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Baqya Muhamad
musickpop 4,044 followers
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Your future is not depend on your followers in social medias but your effort is.
I'm not please with you in my room. Get the fuck out.
Jemput datang, persembahan gabungan Wayang Kulit (malaysia) & Edo Ito (Jepun) di ASWARA, 22-23 Dis, 9.00 malam
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Social medias are originally created to release your stress, not to give you stress. Use it wise, don't misused it.
My Instagram followers, from 1.3k to 1.1k? Well, that ain't a big deal to me. I'm cool. #justsaying
"Dinasour ku berlari gagah berani." @JoAshpher @realasyra
Is life real? Or is it a gamble or a game? It’s all about a life.
Why the natural became unnatural and why the unnatural became natural.
My father told me to enjoy life. I want to ask my father if he enjoyed his life or not?
"Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence." - Magdalena Abakanowicz
"My phone is too smart. That's why it auto-correct every single word that I typed." Smart and funny.
I can't even hold a one second handstand. I collapse within two seconds.
"I'll do a handstand like I'm breakin'. Now freeze!" -Tablo Just a sign of protest that I don't want…
"I need a job." "Can you be a promoter?" "That's a big hell no." What a major turn off.
I'll ended up being chase by a promoter each time I'll try to run away from them. Like wtf? In a lot of people in there, why me?
Everyone does know how to draw and everyone know how to draw. You can draw some shapes, right?
iKON 시노시잨
Look at your own situation before talking shit about other people. I have nothing to be jealous of.
So many haters. But I don’t care. You can’t control my shit.
What use is it to get angry when things don’t work out? What use is it to get angry by yourself?
Let’s not be stressed. Let’s relax for a moment.
Jom tengok Teater Musikal Bangsawan Chelorong Cheloreng di Black Box Aswara pada12-14 Dec! Lakonan kawan2 dan saya:)
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I don't usually diss the shit hell out people but when I do, you'll say I'm rude. Just bear with it because you asked for it.
Am I the only one who don't give a damn about the blue tick in Whatsapp?
"Aren't you tired with computers?" Yes, sometimes. But what can I do? My works involving a lot of laptop usage.
I don't care how old you are but you have a damn brain and use it well.
As we grow up, we realised it become less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones.
ReMoved. Part Two. by Nathanael Matanick
Sickness and addiction are the combination of overdose. #exo #overdose #ot12
The studio is my playground. My partners are a pens, pencils, colors and papers. Drawing like I used to do.
Swallow and chew your haters like your favorite bubble gum.
Please grow up. You have a glass mentality. Ask yourself if you’ve ever worked hard for anything.
You don’t wanna study but you’re scared to quit school? See, you’re already getting ready for school.
"WiFi je pun" Tak ada WiFi pun dah stress nak mampus.
Wtf is wrong with school's network connection? 👿
Your EXO-L never leave you once EXO, never. Congratulations.
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Real eyes realised real lies.