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Bim Kadir
Yo @ItsJRE looking handsome in Mortal kombat X tho 😂v
Wth the hall is so damn cold? 😭
I'm trying my best to avoid these cameras.
Real vape. Have fun.
Janji Kita Tahu (As Long As We Know)
Three in the morning. Dang girl, you sure not high right now?
The difference of these Mandarin tho 😲
Rasa nak merangkak turun tangga tapi nanti orang ingat aku Ju-On. Hahaha
Leftover food in my bag lol. My legs hurt af and I'm lazy to go downstairs 😂8
Dissed her for being an idol rapper when you, yourself an idol rapper. Woman, that ain't cool.
Satu subject 6 jam tak lawak la setan 😭
I'm forever in love with Guren no Yumiya👌🏻
Some good places in Malacca can be so disappointed.
I had a major false awakening just now
My brain is malfunctioning 😲…V
I wonder who the heck created 'teaser'? We, impatient people doesn't like waiting when it comes to mvs. Get that in your head, please.
@bmxkdr Bim , after 3 freaking cup of delicious an amazing Americano , I think I'm going to pass out .
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I'm being extra adventurous lol 😂
@bmxkdr yes you are my very first friend yang jebakkan diri dalam benda ni but srs lah weh most of my online friends are designers
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Mom doesn't approve the pose but excuse me, I'm not a model. Greetings everyone! Mom decided to…
Wtf is he even a human?
Those teachers called me "kepala batu" and "hati kering" LOL.
Because I've been taught to not talk back to the teacher, so I ended up ignoring them and their threatens.
New power level made me dizzy. I TRIED.
전 '아고라:민주주의에서 시장으로' 시청중입니다
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I used laptop more than 12 hours per day.
The only thing that I could do when I had a headache is switch off all the lights in the house and sleep.
Adik asked me what am I eating and jokingly said biawak. ...he believed me.
Is checking out somebody else's shoes rude? If yes, I'm sorry. At least I didn't check out your big booty though.
1.8m #YemenChildren likely to suffer from malnutrition by the end of the year via @XHNews
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“One of the days that I will not forget is when the tanks entered my village” Dina, 11, of #Gaza #51days51children
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Why is everyone busy when I have my free time? A lot of free time.
#MyanmarFlood: we’re delivering water, hygiene & other urgent supplies to children and families
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Find a girlfriend and get married.…
banana's word almost tear me up ㅠㅠ
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Actually, the reason why we are all in UNIVERSITY and studying is because WE ARE ALL still stupid. Genius people wouldn't go to school LOL
Watch what happens after a young boy is bullied in school. Thanks @UnicefChile for sharing this video
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If you can't handle my straight-forward confession, please leave.
I'm the type that will say something hurtful in front if your face not behind your back.
Meet two inspiring teens performing parkour in ruins of #Gaza #51days51children
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Music is universal and doesn't have rules. Stop fighting and let's make the world peace.
Help tell an inspiring story of a person affected by humanitarian crisis for #whd2015 #sharehumanity via @UNOCHA
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I was caught by my mom in attempt to copy her signature. I'm done LOL.
Shame on you for making people's death as a joke to entertain yourself.

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