FANTASY: Just won charity auction to dine with cast of The Fresh Prince! Video of Carlton dance-off to follow.
Charlie Sheen just texted me a photo of Brett Favre's penis. What is going on with these two?
Stop asking if i saw The Social Network when I say I work for FB. You sound like a blithering idiot but I dont ask if you saw King's Speech.
Charlie Sheen should try Coke Zero. Way healthier.
schmidt out as google ceo. I just referred him to facebook but he counteroffered himself $10 million to stay at google.
should i start using this twitter thing?
pithy observation about life's mishaps that demonstrates my wit.
wondering why I just got 200 followers in 10 minutes. I may have to stop twittering a fake lifestyle...
playing darts with phelps
a guy at the outdoor shooting range just missed the target and killed a stray puppy
kiteboarding in belize
eating kangaroo leg. tastes like chicken.
meeting with the president of ireland