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Mikey Simmons
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The grades😬😬
Walking dead😌😌
ok guys be patient im still sending $1k of my rich asshole dads money to the first 24562 people to retweet this
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Niggas with a 0.83 GPA got it easy in school all they do is: 1. Sleep 2. Talk to females 3. Roast people in the cafeteria
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Its snowing tonight
My prayers go out to anyone who has to walk to school in this weather. #LordhaveMercy
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This is bout to be filthyyyy
What someone does off school campus is none of the schools business
Twitter trends are getting stupider and stupider
When you're famous for no reason and you're worried someone else might get more famous than you for no reason
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Lost a friend today. R.I.P. Kenai 11/11/06-11/3/14 You'll be missed✨
My buddy passed away today 😔 RIP Kenai, you were loved dearly and I will always remember you. ❤️
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Oh my god i actually cant wait for fucking next sunday
At least they didnt get my nigga chris!!
The dude from everybody hates chris!!
Joe Flacco spiking the ball with :02 left in the game while being down by 20 #DickHead
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So hyped for walking dead!!!
A W is a W at the end of the day
Not a pats fan at all but Brady>Manning
Today is going by so slow🕗
Cavs game is actually crazy right now
So hyped for this game
There needs to be a sour patch kids bag with just blues and reds
MRI's are so boring
Lakers are ass😂😂
Lets go fuck the cowboys
Walking dead is soooo good
Thunder is sick⚡️⚡️
Just thinking about the last hawks game and I don't know about you guys but, I still have full faith in my hawks. #GoHawks #OnToCarolina
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So much good music coming out in the next few months