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Bismo Prasetyo
There will come a time #vscocam
I accepted the challenge to share #20facts from @natalieandrikopoulou , so here it is every #20factsaboutme: 1. I'm born on June 7th, the same as Liam Neeson, Karl Urban, and Michael Cera. 2. I love coffee especially cappuccino, I do it all the time. 3. Sometimes, I wish I live in America instead.
Our school principal asked me and @adyar_arifin to making three videos for our school. And this is the first teaser trailer for it
Our day become much more better when this guy playing us a song. His name @fajarpandu . He teaching art and music class. Apart from teaching, he's formed a band with his friends. He's funny and kind guys but sometimes he seems too overreact for every conversation we made. We love covering songs but
Pardon my selfieness. Can't resist #badhairday
Thank you @seizejkt . Can't wait for your upcoming collection.
Teaching is exhausting
Dear @instagram & @instameetindonesia, A few days before we had a little trip to welcome our fellow from Jakarta; @galuhtennes & @billsatya Lots of fun stories and experiences we have spent together. Exploring Semarang to green hills, the pine forest, iconic places, and Brown Canyon. That is our r
You're not came to Indonesia without taste its cuisine. This soup called Soto, one of Indonesia's traditional soup. This food considered as Indonesia's national food. It available in many open-air eateries to luxurious restaurant
🎶 Savage Garden - I Knew I Loved You
#vscocam #exploresemarang
Every time i saw a sea, it remind me of fairytale about the little mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen (not the Disney's version). What a tragic sad love story how a mermaid desperately fell in love with a prince and sacrifice her life and voices just for having legs that every single step she takes
Enjoy the cappuccino while listening to @tulusm songs, such amazing day #vscocam
"Pak!! Pak Bismo! Pak! Belajar main PS yo?!!"😤 "..." "Pak!! Pak, mbaknya yang itu kok matanya sebelah sini merah kenapa to pak? Kaya Kakashi lagi ngeluarin rasengan"😏 "Saringan?"😕 "Sharingan!!"😠 "Ya saya mana tau orang nggak pernah nonton Naruto, udah belajar sana. Main ps mulu lho!!" 😭
Sorry guys, my instagram will be on hiatus. Too busy with my study (again..)
I'm in my semester 7th and now i will doing a final teaching practice for junior high school students for real. So, before I and some of the other students go to the actual school, I decided to took this amazing sparkling shadow (i don't know what to called it in english, sorry..) it's hardly to mis
Saatnya arus balik 🚙💨💨
Everything you see is explorable #indonesiagateway #travelingindonesia
Two weeks to go. I'm so nervous
#vscocam #caughtgramming #livefolk
I will become a teacher soon. Do you guys believe that? I don't even feel like one.
#vscocam #fromwhereistand
There's plenty of amazing Indonesian instagramers out there. I'm afraid i can't catch up with their awesomeness anymore haha
Happy election day, Indonesia. May Indonesia gets better #vscocam #handinframe
And when it rains. On this side of town it touches
Hi! I'm single. What's your name? just kidding #strangerinframe
Hey @instagram , meet my college friend @adyar_arifin . We've been a friend since our freshman year in college. Such humorous boy although we're arguing about simple things sometime. Next semester is supposed to be our last year so i decided to took his photo today in front of this amazing graffiti
Fasting on the first day is always the hardest one, gonna play Ps4 all day long to make me forget the time 😬 anyway, you can add my psn id: blank_in_black
Pada posting foto makanan dulu gih! Keburu puasa lho 😛 Marhaban ya Ramadan, mohon maaf lahir dan batin 😬🙏
#vscocam #indonesiagateway #framebynature (2/4)
I've been so busy lately. Too much assignment 😑
Just making a tribute photo of my current favorite band @the1975
Sorry, I deleted my earliest photo. I don't really like it though 😑
No sunset, no sunrise. Just tiny little horizon, yet so breathtaking. Thanks for the early photo from @tinorenato when he and some other Instagramer spent their weekend last week.
Got this photo from my college friend @adyar_arifin while he took a trip to Wonosobo, Central Java. Thanks for giving me a chance to edited and share it to instagram. What a beautiful green scenery (1/4)
I can't believe, i'm 21 years old today. So, happy birthday to my self
Today outfit for micro teaching
Is it June already?
Good morning, what do you do at weekend?? I'm personally just lying in bed, do some workout at gym, and do my college assignment at night. Sounds boring isn't it? Well you know, I've never been in a relationship before, that's why I never spent my time on the outside with a girl when weekend or our
"I'm lying on the moon. My dear, I'll be there soon. It's a quiet and starry place. Times we're swallowed up in space. We're here, a million miles away🎶" — Her (2013)