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Images of Israeli soldier trying to arrest boy with broken arm go viral:
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Quasi-coherent thermal emitter based on refractory plasmonic materials. (arXiv:1508.07335v1... #optics #photonics
Role of the Λ_{c}^{+} (2940) in the π^{−} p→D^{−} D^{0} p reaction close to threshold
Scaling of Device Variability and Subthreshold Swing in Ballistic Carbon Nanotube Transistors
Codimension 2 and 3 situations in a ring cavity with elliptically polarized electromagnetic waves. (arXiv:1508...
The new @panthersdoc explores the true & often misunderstood history of the militant group.
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Well, he does plan to run for president. Israel's an important campaign stop.…
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+@johnculvenor That suggestion is not too far off the mark. There are enzymatic means to do transesterificstion w/ ultrasound @stardiverr
Young South African women can adhere to daily PrEP regimen as HIV prevention: NIH-funded study finds men in Ba...
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(In_{x} Ga_{1−x} )_{2} O_{3} alloys for transparent electronics
Analysis of Jeans instability from Boltzmann equation. (arXiv:1508.07324v1 [astro-ph.CO]) #astrophysics
First Results from HAWC on GRBs. (arXiv:1508.07325v1 [astro-ph.HE]) #astrophysics
Shapley Supercluster Survey: Construction of the Photometric Catalogues and i-band Data Release.... #astrophysics
The statistical mechanics of schooling fish captures their interactions. (arXiv:1508.07708v1 [q-bio.QM]) #biophysics
What did the two Koreas achieve from their recent negotiations and joint communiqué? Read insights from @duyeonkim:
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Quantum Loops in Non-Local Gravity. (arXiv:1508.07410v1 [hep-th]) #physics #cosmology
Quasi-coherent thermal emitter based on refractory plasmonic materials. (arXiv:1508.07335v1 [physics.... #physics
Fluctuations and Correlations of Emission from Random Lasers. (arXiv:1508.07339v1 [physics.optics]): ... #physics
Physical activity level and associated factors among civil servants in Xi’an, China #sportsphysics
ICYMI: Items for the start of the 2015-2016 academic year @guertin #AGUblogs
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The intermittent pulsar J1107-5907 appears to be off!
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Anyone generate biofuel from soy oil? Looking for best procedure. Unhappy w/ process that uses even a few mL of methanol. #chemchat
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Make a teacher's year! Give to any project TODAY on @DonorsChoose and we'll match it.
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Dependence of the efficiency of spin Hall torque on the transparency of Pt/ferromagnetic layer interfaces
Japan nuclear power outlook bleak despite first reactor restart
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Diving and twirling, sea lions can spend days in the ocean without returning to land. #BigBlueLive
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What does the world looks like from the IAU-OAD Global Office in Cape Town? Answer here:
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Kinetics, Mechanism, and Secondary Organic Aerosol Yield of Aqueous Phase Photo-oxidation of ... #chemicalphysics
American Astronomical Society has student travel awards 4 presenting in the Historical Astronomy sessions @4sWeb @SocHistTech @SocHistAstro
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Best good luck wishes to @PatrickWoudt for the South Africa / @CapeTown bid to host the 2021 IAU General Assembly! #iau2015 @Derek_Hanekom
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IAU Signs Agreements for Five New Coordinating Offices of Astronomy: Cape Town, South Afri...
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Kinematical Analysis of an Articulated Mechanism. (arXiv:1508.07444v1 [physics.ed-ph]) #physics #education
On the Geometry of the IBEX Ribbon. (arXiv:1508.07815v1 [astro-ph.SR]) #space #physics
Wow. "legal scholars critical of the war on terrorism represent a “treasonous” fifth column"
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Beware of physicist fathers. (Credit: Zachary Kanin)
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Direct Measurement of the Nanomechanical Stability of a Redox Protein Active Site and Its Dep... #chemicalphysics
Walter Sisulu Square, Soweto. Stage set for #sowetowinefest and #72HrsSoweto with top SA influencers 3-6 Sept.
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Spin dynamics in the presence of competing ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic correlations in Yb_{2} Ti_{2} O_{7}

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