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Florida Sweetcorn ❤️
Chips and salsa at 11am leads to nap time at 11:30 am. 👌🏼✌🏼️
Shits so much easier when the feelings are mutual.
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A more accurate Gatorade commercial would be a really hungover person in bed tryna drink it without sitting up all the way.
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Me and Dano are fighting
it's funny how people think you hate them when you literally do not think of them at all lol
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But I made it out safe without having to see the law as I'd expected as soon as I heard it go off. So that was a plus.
So the door/store alarm went off at work tonight when I was closing and it was terrifying.
#IfWeDate I dont want your password, or your phone. I just want the truth if I ask you about something
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Ever have that instant connection with someone where your heart does the pitter patter thing and your mind knows you are so screwed....
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“I’m over it” means “I’m not even a little bit over it” or “You’re dead to me” with no in between
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It's a good thing that I have good friends to pick me up and it's a good thing that I REALLY like him. ☺️
When your man isn't there to pick you up for work, won't answer his phone.. Call for a different ride and come home to him passed out. 😑
Alarms set to get babe up for work, and then there's my alarms 😂😂
IM DONE BEING AN ADULT. I don't want to do this anymore how do I sign up to be a kid again cause I'm done ✌🏼️
One of my regulars just asked me if it's a special occasion, cause my nails are painted. Lol they know me so well.
I'm blaming the rock that decided to show up in my yard and be right where I wanted to sit my drink down.
So I just spilled my full fireball and cream soda drink all over my boots and the dirt and let's just say I'm pretty pissed.
Came home to a clean house, and liquor in the fridge. I've got a keeper for sure. 😍😘
So fucking irritated right now.
Well this is fucking awesome. Night ruined.
I give no fucks about the Giants or Redskins but here I am watching the game cause that's how much I miss football and I never get to watch
I think pitch perfect 2 is a must tonight.
I'm so hungry that I'm not even hungry anymore
So here I am sitting on a bar stool in the middle of my living room watching football waiting for Josh to get home and kill it. 😐
All after I found the one in the shower today as well. I DONT WANT TO LIVE HERE ANYMORE
Just killed a bug that was making himself at home scurrying across my floor. Sit down on the couch and there's another one on my blanket😩😭
I need fooood. If babe could be home already it'd be fantastic
Obviously he really likes me considering he accepts the fact that I can't……
Obviously he really likes me considering he accepts the fact that I can't cook 😂
When your power bill turns out to be a lot more than you expected <<<<<<<
I just have the coolest coloring book ever and I couldn't stop. Which led to more alcohol. 😑
Apparently my two lemonade Rita's and some beer got to me a little more than I thought last night. Lol oops
Walking into my bathroom to see a big ass palmetto bug in my tub... NOPE. Won't be showering til babe gets home.
There's nothing better than coming home from work to my baby curled up sleeping on my couch. ❤️
Oh my boss is just real lucky that I am a good worker and dedicated to my job. Because I'm not a happy camper right now.
Yaaay I get to spend some time with my man and been excited about it all day... JUST KIDDING come to work.
I have decided that getting called into work on your ONE DAY OFF really fucking sucks.
The bags you see under my eyes are full of surprises and alcohol.
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