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Bishop Noel Jones
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To all my partners and friends in the Spanish area join me tonight 7p at 38 Job Lane Spanish Town. Jamaica West Indies at the PAW
BRONX, NY: You still have time to meet me at Faith in Action Deliverance Ministries: Apostle Violet Wallace. White Plains Rd. See You There!
Let us direct our prayers to those affected in Washington, DC and at the Navy Yard as we pray for the safety of our country at large.
I'm making that decision later. Stay tuned! If we do, connect at Thank you for asking. God Bless You. @RevCalebBC
You're quite welcome! Thank you for the Gospel of Grace. Much Love! @hartramsey
A most blessed and happy birthday to Pastor @hartramsey The General of Grace. Let's celebrate his birth today & thank God for him!
Heavy heart today as we mourn the loss of Patti Webster. A giant publicist and a dear friend. Let's continue to pray for the family.
Join us tomorrow at The City of Refuge beginning at 6PM for our Youth Empowerment Conference & Concert.
Rock of Faith Baptist, Los Angeles, CA: Meet me back home tonight. City of Refuge, bring your support to Dr. William Davis, Jr. 7PM
Louisville, KY: Join me at Canaan Christian Church for the Pastoral Anniversary of @drwaltermalone 7PM tonight. There is a word from God.
God Bless You Donald. Take all the time you need. We love you and Pastor Phyllis! @Bishop_Hilliard
As we remember the victims of this horrific day in history 9/11, let us continue in our prayers for the families as well as our Nation.
"Grace and Relationships: A Family Fireside Chat." [Full Length Video] Message at 40 minutes: #COR
Thank you for the encouragement this morning. God Bless You! @jdpoetry @kuwaneturner
Call the church Monday & ask for Elder Jackson. Follow his instructions to the letter. The size of the church doesn't matter. @kuwaneturner
I enjoyed that conversation. I saw your work flow. Mine is at my tailor's & the dry cleaners. Call @ALConley @BishopMcClendon #PreachersofLA
I learned long ago not to trust in pedestals, but to keep my faith in God and my mind anchored in His Word.…
Oh yes. Raised by strict Jamaican parents. It's a wonderful thing you appreciate later. @kevtothec @PreachersofLA @Miss_GraceJones
A person who has trust issues always feels the need to control. Grace gives liberty in relationships as it loves. It frees you to be you.