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Billy Berry!
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Kong Ming Deng from Kukup. Jeng jeng!
I can't remember the last time I went to bed when the clock actually said "pm" on it.
Baby boy, thank you for the anniversary romance trip together! You bring me so much fun and life. Hehe I love you so much. @Blackalogy
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What if those coins you randomly find in your drawer or below your bed are from spiders trying to pay rent..?
I wish people were like Internet videos and you can tap them lightly to see a clock of how much longer they are going to be talking.
Mom: What are you doing? Me: Writing a suicide letter. Mom: You spelled worthless wrong.
You'll know they're special when no matter what kind of mood you're in, they can always manage to make you smile.
Fake friends just want to know your business so they can share your business.
You know you remember 流行花园.
Can abs be installed or something
If you know someone in your life that will do anything to make you happy, don't let them go.
Thank you for being here and listening to me. Love you so much <3 @TakeMeTigerLily
The fact that your bullshit doesn't affect me does not mean I am insensitive.
With the right person, you don't have to work so hard to be happy. It just happens effortlessly.
Pay attention to whatever you say because a knot tied with your tongue can't be undone with your teeth.
There are two reason why we don't trust people. First, we don't know them. Second, because we know them.
Can Jesus call me? I need his help.
I'm so depressed and worried for something I couldn't do anything to help.
What? 100 SGD = 80 USD. Waaawww.
Sometimes you can't explain what you see in a person. It's just the way they take you to a place where no one else can.
@Blackalogy We have to go la. One day. HAVE TO LA DEY!
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