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Brittany Hillman
And sand.... Fuck sand
Moving down here I thought I'd be at the beach as much as possible, but really its just too much of a hassle and too damn humid.
I mean its gonna be warm enough for awhile still but I go to the beach like once a month..
I need to get to the beach before it gets too cold to get in the water. Maybe that's what we'll do today. 👍
Yep just talked to Addi and told her happy birthday and I definitely cried. Ughhh I miss my baby more than words can explain. 😢
I'm thinking I get to get on the back of a bike todayyy 😄
But I really need to get up and clean a little and get somewhat ready. Ughhh too lazy
I feel like I could go back to sleep right now even after like 11 hrs of sleep.
Its my baby girls birthday today. She's 8. It makes me wanna cry. ):
I do not feel like being productive today at all. Not even a little bit.
I cannot believe I slept in so long. Its a miracle and felt amazinggg.
"@DIYhacks: This is too awesome 🙌" why did I never think of this...
Dating is scary. I wish you could just immediately know if it's gonna work out with the person.
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just want someone to play with my hair rn and rub my back
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Greeeen, nyquil, food. I'm gonna sleep good tonight. 👍
But I guess a lunch date and relaxing tomorrow sounds good too. Whaatever.
Pretty bummed right now quite honestly.
Been home since 8, showered, laundry, dishes, and still haven't even turned the TV on. #Silence?
I just wanna cryyyy 😢 I need to just go to bed. 12 hrs of sleep here I come.
This is where I back off & only speak when spoking to. This is up to you, I'm not about to stress over more bullshit. Got enough of that.
My one night of the week and you ditch out. Obviously I can see where this is going. 👎
Fuck itt. Nyquil and sleep on this girls only night to stay up late. What is a life?
#Capricorn can smell a bullshit miles away and they also hate excuses.
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I need to start cleaning so that when 7 rolls around my ass is outta there.
Beyonce is so famous you don't realize how ghetto her name is
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Just about died choking on chickfila fries. That's cool
Money doesn't buy happiness, but it does buy a cold beer. And I ain't never seen a sad person drinkin' a cold beer.
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And he's got the most adorable little accent omg. So precious
This 9 year old chillin in my waiting room, talkin over some call of duty ghosts. 👌
My baby girl, my whole wooorld, is 8 years old tomorrow. What is life?! I hate not being there. 😢😙
Here's to the stoners who love $.99 Arizona iced teas.
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All that just put me in a very irritated mood. I just need my cuddle budddyy.
I am way too tired right now.
I wear dress clothes and fancy clothes and that's plenty enough. Closed toe shoes are not happening unless they're flats. Nooope.
This bitch is not gonna come in here and tell me what to wear. I refuse to pay for new clothes that I don't need.