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Alexandra Felstead
Do you go down the gym regularly and never lose weight?
Got Bob Marley songs stuck in my head this morning! I don't sound as glorious singing them
Do you get dolled up for the school run?
Partying with @JamieLaing_UK and @DavidMeylan this bank hol Sunday @MamboTaunton who's joining us?
Fuck excuses, learn to admit when you fucked up.
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Night everyone- sorry it took so long but I got there! Onwards & upwards & new balls please! ;) what you saw tonight was real- no excuses! X
@Jennifer0693: Would love to know this 'real story' binky He wouldn't know real if he was motor boated by it! #Liar that's the true story
@BinkyFelstead A collective cheer went round our lounge when you turned heel on that cad! I hope a horse pooped on his shoe in Central Park!
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@StevieJ_23: I must say, the music on this show is just incredible. And I'm not being biased. #MiCNYC” agreed
Sadly some of us have work to do in London 😭. See you soon, New York �
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CIAOOOOOOOOOO! Wwoooooohoooooo
'Hes an actual arsehole' --- LOVE you @RosieFortescue
That fountain was all too tempting ...
#MIC on tonight at 9 - this is the best episode ive ever seen. #fact