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Yay i finally got a USB fan that can distract me from the heat with beautiful colors! #creaturefactory2
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I love mechanical keyboards, but many touch keyboards have the ability to change the layout on the fly witch is very nice.
All Media is Playing in slow-motion bug: via @YouTube
and it's back to normal again for some reason ... well at least I've recorded a little video of it.
seriously even Livestreams is running in slow motion due to this bug.
My computer has totally bugged out, All types of media with sound is running in smooth slow motion. from Mp3's to youtube videos.
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I don't think I like where this coffee table is going
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Strangest computer crash I've had yet I think. I was just playing an FPS when it froze and showed me that.
Found my UPS to be making a really weak high frequency sound, figure I'll put up some dampening materials in its proximity to help me sleep.
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