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He's gonna knock him out He's gonna knock him out Michael Bisping (@bisping ) He's gonna knock Luke Rockhold out #WarBisping
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A little training footage this week.…
@LeeACharles: @bisping hope all is well buddy”hey mate. Yeah good thanks. Likewise pal.
And if it' more @bisping you're wanting, check out his #Fightography exclusive on @UFCFightPass
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@ObviouslyLad Welcome to Fight Pass Ivan! Have a look through @bisping's Fightography. All 8 years of the Count!
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A little desert? Why not. My weight is good. Besides, what's the world coming to if you can't enjoy a bit of ice cream and a cookie with your daughter.
Training for the morning done. Now lunch with my daughter. @fearthefighter
Another shot from training yesterday. Remember to follow me on and I'……
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Working with @jaysilva5 yesterday
You can view my full fightography on @UFCFightPass now. Check it out. With unseen footage and documentaries.
@AnonfishAu: @bisping watching your 2010 silva fight. Great battle. You was robbed!!My kids train Muay Thai and love watching u”thanks
@HAGGA180: @bisping can you brighten up my BORING & MISERABLE night shift with a hello? Ps. How's the training going?”hello Stephen! 👍😃
@chomphead1988: @bisping what do you miss most about UK ?”the people, but fortunately I'm back regularly.
@AChalky123: @bisping hows the training going pal? You better beat nobhold if I'm going to stop up all night watching”deal mate!
@AChalky123: @bisping intact what time will it be live in the UK if it's in aus?”hmm that my friend is a good question... @AntEvansUFC ??
@IIFANTOMII: @bisping watching ur filmography and uve become even more of a hero and an inspiration.”thank you
Full-fight video: Watch Michael Bisping crush Cung Le in Macau…
@macstu77: @bisping michael any chance of a retweet, just had a pretty terrible day!”if it cheers you up, sure!
Watch for FREE now @bisping vs Cung Le plus two Bisping fights from TUF 3…
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The @bisping Fightography is LIVE now on @UFCFightPass. All his fights, new interviews and rare 2006 documentary.…
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Post training recovery taken care of thanks to @musclepharmpres @musclepharm
First thing I watched on @UFCFightPass was @bisping Britian's ultimate fighter documentary and it doesn't disappoint it's brilliant
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@bisping Funds R Urgently needed 4 Baby Hannah.She has 3 different life threatening diseases.Pls Donate&RT
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@Youevenlift42 @BradTavares @virtustream @rjrogers87 @bisping Bisping is without a doubt one of my all time favorites. Keep hating.
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Big thank you to @bisping + @LukeRockhold for filming 'Counterpunch' today. Even more tension than I expected. Air date/time TBD.
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@Joemirza: @AndyT277 @bisping Yeah bro. Late stoppage. #cardiomike”you will not be dissapointed!!!
@Lenstation: @bisping just watched ur first fight in UFC at UFC 66 can't wait for Sydney fight now.rolling back the years mick”cheers mate
Short clip of my boxing coach teaching myself and a couple of others.…
Old Skool pic from 2007 UFC 70 in Manchester. 'Twas a good night!…
@passionface9: @bisping please do the world a favour and KILL that cheeky prick rockhold, i hate his face so much”consider it done!
Rare that we get this 45-minute sitdown w/ two fighters who are fighting each other. So if you got questions for Rockhold/Bisping, fire.
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This is what November 8th will look like after I defeat my next opponent. @fearthefighter
113 degrees in October 😎👎
Re-watching @bisping vs le & that fuckers on peds @bisping showing the world he still #thecount watch out #fightnite55 #thebritsrcoming
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Time for a little True Detective. Favourite show right now.