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Baqya Muhamad
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I'm not inspiring at all. I just do what I wanna do.
How do we get children involved in discussions and decisions about digital rights? By @ugasser #childrights
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Failure is what makes me stronger.
Keep walking toward your hopes that can be reached. Don’t stop in this shadow of the world. You are more free than anyone else.
I am just breathing for my dreams. If I fall down, I’ll get back up.
I tend to make rap rhyme randomly. I need to write them down next time.
1/2 of 2014/2015 batch is awfully rude af. Girl, my palm is itching to slap you, hard.
Mak, my money can't pregnant.
What we think about others people attitude is reflection of our own attitude.
i wanna meet you but we both are too busy with life lols
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Free as a spirit on a journey of hope.
Once, I watched a movie with my mother and I told her that I don't get the storyline. Then, she said "you don't have to understand it". K.
You want a high position by just sitting in your room?
Staying in the same place will only make you regret.
Shake your head and say no to being a slave to laziness.
One chance. There’s no second chance, don’t lose it.
Stop acting like a fool and don’t ever show your weakness.
May the cruel ones die at the pits of hell gdi
Asking mama call me "oppa " from now on. Haha! Love how they call in drama.
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“I’m happy to be back at school” Nooran, 9, displaced & 2 yrs out of school. #childrenofsyria
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Slay all those assignments gdi
Thanks to your support, 65k children are continuing to learn in conflict-affected areas #SouthSudanNOW @unicefssudan
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OSAKA ありがとうございます!!またきます~ THANK YOU!!
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Aya, 11, shows her view of a peaceful #Gaza - 400k children suffering from trauma
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Developing mobile tool for #Liberia health workers to help fight #Ebola. @UNICEF_Liberia Via @politico
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My fellas, take a look around. Everyday strugglin’, ready to rumble?
NOW: bridging the gap between youth and government with technology - join #UNICEFActivate talk from #Barbados
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Actually, I have two more drawings to do but idk what should I draw.
さかもとさん、この うつくしい きょくを さっきょく して いただき ありがとうございます. It stabilizes my weary mind due to busy life. @ryuichisakamoto
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There's way I live, there's no faking. Those who know, will know.
Every action needs a cause.
#Ebola survivor Zeinabou, 4, will soon be reunified w/ her family with @UNICEFSL support. Via @anneboher
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To be very honest, I don't give a damn about what did you feel.
我在做什么?! -,-
How to survive? Bim's guide 101.
2014 is the year which is full of bullshits and unnecessary craps since 9 years I've been in this fandom.
“I wish I could see my dad & my sister again” Shaima, 10, still recovering from #Gaza trauma
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I remember when I made names for compounds chemicals for me to remember and guess what, I passed my science paper! 대박!
Everyone has their own secrets that they don't want to tell. Respect, please.
Someone beside me look extra cute today hah! ♡ #bestfriend #hommies
Char kuey teow. Rendang kelantan. Sambal ikan bilis. Lemang. Ketupat. Nasi. Pulut. Kalau boleh semua aku nak bedal hahaha.
Mak keep pouring me with foods as if I haven't eat for days. Mak, calm down. There's still tomorrow.
Let's get the battery to zero lol