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Florida Sweetcorn ❤️
The wedding shenanigans have begun 🎉💍🇺🇸
Number crunching for the past day - 5 new unfollowers. Stats via
Like complete fucking asshole but here I am like sure I'll go grab you a beer
Why the fuck am I so nice to people who treat me like a big fucking nothing
Tired of living in a world where liquor stores are closed late hours of the night
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i’m surprised i’m not in better shape i run away from my responsibilities almost everyday
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So much alcohol in the next two nights I already know
These next couple nights are going to be a blur and waking up hating life to start over again. Here we go
Fun. Such a big day and I am watching the sun come up and haven't slept yet. Nooooo
do you ever think about shit you did in the past and just go why the fuck did nobody punch me in the face
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Psychology says, the deeper your feelings, the harder they are to express.
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What I need in my purse: wallet, keys, phone What I have in my purse: wallet, keys, phone, books, piles of trash, the lost city of Atlantis
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I’m the type of girlfriend that when I see you at your worst I’ll fall in love with you even more.
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i get ignored so much my name should be terms and conditions
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Was I the only kid that ate my bedtime snack in mini tiny little bites because I thought if I ate smaller bites I was getting more food??
r u a software update because not now
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Baby I wanna make you feel wanted
Damn I knew I was hurtin but I didn't realize how tight my muscles really were. Good god
Your beauty's different than the makeup
It's 5am and I'm still awake and tomorrow is the beginning of wedding preparation an gonna be crazy. Oh boy
My bff being a massage therapist is prolly the greatest thing ever
Holy shit my glutes being professionally worked on is some seriously painful yet AMAZING shit.
Since I got home from work at like 10:45....
Really beginning to wonder if my friends aren't already in bed and I've been up waiting for them to come home
I swear it's a southern thing. Such amazing people.
Like I know these people are bored an all but still, so friendly an so happy.
I love living in a tiny town. To have a 10 min conversation with the people that work at the gas station for some reason makes me happy
I'm just about sick of this non stop rain these last couple days 😑
5 daily followers. 1 unfollower. Crowdfire doesn't miss a trick - via
Realizing that you just went from girl bff to talk to about girl problems, to him getting dumped and hitting on you.... Oh no no sir
And then still be more than happy to want to continue.
I love someone that I can tell my old stories to and they don't judge me or get mad at me. That can listen and understand it's the past.
I love late night conversations.. like tell me about you goals, plans & what you wanna do.. the time something weird happened & your hobbies
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Do the Helen Keller, And talk with your hips
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Call me crazy for missin’ you like this, but I do. -Rascal Flatts
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It's so cute that when in sleeping Britt just blows up my phone anyways in hopes that I'll wake up..
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4 amazing followers in the last day and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with

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