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Baqya Muhamad
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You're not in primary school anymore. I guess that you have a very low IQ level. Sorry if I'm being harsh but that's what I saw.
I lose my respect on you as a human because you didn't respect yourself and anyone around you.
I wouldn't throw those bad remarks on you if only you behave yourself and not being a jackass.
I feel like I'm going to have a bloody nose.
If it wasn’t for #Ebola you'd see many children here. Salay, nutritionist, Kenema Hosp, #SierraLeone via @anneboher
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"@dksdeeja: bilalah dpt selca dgn bim ek" My lovely potato wanna take a selca with me! omo
Orphanages opened during #Liberia's civil wars now house young #Ebola survivors, stigmatised and abandoned @Telegraph
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I'm sorry on my roommates' behalf for making so much noises tonight.
Meet Noor, living with her young sister at Beharka camp #Iraq. We don't think you'll forget her in a hurry
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Someone asks who am I and I was like..."Yeah, that’s wassup!"
I am always emotionless like a rock. Stoic expression as always.
Parents who boast about their precious child, did they achieve their dream or lose it?
@icaruswalksnet: "top gun ,competition got none"” soon she'll be a better rapper too
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Does a child born today have better prospects than 25 years ago? #childrights #CRC
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One of my favorite rapper, Beenzino. Special for Nadia ♡ #khiphop #korean #hiphop #beenzino #rapper #arts
"The world can and MUST stop #Ebola" Ban Ki-moon. Watch the #UNGA high-level meeting on #EbolaResponse now:
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The thing that could make me both hyperactive and crazy, RedBull.
So what if I leave the useless group? Useless can't do anything. Ya nam sayin'?
"No children are born hating. And no children anywhere should be educated to hate other people" @BarackObama #UNGA
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"@muazsuhaimi: ஞணீலரமளலுஞாமேலை" Sejak bila belajar tamil bro?
1/3 never reach full potential. But what if we could save brains? Super animation, via @docmikeevans #ECDChampions
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My parents told me that hardships are only momentary.
Almost 1/4 of 15-19-year-old girls have been victims of physical violence #ENDviolence
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Can't you tell the way I dissed the shits hell out of you and keep scolding you because I actually don't like you?
#Climatechange is undermining children's right to education, health, water, food - and a clean environment! #climate2014
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I'm dying of awkwardness.
Never give up, cheer up toward your dreams.
"We had nothing. We were dying of thirst, hunger" Over 200,000 #Yazidi have fled violence in areas controlled by ISIS
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I can't dream just dream a different dream all by myself.
Does these people know how to knock the damn door?!
No wifi n out of battery when outside....both are x@%#.....
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I tried to make these logos a little bit animated lol #exo
Because my room is too bored and I decided to hang out in my friends' room
I miss duizhang so bad bro
Tell us what #childrights mean to you in a 60-second film. Take part in #theoneminutesjr video challenge!
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More than half a million students return to school in #Gaza. First week of schooling devoted to psychosocial support
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25 years of child rights - how has it changed the lives of children in #SouthAsia? #Generation25 #CRC25 @UNICEFROSA
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Real live cartoon can be scary as hell, sometimes.
Daddy's image has been ruined by that certain pair of costume.