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Fluctuation scaling in point processes. (arXiv:1409.6800v1 []): Fluctuation scaling ha... #physics
Universal fractal distribution of inertial particles sedimenting in turbulence. (arXiv:1409.6819v1 [p... #physics
Dynamics of electronic transitions and frequency dependence of negative capacitance in...
via @MaterialsToday 2015 Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal Award
Universality in the morphology and mechanics of coarsening amyloid fibril networks. (arXiv:1409.68... #biophysics
Light-emitting electrochemical cells: recent progress and future prospects #materialsphysics
Influence of pulsed electromagnetic and pulsed vector magnetic potential field on the growth of tu... #biophysics
Simplified dark matter models confront the gamma ray excess
Maturation of cortical circuits requires Semaphorin 7A
An improved second moment closure model of Langmuir turbulence #physics #oceans
RT @Crystal_in_city Iron trans-4,4’-azopyridine thiocyanate – Letting things down…
Wilson Prize article: From vacuum tubes to lasers and back again
Syracuse's new cooling system heats up physics research - Phys.Org #physics
Protein Chemical Shift Prediction. (arXiv:1409.6772v1 [physics.chem-ph]): The protein chemical shifts... #physics
Alignment of cryo-EM movies of individual particles by global optimization of image translations. (ar... #physics
The dominant factors affecting the memory characteristics of (Ta2O5)x(Al2O3)1−x high-k...
Reaction Mechanisms for the Formation of Mono- And Dipropylene Glycol from the Propylene Oxid... #chemicalphysics
Optical Spectroscopy of Molecular-Rotor Molecules Adsorbed on Cellulose #chemicalphysics
Solitons in a one-dimensional Wigner crystal. (arXiv:1409.6721v1 [cond-mat.str-el]) #physics
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy and surface quasiparticle interference in models for the strongly cor... #physics
Inflation and majoron dark matter in the neutrino seesaw mechanism
What is it like as an American/European Ph.D. to take a faculty position abroad? Find out here: via @chroniclevitae
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15 Weather Myths Debunked by Dr. Marshall Shepherd, @DrShepherd2013 -Past #AMETSOC President
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Tenure Track Position in Experimental High Energy Physics - The Department of Physics at...
NSBP Jobs Board Tenure Track Position in Experimental High Energy Physics: Title: Tenure T... #physics #astronomy
Ohio grand jury: police justified in shooting John Crawford dead for picking up toy gun. Meanwhile in white America:
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#Crystallography365 Iron trans-4,4’-azopyridine thiocyanate – Letting things down… @Crystal_in_city
Reconstructing the local potential of inflation with BICEP2 data #cosmology
Demagnetization factor for a powder of randomly packed spherical particles. (arXiv:1409.6742v1 [cond-... #physics
Full-response characterization of afterpulsing in single-photon detectors. (arXiv:1409.6752v1 [quant-... #physics
Versatile module for experiments with focussing neutron guides
Suppression of extreme orbital evolution in triple systems with short range forces. (arXiv:1409.... #astrophysics
The First Billion Years of a Warm Dark Matter Universe. (arXiv:1409.6718v1 [astro-ph.CO]) #astrophysics
Magnetized Gas Clouds can Survive Acceleration by a Hot Wind. (arXiv:1409.6719v1 [astro-ph.GA]) #astrophysics
Science Education and Diversity is out!… Stories via @thestregishotel
Alignment of cryo-EM movies of individual particles by global optimization of image translations. ... #biophysics
Recent developments in photocatalytic solar water splitting #materialsphysics
Amplifying the Hawking signal in BECs. (arXiv:1403.1877v1 [gr-qc]) #physics
We're planning a 'Rainbow' week of crystal structures soon - Any suggestions of crystal structures that make colourful materials?
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3 years: 1,095 days of suffering for people in Syria. #Syriacrisis via @UNOCHA
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Encapsulated formulation of the selective frequency damping method via @AIP_Publishing
Proximity Effect between Two Superconductors Spatially Resolved by Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy #physics
RT @bridgetoscience: The 2014 Google Science Fair and @sciam Science in Action award is now open for submissions.
Free energy calculations from adaptive molecular dynamics simulations with adiabatic reweighting #biophysics
Can Graphene Oxide Filters Unlock Our Most Abundant Water Source? - Singularity Hub: Singularity Hub... #graphene
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