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Ørjan Lønningen
So my sound balance seemed of putting in media and games, then I checked settings. Why would you do that windows why?
Awesome! @stickermule just released wall graphics. Check them out here:…
person in charge of denny's twitter sits down at the computer and is like
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Hm, choices... Looks or feels? I'm going looks this time cause real bamboo I guess.
Why my battery life and broadband where horrible was a mystery to me until. (I hardly ever use snapchat)
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not seeing a reason our network was acting unstable and slow I finally tried to go to our ISP's website only to be greeted by a Server Error
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hm having done som ROM voodoo magic on my old GalaxySIII it seems I have less of a reason to get a Onepluss One ... oh well.
Might have to wear my anti-static strap, just lit up ~150 LED's on the panel I'm working on, and they're not even connected to anything yet.
Hands down. The best christmas tree ever. Ever. And ever. Nothing can match
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#sigh “If only bananas had robust, natural, biodegradable packaging of their own. Some sort of peelable skin, phaps.
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Finnish reindeer are sprayed with glowing paint to stop cars crashing into them at night (via @ElinaKarvo)
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I refuse to buy a game with microtransactions in the Single Player. Refuse. If JC3 has them I'll skip it. #LineDrawn
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Just Cause 3 isn't free to play. Neither is Ass Creed Unity. Still might have microtransactions though. #HypePaused
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SWEET! Win a Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch from @MakeUseOf Click here to join #giveaway
I'm hoping they'll sound good (without any BS Bass-boost or anything like that) and be comfy. I like to wear strange.…
[My List] 【MMD艦これ】536式大鳳テスト【モデル配布】 #sm23037155
h265, making 720p streamable at a 500kbit connection, pretty much.
Yay i finally got a USB fan that can distract me from the heat with beautiful colors! #creaturefactory2
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I love mechanical keyboards, but many touch keyboards have the ability to change the layout on the fly witch is very nice.
All Media is Playing in slow-motion bug: via @YouTube
and it's back to normal again for some reason ... well at least I've recorded a little video of it.
seriously even Livestreams is running in slow motion due to this bug.
My computer has totally bugged out, All types of media with sound is running in smooth slow motion. from Mp3's to youtube videos.
I can personally recommend them -:- Need custom stickers? Unlock a free $10 credit from Sticker Mule when you visit:…
[My List] 【Hatsune Miku】Desperate【Original】 #sm23862638
Check out Nitrous Networks for top quality #Minecraft servers, starting at only £2.50 / $3.50 ! -… #NitrousNetworks
[My List] 【MAD】ツクモビト【つぐもも】 #sm21758786
Strangest computer crash I've had yet I think. I was just playing an FPS when it froze and showed me that.
Found my UPS to be making a really weak high frequency sound, figure I'll put up some dampening materials in its proximity to help me sleep.
[My List] 3Dモデル自作体育館見開きの作業工程 #sm22399351

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