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Mark Bittman
I'll be on @npratc at 4:50 EST today talking with @rachelnpr about How to Cook Everything Fast. Tune in:
Standing Up for Citizen Journalism: <- yay bettina
mT @bambivalent: Beware: pickpockets in Napoli are more prevalent than pizza! <- actually the last thing Naples needs is paranoia
fried street food - mostly veg and fish - in Napoli
Photo: view from my seedy Rome hotel room
My friend nearly lost his @bittman cookbook in a house fire, but he's still using it.
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Mark Bittman Praises "Spectacular" Kin Khao - Eater SF
What We’re Reading Now
Big soda gets defensive:
Powerful, frightening imagery of the drought from @NewYorker > California: Paradise Burning…
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MARK [the calendar] @bittman will be in dc + at Dupont on sun 10/12 #HTCEfast
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My "How to Cook Everything Fast" tour kicks off October 7. See the full schedule here:
@bittman I would've had to reply: The salt from my own tears at hearing you say that.
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The worst line I've overheard in a while: "What salt would you serve with that?"
Obesity: Africa’s new crisis
"The science is clear," says @KariHamerschlag. "Meat & dairy reduction must be tackled by US Dietary Guidelines"…
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Nicest note I got re: my dad
The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious
How to Be Curious About the Green Revolution
Why Is Texas' Ag Commissioner Attacking Schools for Healthier Meals
My way to fast, crispy Brussels sprouts in @DrOz next month:
Canada’s Heart and Stroke Foundation weighs in on added sugars
Fracking May Be Worse Than Burning Coal
Me, on trendy London restaurants:
Parents Support Healthier School Food Policies by 3-to-1 Margin
The New Yorker on fast food workers; powerful:
Not super-convincing but interesting studies damning diet sodas, via @qz:…
Congrats my friend sam @fromartz "In Search of the Perfect Loaf," bread book of the year:
Anti-Dairy Ads on BART Urge Commuters to Bathe
This why you don't just kill after trial. Partic. where they stack (black) death row inmates like cordwood.
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Most Powerful Women in Food and Drink | Food & Wine #2 Chellie Pingree!
California's Humane Egg Battle Berkeley soda tax moving along
A Call for a Low-Carb Diet
Mark Bittman, Who Happily Drinks More Alcohol Than the CDC Says He Should, Thinks Any Amount of Soda Is Too Much
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On the other hand: Study Claims Marijuana Reshapes Brain Of Users. Not good.
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File under too good to be true: THC in cannabis may be protective against Alzheimer's
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Psyched to be having lunch with George Monbiot. f'rinstance:
Over a century before @bittman penned “Drinker’s Manifesto”, NYT asked if booze begat genius
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New herbicide from Dow harms lab animals but is OK to spray outdoors?​ ​@WaxmanClimate challenges EPA​: ​…
Big Food to divulge chemical info
What a great interview with Rob Lustig:
Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone (this is true)
Seeds of Truth – A response to The New Yorker | Dr Vandana Shiva <- little new but needed to be said