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Bim Kadir
"30 Days Fundraising Campaign" in order to proceed with the "PROGRAM ILMU AMAL D’ RAMADHAN"…
150704 Luhan On "The Straits Times" Newspaper #TheGreatWall Cr : LuHan_WAEC
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So, when will be The Great Wall is coming to the cinema? #TheGreatWall
What were you thinking when I comes to The Great Wall? China. Who do you think when it comes to China? Luhan. #TheGreatWall
So, what's the deal? Hong Kong is. #seeker
Semester break or not, I just can't stop ssdfghjllpoiuytrewq with my laptop 😵
Kau nak masak untuk orang makan, bersih la sikit. Kalau tak tau masak, belajar la dulu baru masak. Buat kurang pahala puasa betul la kau ni.
This is what happens when Hydrophobic Sand is placed under water..
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"Kau tak ada cerita lain nak tengok?" Rumah aku. TV aku. Suka hati aku.
101 Guide to fangirl-ing with a goddamn song 🎤�
Awak orang pertama pecah recod aunty su tau. Aunty su dulu 3.8kg, awak 4.5kg. Welcome baby 😘
A 9 years old little girl sent me a personal message, "Can we be friend?". Of course it's cute but it's awkward.
It took two days for me to process that I had a new family member, a baby! 👶�
I'm not your friend when you knew only a little thing about me.
Sebak baca ni 😔 Siapa tak kenal kumpulan nasyid, RAIHAN bukan? Moga syurgalah tempat
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Idk why but I feel really proud because I cooked for my parents.
Do not underestimate my surviving skill.
I don't think my phone battery would last long until I reach home. Walao 😩
Americano. 아메, 아메, 아메, 아메리카노 좋아, 좋아, 좋아~
ASSHOLE "@dodyeol: that type of cousin who put friend as their first priority instead of their family you are so 👎"
Let's make it short okay, I can't wait go home.
I miss the mamak masalodeh and wadeh and popia and prata and briani and- WTF LOL
The next door aunty will be like "You come home already ah? Look at you, so big one already." LOL
I can't stand it my battery level is below 80% oh boy 😅
It's an honor to be an asshole, sometimes.
Allah budak ni tidur pulak dekat kedai aku 😓
Kifarah has no menu. You get served what you deserve.
Because you're like that, I'm like this; if you weren't like that, would I be like this?
I swear, it's me who rap to this crap 😂
The moment you're sleeping and your roommate accidentally burst out laughing, that's what I called 'potong stim aku nak tidur '.
This was around 3 years ago. Math formula gone wrong and when creativity kicks in.
I was about to curse when I suddenly remember that it's Ramadhan.
Kuatnya bau durian. Apa dosa aku hari ni?
Ayah, Happy Father's Day. I love you! 😘
Mummy, I don't want a lil bro.
Chinese Government to intervene and ban the cruel annual mass slaughter and consumption of dogs in Yulin. Visit
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My roommate told me that I did scorpion on my bed and I was sleeping, soundly.
Ice-cream date. The reason I stayed a few feet away because of the unnecessary jokes that made me laughed so much!
When someone try to kiss you, "Remind to stay a few meters away from you." 😂
It wasn't a regret to learn something new.
Bim's twitcon selalu buat aku jeles nyampah namatey bak kata shido
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I haven't change. I just stopped acting like the way you want me to.
RT button is such a hell, sometimes.
People, please grow up. Spongebob is way smarter than you.

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