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Brittany Hillman
Everyone is so fucking boring rn
I don't have a lot of girl friends because y'all don't know how to be friends
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Lookin' back at my past, I've got a bad name, but a man can change, I'm livin' proof of that. #JustinMoore
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I don't leave footprints in the sand, I leave boot tracks in the mud.
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pretty little liars fans deserve an award for being the most patient fans on earth.
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Can someone have a meme war with me because I'm prepared and having so much fun with these right now
Now the question is come April when my lease is up, do I find a new place down here, or do I move back to Iowa. Ohhhh decisions.
Which will also mean I've literally only spent 5 full days in Iowa, in a whole year. Crazy to think about
I can't believe that I've stuck it out honestly
Come December 27th I will have been in Florida for a whole year. 😮
Fuck it all fuck it allllll don't give a shit anymoooorreee
Damn, Taken 3 looks like its gonna be one bad ass movie
Supposed to go 4 times a month and I haven't been in at least 6 months..
More like I really fucking need a chiro
I need a massage so bad
It has been a very irritating day and I am so happy to be sitting here finally relaxing. Might I add the big bang theory is a nice addition
And its kinda nice I might add. Although Now I realize how lonely I really am. But I'm totally okay with that. Quite peaceful
This is the first time I've been home three nights in a row in a long time
Got everything clean except the bathroom, and laundry almost done. Its about time I got my apartment back in order
when something funny happens i can guarantee you im that one friend who keeps laughing even though everyone else stopped 10 minutes ago
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I'm NOT complaining at all, but this just isn't right! I am not used to this at all. A week an a half away from Christmas and almost 70°. Yay for Florida! 👌🌞
Hellll yeeesss whataburger on its way to meee!! So excited. Its been months
Reba McIntire though >>>>>
"Orange is the new black will continue June 2015" Me:
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3 frickin weeks maaan
And sadly it also means I've only seen my mom and whole family twice in a whole year. 😢
In 12 days, I will have lived in Florida for a full year. Fucking crazy.
Oh girl you are makin your rounds
I love how I know I'm being talked about right now. And not in a good way. I need a new job.
No matter how much sleep I get, I'm always tired
24 days til 21 👌
>>>would be better than watching my wonderful boyfriend buy a car from my lying horrible ex
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And right before Christmas, when people are trying to go Christmas shopping. Fuckin idiots
How they gonna shut down the whoooole 98 highway on a Saturday morning. The fuck is wrong with these people
some girls do a messy ponytail & look like magical fairy princesses i do a messy ponytail and i look like a goddamn founding father
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