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A 16-Year-Old Wrote An Angry Letter To The Times About How They Cover Teenagers…
I cant sleep. I have to be up at 6AM.
I just used @musixmatch to sing along to All of Me by @johnlegend #lyrics
My heart is beating so fast, maybe I should slow down on the espressos? #starbucksproblems
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We sell frappucinos, not frappes. Were Starbucks not McDonalds. #coffeprobs @StarbuxProblems @SbuxProblems
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This lady and her child are PLAYING in the middle of starbucks, this is coffee this is not a game!!!! @StarbuxProblems
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I really really don't appreciate it when customers talk down to me... Not very cool #starbucksproblems #baristaproblems
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When Starbucks customers say frappe...this isn't McDonald's...@StarbuxProblems
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"Can I get a Mocha frappe with less chocolate and more mocha." Excuse me, what? @datexbarista @StarbuxProblems
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When you speak of the secret menu you can go die. @StarbuxProblems
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customer "Regular coffee" @matthieu_k "Sure, what size?" "Sugga!" "Sure, how many sugars?" "Sweet!" :| @StarbuxProblems
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@TheSims3 I would like to thank all my friends in the sims community for making playing and building in sims 3 more fun and worthwhile :)
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@TheSims3 I'm thanking @SimGuruGraham for being hilarious, hard working, and genuine to us simmers :)
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Partly Cloudy today! With a high of 30C and a low of 22C. February 28, 2014 at 06:02PM
This Tiny Island In The Middle Of Nowhere Has 48 Residents. After Seeing This, I Want To Be #49.…
Money is just paper but it affects human like poetry.
Fatal Attacks Target Protests In Thailand, Kill Three Children…
Not feeling so well.
It bothers me that you are full of pretensions.
Studies show it's always my fault.
Why do good concert tickets happen to bad people?
Never "boo" anyone. For that person is somebody's son.